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Taobao's internal bug test: who to offend, don't offend programmers

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​ the first law of the Internet

On the morning of March 25, a lot of people strolled to the tea room to be opened

After each iOS user opens Taobao, will see such an automatic pop-up prompt:


We were on this trip the first time

March 28th really will

with this query, i try to adjust the system time to after march 28th. Choose a better April 1(would like to


What does this mean? This tip is not a joke, but a time bomb that has entered the countdown. If Taobao does not launch an online update for the app before March 28, according to the 18.7% retention rate of iPhone in 2019 Q4 Aurora big data, 200 million iPhone users may not have Taobao available.

It's reasonable to say that with the technical strength of supporting the double 11 and even the Alibaba technical team that has been designated as the technical support by 12306 since 2015, there's no reason to overturn on a giant app with a daily life of 500 million.

In fact, Ali is not without efforts. According to a summary of information, the BUG actually appeared in the early hours of March 25, and when it first appeared, it really needed to click

In other words, in one day, China's top technology team just made the prompt flash back.

Because there is no trigger threshold, hundreds of millions of iPhone Taobao users as long as the point can preview this one




Of course, Weibo, as an open social field, is mostly a harmless joke after understanding the truth. but it can not be ignored that the effect of this on the unloading amount can be said to be fatal. A lot of people have cited

In June last year, during an overhaul of Apple's app store, social and audio applications including Netease cloud music, Himalayas, litchi, Penguin FM, soul, and chiya were removed from the shelves.

It is reasonable to say that the removal of the rectification is not rare, installed users will not be affected by the normal use. But the terrible thing is, just two days later, a lot

At this time, the app has been taken off the shelves. A large number of trusted users found that after uninstalling Netease cloud music, not to mention members, even the app could not be installed, which led to the loss of a wave of users of Netease cloud music at that time. The official had to fight against the rumor:


As a result, for Taobao, to solve the BUG, the bigger hidden danger may lie in the fermentation of public opinion.

First, unlike Netease cloud music, Taobao carries a large number of user personal data and information. In the face of carefully concocted rumors, the existence of bug is like a face fight. In the long run, it greatly affects the external trust in its security.

Second, the explanation cost of the first tier and second tier cities is not high, but in the sinking market that has just achieved good results in cost-effective aggregation. Because the app with bug involves the transaction level, the unloading is the first step, which is more likely to affect the sinking strategy it has been promoting.

How is this malignant event caused?

Many unknown sources of screenshots began in the various Internet-related industries in the group chat crazy. The most widely spoken version comes from a WeChat called


In other words, in

It's necessary to add a few words

As the name implies, the best employee accounts for 30%, the middle 60%, and the last 10%. This 10% is often Ali's analogy

So what does 3.25 mean? Which means this employee was put


Of course, the other thought it was just one time

For example, certified as


Although it's going to be hearsay



If I want to make a brief summary, I still prefer to believe that the user @ is very slim without side leakage. That is to say, the version of testflight was put on the shelves of Apple store as an official version, and that prompt was triggered only today:


And Taobao officials actually responded in the morning through the official Weibo @ Taobao in a playful way:


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