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Hou Jinlong, Huawei's new president of cloud and computing BG, debuted in Kunpeng's developer ecology

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March 27-28, the Huawei developer conference 2020(Cloud) opened online, as a partial ICT attribute of the developer conference, the theme around the construction of "Kunpeng Sheng Teng" as the core of the developer ecology ,27, mainly talk about Kunpeng ecology. Admittedly, computing will be Huawei future-oriented strategic mission, and ecology is the key.

The cloud and computing BG is the beginning of this year Huawei a new BG, showing a rise in business status as well as HuaweiCloud cloud and computing.

President ,Huawei Cloud and Computing BG, Hau Kin Lung

"We believe that electricity is the driving force of the physical world and computing power is the driving force of the digital world." Hou Jinlong mentioned.

Traditional computing has been unable to meet the new needs. Computing has entered the golden age of architecture innovation. The world is calling for diverse computing power, and presents the following characteristics:

  • Heterogeneous computing: from general CPU to parallel computing and distributed computing with arm, NPU and GPU;

  • Collaborative computing: 5g enables more data to be distributed at the edge and end, while computing power follows the data to achieve cloud edge collaboration;

  • "Violence" Computing: AI computing power is growing rapidly, and it is estimated that 2025 AI will occupy more than 80% of computing power in the data center;

  • Ubiquitous computing: computing power will be everywhere, covering "edge, end, cloud" and embedded systems.

Since it's a developer conference, Huawei certainly can't play the leading role. In Hou Jinlong's speech and sharing, Huawei has repeatedly connected with partners to prove that Kunpeng ecology has been thriving, including Kirin software, Puhua software, Tongxin software, software research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.

Open hardware, open software

In the era of intelligence, Moore's law is slowing down, and traditional computing mode can not meet the needs of all application scenarios. The world needs heterogeneous, cloud side collaborative and ubiquitous diversity computing. The next decade will be a golden decade for computing architecture innovation, which requires the participation of every developer.

Hardware open software open source is the path of Huawei construction of computing industry ecology, which is still deepening.

The 2019Huawei full link conference was HuaweiCloud at the time

"One cloud" in "one cloud, two wings and two engines" refers to Huawei cloud, two wings refer to Huawei's intelligent computing business and intelligent data and storage business, and two engines refer to Huawei's two basic chip families built around "Kunpeng" and "shengteng".

At this developer conference, Hou Jinlong updated his progress in the past six months:

  • Hardware opening: Huawei focuses on processor, board and mainboard, enabling partners to give priority to the development of own brand computing products. At present, 11 manufacturers have launched their own brand servers and PC products based on Kunpeng motherboard.

  • Open source software: on December 31, 2019, the openeuler community was officially launched. Today,Openeuler 20.03 lts also officially launched, Kirin software, PricewaterhouseCoopers basic software, unified information software, and Software Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the release of a commercial version of the operating system based on openeuler.

  • enabling partners: so far ,Huawei and industry partners have jointly set up 15 kunpeng ecological innovation centers, with more than 600 ISV partners to launch more than 1500 products and solutions certified by kunpeng technology, widely used in finance, government and public utilities, operators, energy and other industries.

"Developers are an important force to change the world, an engine of enterprise innovation and the soul of industrial ecology," Hou said. Huawei last year released the fertile soil plan 2.0, which plans to develop 5 million developers in five years. At present, Huawei cloud developers have grown to 1.6 million. "

Cloudide development environment service, Kunpeng acceleration library and developer community

In order for every developer to use Kunpeng well, Huawei has created "three ones" for developers, namely, one cloud development platform, one set of development tools and one developer community. This time, it will further update:

  • Cloudide: Huawei cloud devcloud provides developers with full process software development tools, opens Huawei's 30-year software development experience to developers, provides visual and customizable automatic delivery pipeline, makes software development simple and efficient. Cloudide is one of the components of Huawei cloud devcloud development platform, lightweight web-based integrated development environment services, supports Kunpeng native and Multi language, open up the development state and operation state.

    At present, more than 400000 users have developed more than 500000 projects on devcloud.In 2020, cloudide will be free for all Kunpeng instances.

  • Kunpeng acceleration Library: Kunpeng acceleration library is divided into five categories: basic, compression, encryption and decryption, storage, and multimedia. Application developers can improve performance by more than 10% even by more than 100% in the scenarios of encryption and decryption when the amount of code modification is less than 1%. Huawei said it will provide more acceleration libraries in the future to help developers continuously improve development and migration efficiency.

    At last year's Huawei full connection conference, compilers, analysis scanning tools, code migration tools and performance tuning tools of Kunpeng development kit have been released, and Kunpeng acceleration library is a new member of the development kit.

  • Kunpeng developer community: gather all stack software and hardware knowledge, Kunpeng industrial information, policy release, certification query and other information, and provide 7x24h expert online service all day. The goal of Kunpeng developer community is to build a one-stop knowledge sharing platform centered on developers, covering the whole talent training process of "learning, training, training and examination".

Furthermore, according to the different needs of developers in the learning, training, construction, social and other stages ,Huawei provide corresponding resource policies and activities, and optimize the process. Including more than 50 colleges and universities to carry out Kunpeng-related teaching and research cooperation; issued 24 classes of Kunpeng-related professional certification; previously released fertile soil plan 2.0, five years to invest $1.5 billion, all incentive rules have been online, such as start-ups, up to 750,000 yuan cloud coupons.

Meanwhile Huawei announced internship opportunities for college students: by 2020, the Huawei云 and computing BG will recruit 2,000 interns worldwide, while opening up 200 challenging topics and welcoming developers around the world to the offer. of "talented teenagers"

The two major developer competitions are also officially launched, namely the "2020Huawei Software Elite Challenge "for colleges and universities and the Huawei developer contest 2020(Cloud) fall for enterprise developers.

Why is arm the new era of computing?

Huawei chip and hardware strategy

Huawei's chip and hardware strategy follow Ai Wei said that the computing power pattern is accelerating transformation. 20 years ago, x86 provided 70% of the total computing power, and arm only accounted for 5%. Today, arm provides 82% of the total computing power, while x86 only provides 16%. The key reason is that the growth rate of arm computing power is five times that of X86 computing power.

So, according to Ai Wei, computing ushers in a new era.

The new computing age needs new tools to break through the bottleneck and continue Moore's law. What Huawei has done is to speed up performance again through multi-core parallelism. Specifically, the Kunpeng 916 uses the 32-core 2.4GHz main frequency arm cortex A72. By the Kunpeng 920, the number of cores has doubled, and the main frequency has also increased to 2.6GHz. Moreover, the self-developed core of Huawei has been adopted, achieving the leading performance in the industry.

There are also advanced interface standards that match the multi-core high-performance processing capability. According to the official statement, Huawei Kunpeng 920 is the first processor to use 8-channel DDR4, and also the first one to use PCIe 4.0.

On top of the hardware, we need the bridge software to calculate the force transfer. According to Ai Wei, the number of arm server software ecosystem has increased 40 times from 2015 to now, reaching more than 2200. It has gone through the stages of incubation, acceleration and prosperity.

Ai Wei believes that in the era of cloud AI 5G, the end-side cloud collaboration has become a reality and has more opportunities. Especially, the end-side cloud is a Arm deployment environment, which can improve the development efficiency, reduce the development burden, and provide multi-scene job opportunities.

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