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The biggest battle behind consumer Coupons: who can win the WeChat, the US and Alipay?

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Consumer coupons

Wen / Jia Ningyu

Source: Tech planet (ID: tech618)

Chaoshan beef hotpot, located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, has 13 local stores. After opening to the outside world in March this year, business can be described as bleak. Zhu Yueyang, the marketing manager, thought of many ways to restore the business to its pre epidemic level, including putting up posters at the door and calling old customers by phone, but the effect was not significant.

On April 11th, when the store suddenly became very busy, the turnover doubled by 1.5 times.

In fact, Foshan's new business is just the tip of the iceberg. Today, an unprecedented government treat to pay the bill, the Internet platform specific landing, merchants take dividends, hundreds of millions of consumers collectively

According to incomplete statistics, since March, a total of 25 provinces and cities have issued more than 11.5 billion yuan of consumer bonds. And the effect of issuing consumption coupons to promote consumption is also immediate. Only according to the statistical data of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, as of 16:00 on April 26, Hangzhou consumption coupons have paid government subsidies of 375 million yuan, driving Hangzhou consumption of 4.101 billion yuan.

Government through Ali Alipay, Tencent and Meituan and other platforms accurate targeted issuance of consumer coupons, and the platform through the Internet service platform link users and merchants, rushed to stimulate


There are some differences among the three major companies in the way of issuing bonds, and there are also differences in the commercial transformation effect stimulated. Which one drives the maximum commercial benefit, a commercial secret war is starting.

General mobilization of consumption

Compared with the SARS in 2003 and the financial crisis in 2008, the government's way to promote consumption through money is different. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, digital life has begun to show signs.

WeChat, Alipay as the largest user flow pool, has been carried out in many

Meituan has a more high-frequency take-out scene, this time also rushed to the front line of issuing consumer coupons, combined with local policies, taking Foshan City as an example, Meituan placed a consumer voucher activity entrance on the home page. The user receives the local consumption voucher to purchase the living service like the daily receiving discount.

From the perspective of wechat and meituan's activities of issuing consumer coupons, they mainly use flow thinking to issue consumer coupons. That is to say, through its own traffic to reach the C-end user capacity, to complete the distribution task.

By contrast, Alipay has the ability to reach more than 1 billion users, and is also a huge entrance to commercial traffic, but it has different ways of playing. In addition to traffic, Alipay is also trying to give the back-end digital operation capability to businesses, allowing it to have the ability to precipitate traffic. Since Alipay announced its upgrading to digital life service platform in March, consumer coupons are the first big exam it faces, and a practical test of digital business operation capability.

Alipay's digital business vision is to rely on a centralized and decentralized flow distribution model, based on food, housing, play, purchase and other business accurate distribution of coupons. Such consumer coupons cover a wide range of business scenarios, high conversion rate, is also a major good for merchants.


In addition to Alipay's own strength, merchants also through Alipay through the entire Ali system of ecological resources have great expectations.

Which platform stimulates greater consumption multiplier effect is also the main basis for local governments and businesses to choose partners. The latest statistics of the third party organizations show that Alipay, WeChat and official channels are among the top three consumer coupons.


Alipay's achievements in this social business are highlighted by a change in business logic.

The dividing line between traffic business and digital business

In the past, the business system that was born within WeChat ecology relied on

This issue of consumer coupons activities, WeChat selected Mini Program as the main force. Li Feng, from Wuhan, who received a $50 coupon, told Tech Planet (WeChat ID:tech618) that he didn't know about it before

In comparison, the issue speed of the second batch of consumption coupons in the first phase of Wuhan municipal government on April 30 is more obvious. In just 38 seconds, Alipay's 32 million yuan consumer coupon was robbed by Wuhan consumers. In the 20 minutes of Wuhan's consumer coupons, the Alipay platform has written off more than 4000 consumer coupons. In the same time span, meituan and wechat platforms wrote off about 2000 copies respectively.

Of course, WeChat also has a central business platform for direct users, that is, WeChat, check in

The idea of Meituan issuing consumer coupons is to explore its own digital business model on the basis of deepening traffic business. In addition to the coupon campaign on the front page, it was launched

Compared with WeChat and Alipay, Meituan traffic has not been dominant, real name coverage and wind control capacity is more vulnerable. And for the government, the security of financial funds is in the first place. In addition, because the Meituan platform is a take-out and store-based local life service entrance, for merchants lack of private domain operation position. Merchants can not through the consumption of coupons after drainage, small procedures and other means of independent in-depth operation of these flows, also can not through card coupons superimposed preferential services, thus stimulating more repurchase.

In the battle of maximizing the multiplier effect of consumer coupons, Alipay is undoubtedly a model worthy of attention.

For example, on the basis of government coupons, Alipay also superimposed many traffic and marketing activities such as word of mouth, hungry, box horse, Juhuasuan and so on, such as Tmall Taobao's exploding point prizes, word of mouth hungry 0 yuan meal, flower red envelopes and other forms. It not only allows users to have more consumption choices, but also helps to provide users with greater concessions.

At the same time, Alipay Mini Programs can precipitate more private domain traffic, as well as platform superimposed preferential services, to promote consumer secondary consumption and consumer coupons write-off rate are very helpful. First issued in Hangzhou on March 27

Statistics show that Alipay has assisted Nanjing, Guangxi, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Zhengzhou and other more than 30 places for the issuance of consumer vouchers, and the total number of consumer coupons has exceeded 5 billion, and the number of digital businesses aroused behind them has reached at least tens of billions of yuan.

Digital commerce is taking root everywhere. Take the Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou, a popular tourist destination. For example, from the early stage of the purchase of tickets, the local scenic spots have opened up many ticket buying channels such as Alipay, OTA, offline booking offices, etc. these coupons can directly book online for the air plant and the surrounding accommodation tickets.

In ensuring the health of these tourists, the scenic area through Alipay to achieve

In December 2019, Zhang Yong, chairman of Alibaba Group's board of directors, predicted that in the next five years, the era of digital economy will be opened. Judging from the current development of digital economy stimulated by consumption bonds, this judgment is accelerating.

Consumption voucher promotes business Digitalization

After the outbreak almost pressed the pause button of business activities, the consumption voucher became the key to restart the economy.

Especially in the first quarter GDP year-on-year growth rate of -6.8%, known as the economy

The nationwide distribution of consumer vouchers activities, the scale and strength are far ahead of several times. It can be said that the biggest

this time

In fact, Alipay consumer coupons are no longer limited to government vouchers, commercial coupons, industry subsidies and other concessions, and e-commerce platforms, businesses, and brand businesses are connected in tandem through Alipay platform to jointly create vouchers to create new consumption growth points.

During May Day's Golden Week, Shanghai is booming

April 30,100 Union on Alipay issued 4 million yuan corporate consumption coupons. Ms. Zhang, who was shopping at the Pudong World Expo site, opened Alipay for payment and received a copy of Bailian Shibo Yuan Store


On the first day of Shanghai may 5 Shopping Festival, HEMA seafood was sold out

Consumer voucher activities are still spreading to social commerce. According to the china-tai securities institute, estimates based on a 10-15-fold leverage range would boost the year-on-year growth rate of total retail sales; consumer securities could increase consumption by more than 8%. Small coupons helped governments everywhere

In addition, the digital economy is also using this wave of e-coupon activities to go deep into various industries. Many businesses believe the epidemic will eventually pass, but

For consumers, digital life has come, which means digital economy for business society. Some researches predict that the scale of China's digital economy will increase to 32 trillion yuan in 2020. Although the epidemic has temporarily affected economic development, it will speed up the development of digital economy in the future.

In this activity, more businesses will transfer their business to the online market. After trying to improve the operation efficiency brought by digitalization, the wave of digital consumption ecology will not go back, only rush forward.

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