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Issuing consumer vouchers to rekindle the "war" between Alipay and WeChat

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This article is from it times (ID: vittimes). The author is Pan Shaoying and Sun Yan, authorized to publish by titanium media.

Like Shanghai just opened

However, behind the consumption coupons, there is a new competition, This is Alipay and WeChatFor Alipay and WeChat, the traffic entrance has become particularly important in the wake of the increase in passenger costs.

1 yuan consumption bond drives 3.5 yuan new consumption

After the outbreak, consumer vouchers pushed the fast forward button for economic recovery.

According to incomplete statistics,More than 80 prefecture level cities (districts) in China have issued consumption coupons, and the planned funds are more than 10 billion

In WeChat Mini ProgramDeduct 5 yuan from 5.01 yuan,Laiyifen isDeduct 5 yuan from 79 yuan


These tickets need to be used in the storeIn two Starbucks and laiyifen stores in Zhangjiang, Pudong, the reporter confirmed to the clerk whether they could use it before consumption. Most of the clerk didn't know about it.

The clerk in Laiyi said,Coupons should be available, but promotional products cannot be purchased

The reporter bought a drink in Starbucks and used the coupon when paying, which reduced 5 yuan.

actually,Laiyifen's coupons are the same as those of Starbucks, and are automatically subtracted at checkout,It's not that you can't buy Promotional food, as the clerk in Laiyi said.


During the outbreak, 6 million stores across the country were affected to varying degrees. Today, more than 10 million businesses across the country benefit from consumer bonds.

Alipay's data show that more than 50 prefecture level cities (districts) have issued vouchers through Alipay, stimulating consumption over 10 billion yuan.Hangzhou, Guangxi, Hohhot and other places have achieved 10 times leverage effect in issuing consumption bonds.

Wechat data shows that in Wuhan, for example, from April 20 to April 26, nearly 190000 Wuhan consumer bonds were written off through wechat payment, with a leverage ratio of 11.5 times.


Previously, Guanghua School of management of Peking University and ant financial service research institute based on ant financial service payment big data's latest research on Hangzhou consumption vouchers found that compared with the daily consumption without consumption vouchers, Every $1 consumer coupon can drive up to 3.5 yuan in new consumption, and it is recommended that the country issue another $500 billion consumer coupon


Liu Qiao, President of Peking University Guanghua, thinks, The future should beIssue cash vouchers to low-income groups and people in epidemic areasAt the same time, more cities across the country issue consumption vouchers through digital means to effectively enter the real economy.

Not monopoly but lack of fairness

It's a technical job to issue consumer coupons. The government is more inclined to issue coupons on the digital platform of real name system, with the help of the risk control ability of the platform to intercept the cheating behaviors such as scalper and bill swiping.

Therefore, Alipay and WeChat have played a leading role. The penetration and penetration rate of these two platforms are very high, not only ensuring efficiency, but also obtaining data feedback, making it easy to formulate and adjust strategies.

However, some experts believe that some cities only through a payment platform issued consumer vouchers, will bring monopoly.

In Zhao Haoxing's view, the platform should meet coverage, technology closed loop and business ecology,If the two platforms are equal in a certain city, but only one is chosen to issue consumption vouchers, it is not monopoly but fairness.

In the issue of consumer vouchers, government, businesses, consumers and payment platforms play their proper role. Alipay and WeChat have also become the two winners in the payment platform.

Reporters from it times randomly sampled 30 cities, districts and counties that had already issued consumption vouchers, More than 80% are distributed through Alipay and WeChat, and more than half are distributed through Alipay A very small number are distributed through government App or living services.

In the middle and old

Alipay Behind there are close to the consumption scene, Ali ecological chain and other rich resources, but the content, social is short board;WeChat It's social

Over the past few years, WeChat and Alipay have invaded each other's core areas, while

According to the "2020 China Mobile Internet spring report" just released by Quest mobile, March 2020Wechat monthly active users 946 millionRatioAlipay's 703 million 35% higher.


More importantly, in March 2020, Users over 41 years of age who joined the mobile internet army grew 9.65 million, or more than half of the increase And more elderly users over the age of 46 are using payment apps.


This growth trend also makes the consumption power released by the middle-aged and elderly people cannot be underestimated.

According to research from Guanghua School of Management and Ant Financial Services Group of Peking University,The middle-aged and old people are the most obvious consumers driven by consumption vouchersAmong them, the consumption-pull effect was the highest among people aged 41-50 years ,4.2 times.

The current situation is that the elderly will pay with WeChat, but without Alipay, WeChat has more advantages than Alipay in the elderly. Because WeChat's social attributes are more accessible to older users.

Middle aged and elderly usersSocial relations on wechatThere are family groups, classmates, interest groups and so on, the activity is very high, but also brought fission, such as the popularity of WeChat live broadcast is the power of WeChat social.

The issuance of consumer coupons, for Alipay, is undoubtedly a piece of middle-aged and elderly users

For Alipay, the cost of pulling the old and middle-aged users is even higher. In 2018, Alipay launched. Family AccountIn 2019, Alipay was launched Can enlarge the font, will pay water and electricity coal, check social security and health insurance and other functions outstanding,


Today again

Six years ago, WeChat and Alipay were two big rivals in the payment field, and now numbers and wisdom have become again

Huzhou was the first city to declare full digitization after the epidemic stabilized, and Alipay announced its first on April 25Digital life city

A person close to Huzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce told it times This project will also cooperate with Taobao to carry goods live and support the export of industrial clusters such as Zhili Children's Wear City to domestic sales.

Now, search on Alipay


Nanxun ancient town, Mogan Mountain lodging and so on in Alipay can book tickets, hotels and so on; if using Gaude navigation to Huzhou toll station, the map will automatically pop up with Alipay to pay the entrance.

Getting through the ecological chain of the economy is Ali's biggest move this year. In the early days of the resumption of work, Alipay announced the most important transformation in 15 years, that is, to do digital life platform, a series of frequent movements, but also revealed that Alipay wants to do Ali economy super entrance.

Digital life is Alipay's strategy, while WeChat has 36 lines of wisdom, so-called

A mobile phone tour of Yunnan



This is the Yunnan Provincial Government in conjunction with Tencent launched a global tourism wisdom platform, Tencent is also

In the epidemic situation, many industries are on the road to transformation and upgrading, but the problem is that in the past, but not urgent online marketing and other digital capabilities will become merchants

From building community online shopping with wechat group to live delivery of goods with small programs by comprehensive business super counter sister,Wechat payment To provide the underlying logic support and build the flow platform for the digital transformation of merchants

Medical, travel, business, transportationConnection content and serviceopen.

A more concrete description is, A social e-commerce system centered on consumers and retail companies themselves is also being builtIn fact, they are all abilities that are missing in the ecological environment.

This not only affects the changes in wechat ecosystem, but also relates to the establishment of Tencent's new business ecosystem.

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