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Zhao Ming, President of glory: glory should be the top two brand in China. Glory 30 series is just the beginning

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Despite the impact of the epidemic, the mobile phone press conference had to be changed to live online, but the momentum of the glorious launch of new products did not seem to be hindered too much.

On Wednesday, glory held the online press conference of glory 30 series, which is the third one held by glory in 2020, and these three conferences are all concentrated in this half month, which is enough to bring six new mobile phones to us.


Glory officially launched its flagship product in the glory 30 series at the end of the previous two days, unlike the previous dual-machine strategy. This time, it also used the popular "medium cup, big cup, super big cup" strategy in the high-end flagship part, and released three models at one time, glory 30 Pro and glory 30 Pro.

Plus the previous release of Glory 30 S, Glory 30 series has a total of four different models, not only using Kirin 820,985 and 990 these three 5 G SoC, but also the price section from 2399 yuan, all the way to 5499 yuan price range.

In terms of quantity and configuration parameters, it should be "very fierce" in one word.


The adoption of three kylin five G SoC in particular in the same series has made it rare for glory to G a full range of five models to multi-price coverage Q1,2020, when other handset makers have released five flagship models. This fully reflects the glory of independent chip "technology surplus" brought about by the "spillover effect ."

In the online media QA group interview after the new product launch meeting, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory brand, confidently said:

"Depending on these three great beasts, glory in the 5 G mobile phone market overall layout, this in the mobile phone industry is a unique self-research technology parade. 」


In the face of the overall decline of the domestic mobile phone market in Q1, but glory continuously released a number of products with different price ranges at this time, Zhao Ming replied: "the launch of glory 30 series matches the rhythm of our 5g products.

At this time point, we think it's a time when consumer demand for 5g mobile phones has exploded. Based on such a judgment, there is no doubt that we need to focus on the release of mobile phones of various gears in this time period. "

In this regard, Zhao Ming also praised the glorious technical team. In an intensive period, he brought two brand-new chips to the market, bringing together the chip development ability and the judgment of chip control ability and time rhythm. At the same time, the recent market reaction has once again verified the accuracy of glory's judgment on 5g business rhythm.


Zhao Ming revealed that today, the whole series of products of glory are in a hot sale state of short supply. The 5g products we have pushed out this time have an undisputed leading position in the price range of 2000-5000 yuan.

From ID design to hardware configuration, glory 30 series has great changes compared with glory's previous products, Zhao Ming said:

"The goal of glory is to become the top two brand in China, and we must get the world's leading products. The glory 30 series is just the beginning. "

Since April in the first half of last year, glory has changed its strategic track.

Zhao Ming said that to build a top two brand in the Chinese market, it is necessary to be more bold and confident in its brand products and a series of operation modes.


Such confidence seems to run through the whole glory 30 series press conference. In addition to the traditional press conference process, there is also a 2020 glory spring and summer fashion show in the middle. Apart from describing the hardware parameters blindly, glory spent a lot of time this time talking about the product ID design and the motivation behind the design.

In response to this change, Zhao Ming replied with a symbolic smile:

The original honor of the whole conference was full of "science and technology man". Now, the temperament of "science and technology man" is like a trend technology transformation. What we saw was technical self-confidence, and now the glory is the confidence in leading the trend culture under the support of technology.


In addition to the chip part, the image part is still the highlight of the glory 30 series.

This time we were surprised to find that Glory 30 Pro uses IMX700 as the main camera sensor, plus a 50-fold zoom periscope telephoto lens and 16 million pixels ultra-wide angle lens. In the actual experience, it does provide a good shooting experience.


The camera module has actually been used in Huawei P40 series, and glory 30 Pro has also made the world's second-largest mobile camera ranking in DXOMARK comprehensive tests, following a swoop in the top spot.


In this regard, Zhao Ming acknowledged that as a dual brand strategy of the whole dual brand group and CBG, glory and Huawei share many platform resources, including device platform, software platform, the platform of the whole system and the platform of the supply chain. Quality control is shared by all, so that the two brands can keep abreast and create core competitiveness.

However, different brands have different definitions for some core concepts and directions of product planning, and glory has its own unique character and positioning.

Zhao Ming also gave an example of the direction of the image: what glory creates is that young people can take photos as soon as they want, so that young people can take beautiful photos quickly without waiting, and feel free to take photos.


Regarding the score of DxO, Zhao Ming also expressed his personal view and glory's attitude towards the score of this test: we always regard DxO as a reference, but DxO does not fully represent the consumer's experience of taking photos.

In fact, if it is done according to the DxO standard, it is not exactly consistent with glory's understanding and strategy of taking photos. Today, we define glory 30 photos, many of which are not included in DxO standard, but we have made a great improvement, including super sensitivity, which are far beyond our friends and businessmen, but how much can we gain in scores? Not necessarily.

We define glory as the technology brand of young people. We want to have our own self-confidence and have our own photo taking experience and direction.

In the last online conference, glory released two 4G mobile phones of play series. Aiming at the problem of 4G market layout, Zhao Ming believes that 4G products will have a considerable share in 2020. By the end of 2020, more than 60% of them will be 5g mobile phones, 30% - 40% of them will be 4G mobile phones, and 4G and 5g products will coexist for a long time.

The two models of play series, Zhao Ming said, should be the last two 4G phones released by glory in the Chinese market. For consumers, they should be able to meet the needs of users in a quite long period of time, so glory planned these two products.


In the future, 5g mobile phones may gradually sink from the price range of 2000-3000 yuan to the price range of 1500-2000 yuan, but it will take a long time to realize.

For the first time, the glory has adopted a more radical strategy in the layout of its flagship model, offering the option of "super cup" glory 30 Pro in addition to glory 30 and glory 30.

In response, Zhao Ming said that this is a long-term plan for the glory strategy. As early as the product was established, these three models have been established for different consumers at different prices.

It's also a glorious practice 8N part of the strategy, the Glory 30 series is the core of the "1", rhythmically strengthening the phone around its 8 ecological products can be fully charged.


Subsequently, we launched "n" products with our partners to create a full scene smart ecosystem, which is the top two strategies to fully charge the Chinese market in 2020, and also the big strategy of Huawei's consumer BG.

This year we said that we can show you a different glory, which can be reflected in all aspects. So we can observe glory from multi-dimensional future. You may see that glory this year is the rhythm and feeling of all-round crazy fighting, not only in brand, product or marketing results.

At the end of the visit, Zhao Ming also revealed that, as of today (April 15), the mobile phone market of glory 2020 has developed very well, with a substantial increase compared with the same period last year, especially after the gradual recovery of the epidemic, glory is in March and April It's been a big increase since January, so it's possible that glory will achieve China's top two goals much faster than expected.

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