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Wuhan can issue 2 billion 300 million consumer vouchers on Alipay.

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In the early morning of April 17, Beijing time, with the release of the control of the passageway from Han to Hubei, the resumption of work and production, boosting the economy, and the gradual restoration of residents' lives have become the next priority of Wuhan.Today, Wuhan announced that from April 19 to July 31, 2 billion 300 million yuan coupons will be issued through platforms such as Alipay, 500 million of which are funded by the government, the remaining 1 billion 800 million will be matched by platform, targeted to encourage local consumers, support Wuhan businessmen, and stimulate online and offline consumption.

Since April 19th, Alipay and other platforms have issued the first 72 million yuan coupons.

"Wuhan consumption voucher" is divided into four categories: catering consumption voucher, shopping mall consumption voucher, supermarket (convenience store) consumption voucher and sports tourism consumption voucher.

The first issue will be issued from 12:00 p.m. on April 19, and will be valid from April 20 to 29 after receiving. From April 30, "Wuhan consumption voucher" will be put into use on a weekly basis. The time for grabbing the voucher is 12:00 p.m. every Thursday, and the validity period is until 0:00 p.m. of the next week. The unused consumption voucher will be regarded as invalid, and its amount will be put into the total amount of funds in the next week. The first period of "Wuhan consumption voucher" will be issued to May 31, and the specific delivery time and rules of the second period (June 1 to July 31) will be announced separately. For the "Wuhan consumption voucher" seized by each person on the same platform, the total amount of monthly verification shall not exceed 100 yuan, and the total amount of verification within the two periods of the whole activity shall not exceed 200 yuan.

It is reported that the total payment amount of the first stage through Alipay and other platforms is 72 million yuan, of which the total value of food and beverage coupons is 21 million 600 thousand yuan, accounting for 30%; the total value of consumer coupons in shopping malls is 24 million 480 thousand yuan, accounting for 34%; the total value of consumer coupons in supermarkets (convenience stores) is 8 million 640 thousand yuan, accounting for 12%; the total value of sports tourism consumption vouchers is 17 million 280 thousand yuan, accounting for 24%.

It should be noted that "Wuhan consumption voucher" can only be used during the use process when consumption and online payment are made in the stores of the corresponding types of physical merchants that have already opened, and cannot be used for recharge, pre deposit and other consumption.

In addition, users of the first phase of "Wuhan consumption voucher" can choose any type of consumption voucher from the four categories of consumption vouchers: catering, shopping malls, supermarkets (convenience stores) and sports tourism. The face value of each type of voucher is divided into two files and randomly distributed by the system. The specific settings are as follows: 1. Food and beverage consumption certificate: RMB 30 yuan less than 10 yuan or RMB 60 yuan less than 20 yuan; 2. Shopping mall coupon: 50 yuan less than 150 yuan or 80 yuan less than 240 yuan; 3. Supermarket (convenience store) coupon: RMB 30 yuan less 10 yuan or RMB 60 yuan less 20 yuan; 4. Consumption certificate for sports and Tourism: 50 yuan less for 150 yuan or 80 yuan less for 240 yuan.

During the activity, all the Han personnel (including the foreign migrant Han nationality) could apply for the "Wuhan consumer coupon" from Alipay's home page or Alipay search "Wuhan" into the coupon page. Consumption coupons can be used in Alipay App, word of mouth App, hungry App, box Ma App, flying pig App, etc.

The consumption voucher has the effect of "four or two thousand catties"

According to preliminary information, more than 20 prefectures and cities in seven provinces have organized the distribution of the products, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said on April 9

Various forms of consumption coupons have been used to stimulate consumption potential and stimulate consumption replenishment, and positive results have been achieved in the short term. For example, hang

The consumption bonds issued by the state have been written off by 296 million yuan, driving consumption by 3.161 billion yuan, with a multiplier effect of 10.7 times; the first issue of Zhengzhou

50 million yuan of consumption bonds were issued, 11.524 million yuan was written off in two days, 128 million yuan of consumption was driven, and the multiplier effect was 11 times.

The consumption certificate has brought the consumption upsurge of Spring Festival all over the country. Alipay revealed data that businesses across the country have benefited from the elimination of over 10 million lines.

Among them, more than 90% are small and medium-sized businesses.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, the director of the service industry department of the Ministry of commerce circulation industry promotion center, Chen Lifen, said that after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the consumption demand in Wuhan was partially frozen. The issuance of consumer coupons is conducive to activating consumption in dormant period, activating the consumer market in a relatively short period of time, becoming a catalyst, and to a certain extent, boosted consumer confidence and made consumption hotter. And then drive the recovery of the whole economic chain.

At the same time, Chen Lifen believes that consumer bonds have certain multiplier effect and can leverage the larger consumer market with a smaller amount. In addition to stimulating consumption and promoting economic development, the timely delivery of consumption coupons in Wuhan can also enhance consumer confidence and popularity, and the restoration of confidence is crucial to market prosperity.

In addition to creating "Wuhan purchase ·2020 to promote consumption activities" consumer brand activities that cover the multi-domain consumption scenes of "eat, buy and swim ", stimulate consumption enthusiasm, accelerate market recovery, and effectively promote consumption compensation. Fast pull consumption, boost Wuhan economy. This issue of consumer coupons will also drive a hundred years of digital upgrading of Wuhan business circle, help to build a digital life benchmark city, for Wuhan citizens to bring a better life. It is reported that the Wuhan consumption coupons will continue to be issued until July 31, driving Wuhan catering, Shangchao, convenience stores, scenic spots, cultural and travel sports and other multi-formals to accelerate the warming.

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