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IPhone se 2: just because it's small?

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There is a group of shouting party in the circle of friends. They urge the iPhone to update the small screen mobile phone day by day. The old Se and iPhone 8 in their hands can't meet their needs in terms of performance, but they just don't change the XS series or the 11 series because they like the small screen mobile phone. This bizarre reason seems to be very inconsistent with the era of taking the big as the best. Joe's "3.5 inch is the most suitable screen size for human mobile phones" ten years ago has been the crazy snap of this era.

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But there is no denying that,

It's true that on the day the iPhone se2 goes on the market, the official website needs 2 weeks of goods, runs out of goods everywhere, and takes coupons to rob, which has shown its real fragrance property.

What kind of person will buy iPhone se2? According to my observation, there are the following:

1. There is already an iPhone. For various reasons, a second iPhone is needed as a standby.

3. parents will only use iPhone, just used half a year iPhone 11 reluctant to give parents.

4. Small screen fans.

5. Poor iPhone die hard.

IPhone se2 or Android?

So,wrongAppleThe loyal users who buy what they want are bound to face the question of whether to choose iPhone se2 or Android at this price, which needs to be answered from their own needs.

The advantages of iPhone se2 are obvious. Like the big brother iPhone 11 Pro max, A13 chip surpasses Xiaolong 865, supports Wi Fi 6, exquisite LCD screen, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, strong performance, light and thin body, 4.7 inches. It is a real small screen flagship.

The cost of IOS learning is low, and the old data of new computers are available. The app store and the latest system of IOS have always been the reason why many people can't leave the iPhone. When it comes to user experience, the iPhone has a pressing advantage.

The advantage is summed up in one sentence as "it's iPhone.".

Do you remember what that ad said? "If you don't have an iPhone, then you really don't have an iPhone.".

An iPhone can be changed for three years, while an Android can be used for three years. Maybe card doesn't even know his mother. If you focus on daily applications and comprehensive experience, you can buy iPhone; if you like long-term and fast charging, you can buy Android.

It is not only the main machine for low budget users, but also a good standby machine for dual iPhone users

In the evolution of the iPhone, digital series bears the responsibility of cutting-edge technology. The Se series, however, was played to the extreme by Comrade cook. In the mold of the iPhone 8, the strongest A13 chip was installed, which greatly improved the rear single shot and slightly improved the front single shot. When Android began to take pride in Wi Fi 6 this year, last year's iPhone 11 series had quietly supported it, and the cheap iPhone se2 inherited the Wi Fi 6 that this generation of iPhones had.

Some users were reluctant to buy 512g iPhone 11 series in order to save money at the beginning. With more and more video files, the capacity was limited. The capacity of 256g was not enough, but it would not be a good time to replace a 512g iPhone 11 Pro now, so they could only buy another iPhone se2 to make a living.

Half a year later, when the new iPhone came out in the autumn, both iPhone 11 and iPhone se2 could get their family heritage, "I never really owned the iPhone, I just tried it for my parents one year in advance."

As a dual iPhone user, the main machine is iPhone 11, and the task of video shooting is left to iPhone se2. The reason is that as long as the 256g se2 does not synchronize with my iPhone 11 software, there is enough space for video shooting. On the iPhone, there are many easy-to-use editing software, which can send video numbers after editing directly on the phone.

Admittedly, the most powerful video player is iPhone 11 Pro max, but not everyone can use 512g Pro Max in one step. And the best single camera iPhone, the X-R, has proved that the single camera iPhone is no more ambiguous than the Android phones with multiple cameras.

The main camera of iPhone se2 is the same as that of iPhone 11. The 12 megapixel wide-angle camera, f / 1.8 aperture, all support the "new generation of intelligent HDR", with six kinds of human image light effects, three more than the XRS, which are better than the XRS in taking photos. Compared with the dual camera iPhone 11, the se2 cut out the wide-angle and night mode, with the dynamic range only supporting 30 FPS video shooting (iPhone 11 is 60 FPS), no audio zoom, and the front camera reduced from 12 million pixels to 7 million pixels.

Generally speaking, the rear camera of se2 has three more light effects than the iPhone xrand the HDR has also been updated to a new generation. There is a small gap compared with the iPhone 11, but I am still willing to take it out in the daytime to take photos and videos, which is light and steady.

What kind of iPhone do you need?

Is iPhone se2 worth buying? There has never been an iPhone that is not worth buying. What you need to know is, under a certain budget, which iPhone is the best for you?

There is no doubt that buying new doesn't buy old, buying expensive doesn't buy cheap. Everyone loves the flagship. The latest iPhone 11 series is undoubtedly the best choice.

But if the budget is under 4500 yuan, it's not good to buy iPhone 11, but it can't be separated from IOS users. IPhone se2 is for such users. What's more, for example, if I want to consider using the iPhone for my family, even if I need another iPhone as a standby, then the iPhone se2 is also a good choice. After all, buying two 11 pro's will do great harm to the wallet.

Compare the prices of iPhone se2 and iPhone 11. They are respectively iPhone se2: 3299 yuan, 3799 yuan, 4599 yuan, iPhone 11: 5499 yuan, 5999 yuan, 6799 yuan. Don't underestimate the price difference of 2200 yuan. This price can even buy an Android phone with good parameters. That's why users with low budget can't think about adding money to buy iPhone 11.

In fact, the goal of iPhone se2 is also very clear. The price of 3299-4599 Yuan directly hits the Android hinterland. In the past, the battle between Android and iPhone was often limited to high-end models. Apple looked down on the middle and low-end models and tore at the cost-effective road. This time, Apple's envy of the fish, back to the net, with a cost-effective attitude to enter the Android camp in front of the city gate.

You're not mistaken. The iPhone of 3299-4599 yuan is cost-effective, while the Android phone of 3299-4599 yuan is a little expensive, which is the strength of the brand. It has its premium, but also has the basis for people to rush.

You don't want to buy an iPhone, you just don't want to buy an expensive iPhone. Before the joke said, "you don't buy, I don't buy, iPhone se2 can be cheaper 200." Later, the dog and cat were subsidized by 10 billion yuan. It's 400 yuan cheaper. Isn't the cheap iPhone fragrant?

As for this generation of iPhone without 5g, it seems that you have opened 5g package of nearly 200 yuan per month. Can't 4G package also use 5g network? This fall's new iPhone is likely to come with 5g. If you don't rush to change planes, you can predict that the next iPhone will be worth buying. Moreover, 5g charges will be lower and lower. When the iPhone supports 5g, it's the time when 5g phones really start to be popular.

If you want to buy a high-performance, light and small screen, cheap iPhone "top down", iPhone se is also a good choice. If you want to buy an iPhone anyway, but because of the shyness in your pocket, you only have a budget of 3000 or 4000 yuan, then se2, buy it.

The iPhone se2 is a mobile phone against consumerism. At present, Android mobile phones are advocating the concepts of large screen, high brush, lpddr5, ufs3.0, turbo, etc., which are totally invisible to se2. It comes quietly, with a little meaning of supply chain inventory clearing.

It aims at Android users and shakes their determination to buy a cost-effective Android flagship. It's better to cut corners. The iPhone se2, which collides with the iPhone 8, seems to be nothing but a new one.

In the past, iPhone was synonymous with high-end. Now, whatever price you need, you can have it. And no matter what price, iPhone is still high-end.

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