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The jealous Facebook kicked out Zoom social edition

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"On Facebook's internal message board, employees stare at zoom's growth data, gaping." The New York Times wrote. Under the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Zoom is undoubtedly the fastest running in cloud video conferencing. According to app Annie, zoom has been the most downloaded app in Apple's app store in the past month, with a 740% increase in downloads.

Now, more than 300 million people use zoom every day. Before the outbreak, it had only 10 million daily users.

Although the original orientation of zoom is business scene, it has suddenly become a communication tool for schools, families and all kinds of people. When it comes to social interaction, zoom moves Facebook's cheese, and "waiting to die" is obviously impossible for the latter. So Facebook chose to "copy" zoom.

On the early morning of April 25, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the Messenger Rooms (hereinafter referred to as "Rooms"") in the live broadcast.

Rooms can be posted on Facebook's news feed, and friends can click directly to enter the meeting Facebook

Compared with the application zoom, rooms is more like a "function", which will eventually cover the basic "capabilities" of the Facebook application family. Rooms can only be initiated on Facebook and messenger at first, and then instagram direct, WhatsApp and smart chat device portal will be supported. According to stan chudnovsky, head of messenger, rooms was originally planned to be released in the second half of this year.

As soon as room's news came out, zoom's share price more than tripled this year, down more than 6%, while Facebook's share price rose about 2%.

Don't make your opponent's mistake

Compared with zoom, which has only 40 minutes of free talk time, rooms has no time limit and is completely free.

Users can create meetings directly in Facebook groups or initiate invitations on News Feed. invitees do not need to have a Facebook account or download additional applications, just click on the link to attend the meeting. Rooms supports up to 50 simultaneous video communications. With regard to the current sensitive issue of privacy security, Facebook officials said that multi-person videoconferencing, end-to-end encryption is more difficult, but Rooms still has encryption processing, while not viewing or listening to user content.

"We've seen other people abusing video conferencing tools during this time, and we're trying to learn from them." Zuckerberg said. He was clearly targeting his opponent, zoom.

Zoom the default user does not need to log in, do not need a password to participate in the meeting, this login is simple, smooth, attracted a large number of users, but security problems are slowly exposed. For example, Zoom video conference link and record file download link address is too simple and regular, easy to be hacked, resulting in user privacy disclosure.

As far as user security is concerned, Facebook indicates that the content of the user's meeting will not be collected. "While providing end-to-end encryption for multi-person video calls is challenging, we are actively working for Messenger and Rooms ," Facebook Chief Privacy Officer wrote in a blog post.

Egan said Facebook security team made the link "hard to be guessed by hackers" by adding a string of random characters and numbers at the end and adding numbers and letters in different situations. Whenever a user creates a meeting, a new link is generated. And the initiator of the meeting, can also decide whether to open it to everyone, or lock it in to prevent unfamiliar users from joining.

Compared with the application zoom, rooms is more like a "function", which is the basic "ability" that will eventually cover the Facebook application family. First, it will be implemented on Facebook and messenger app, and then it will successively log in instagram direct, WhatsApp and smart chat device portal.

When Facebook launched rooms, it also expanded WhatsApp's video call function - from the previous maximum of 4 people on the same screen to 8 people, which also added video call function to Facebook dating. In addition, Facebook live will also restore the "live with" function, and the initiator can "connect the screen" live with other users.

Transformation after being "tripped"

But ironically, Facebook, which attaches so much importance to the privacy and security of rooms, has a history that is not "candid". Since the "Cambridge analysis scandal" in March 2018, Facebook has been mired in a series of privacy scandals. Just hours before Zuckerberg announced rooms, Facebook just announced that the federal court had officially approved the settlement agreement reached between Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last July. The FTC ruled that Facebook did not do more to prevent Cambridge analytics from stealing data from up to 87 million users. As part of the settlement, Facebook agreed to set up an independent privacy committee to pay the FTC a hefty $5 billion fine.

And in the turmoil of Facebook has already begun to explore the transformation. And last march, zuckerberg announced that the design direction of the company's products will change over the next few years, will tie all services closer together, and emphasize more short, private forms of communication than News Feed permanent, public setting.

Mr. zuckerberg said in an interview with The Verge that Rooms and other entirely new video features consistent with Facebook's strategic shift towards "developing more private chat tools ".

"Live video is not a new area for us ," he said. But this is one area we want to go deep into, and it fits our big theme, that is, Facebook is shifting more of the company's resources to private social platforms, not just traditional, broader platforms. So it's a good combination: we build tools in Facebook and Instagram to help people find more small groups and then to build closer ties with more people ."

Zuckerberg likens rooms to social gatherings where people are free to attend. He pointed out another difference between rooms and zoom: "on weekends, I would play guitar on the sofa and create a room," who wants to play here? It's a completely different way of interacting If I'm browsing Facebook apps and see they have rooms, I might go in as well. " Zuckerberg stressed that rooms is not a boring company meeting.

After being criticized for its safety, some users began to look for alternatives. Javed Khan, vice president of Cisco, said that after the ferment of zoom privacy incident, the use of WebEx, its video conference service, surged, adding 240000 new users in one day, and the demand for its security business also surged.

On April 4, zoom said that within 90 days, the company would suspend the update and "focus all engineering resources on our biggest trust, security and privacy issues.". If the returned zoom still fails to serve the public, users will still face the problem of how to choose. Facebook with a "criminal record" should advocate easy and casual video social interaction. User security should also be the first part. Even it should be the most important gene of a technology product.

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