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Direct attack on the United States under severe epidemic: only a few cities are closed by consciously wearing masks

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As the epidemic grew worse, the San Francisco Bay area announced a home order last Monday, followed by an extension of the ban throughout California. Except drugstore supermarket bank gas station laundry, all other merchants are closed, the restaurant can accept takeout. Residents are not allowed to go out for unnecessary reasons except to buy medicine and buy food and dog exercises. Violators are misdemeanours. The United States does not have a neighborhood committee aunt, the implementation of all rely on self-consciousness, it is said that the police caught will issue 300-400 dollars in fines.

But this is not a domestic implementation of the city. Several silicon valley airports have not been closed and there is still movement of people. And residents don't have honest homes. Over the past weekend, many feeling suffocated california residents have been driving to beaches and mountain climbing, half moon bay and other popular places can not even find parking spaces. The governor of California is crazy about this,

I don't want to go out. Staying at home is safe when the epidemic is spreading rapidly. There are more than 300 confirmed cases in santa clara county, and the government hasn't tuned them, nor has it announced where they are. We can only learn from the local Chinese WeChat group

But milk, eggs, bread, vegetables, these four shelf-life daily food has been consumed almost, it is time to replenish. The night before yesterday, we tested amazon Fresh、WholeFoods、Instacart、Costco the same day, Safeway、Weee and many other fresh e-commerce companies, either simply out of stock, or check out to tell you that you can not deliver. I listened to a lot of friends advice, from 11:30 in the evening to choose the goods, and then continue to brush until more than 12:00, the result is still a disappointment. Well, just go out and stock up once, and you can see what's different out there over the last ten days.

In the past two months, I have paid full attention to the prevention and treatment of epidemic in China on Weibo, and preliminarily understood the personal protection suggestions during the new crown epidemic. I changed my glasses, put on my baseball cap, and put on my smooth windbreaker. Of course, surgical masks are essential.

Bay area Chinese now order surgical masks and N95 masks from home. (Advice N95 leave it to urgently needed health care workers. It's enough for ordinary people to buy food and wear surgical masks. With my mask on, I put down the facial recognition iPhone 11Pro, took out the iPhone 7. to unlock the fingerprint

The streets were empty, almost without pedestrians, and cars were sparse. By the time Costco arrived at 9:30, there were already many cars in the parking lot, but the parking space was not difficult to find. People who have already purchased have been out of the supermarket, almost every cart has a large package of toilet paper, it seems that the previous panic is continuing.

But when I went into the supermarket, I found that the flow of shoppers was not as much as I expected, either because I came early (Costco opened at 9 a.m.), or because everyone stayed at home. The fast food department, which originally sold hot dog pizza, has removed tables and chairs and is empty.

The shortage of eggs and milk that I was worried about didn't appear. Fruits, bread and meat were all on the shelves. Even rolled paper was piled on the floor, but milk and rolled paper were limited to one piece. Costco posted a notice refusing to return the rolls during the outbreak. Almost every customer will take a pack of paper when they walk by. It is estimated that they will be sold out in half an hour.

Costco didn't sell masks, and the tight hand sanitizer and disposable gloves were still out of stock, and rice didn't seem to be found. In addition, other commodities are basically in sufficient supply. I want beef, sausages, yoghurt, drinks and so on all smoothly bought.

The epidemic has become so serious that only one third of supermarkets may wear masks, even many Chinese do not wear them. But I also saw non Asians wearing masks and even gloves. U.S. officials still don't recommend that ordinary people wear masks to protect themselves. People's thinking mode is that patients only wear masks. In some other areas, the Chinese wearing masks have even been ostracized, discriminated against and abused. Fortunately, living in a diversified Silicon Valley, I don't worry too much about discrimination against wearing masks. Costco's staff are still enthusiastic when they look at customers wearing masks.

To my surprise, Costco's cashiers and staff have neither gloves nor masks. It's respectable to stick to the supermarket now, but I don't know if they really understand the horror of the virus. At least two meters safe distance and frequent hand washing are not enough. In fact, it is impossible to maintain a distance of two meters all the time in the process of shopping and cash collection in supermarkets. I chose self scan cashier.

If it's not for the severe epidemic outside, the shopping experience seems to be no different from usual. Everyone is calm and peaceful, and there seems to be no anxiety on his face. After all, he has been at home for more than ten days. Just standing at the door to check the ticket, the person no longer took the receipt, but looked at it two meters away and waved to let it go. They didn't wear masks either.

After coming out of Costco, I went to the opposite Chinese supermarket to buy food. Other shops around closed. Most of the people here are wearing masks. The supermarket cashiers put them on as early as a month ago. They also have latex gloves. As expected, they are Chinese who know the virus is very serious.

Similarly, Chinese supermarkets are well supplied with all kinds of vegetables and food, and there is no shortage at all (local farms are mostly supplied). But I noticed that snail powder has gone up to $6 a pack, perhaps because of the production and transportation problems caused by the domestic epidemic, which must be imported from China.

The U. S. government has called on people not to rush to buy, promising that basic supplies will be sufficient. At least from the shopping experience of Costco and Dahua (and asking friends who bought the previous day), Silicon Valley does not really need to worry about basic necessities. The previous rush has passed, supermarket replenishment are very timely.

Moreover, the United States is already the world's largest food exporter. At present, there is no problem in the purchasing supply chain. As long as the freight logistics is kept smooth, it is unlikely to run out of grain. However, a friend who is short of toilet paper suggests going out early in the morning.

The real concern is the US epidemic. The next two weeks will be the most severe time for the epidemic in the United States. The number of confirmed cases is growing by 10000 a day, and they are all over the United States, far from turning point. It is recommended that friends in the United States reserve enough food and do not go out without urgent matters. This time I bought enough food for three weeks to hide at home.

When she got home, she opened the garage door and saw her daughter standing at the door screaming cheerfully

Take off the windbreaker and hat hang in the garage, take off the mask and still enter the outside trash can, carefully wash hands and face, spray the handle and steering wheel with disinfectant, carefully wipe the mobile phone wallet with alcohol cotton, and used credit cards. My daughter looked puzzled at me who deliberately kept my distance, and even a little aggrieved.

When I got home, I saw the news from the local San Jose newspaper that a supermarket was closed due to the death of its staff.


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