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What CPU should the game buy? 6-core hard food and clothing, 8-core well-off

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When buying a car, many people will pay attention to the displacement of the engine, because the engine determines the car's power, fuel consumption and other core indicators. For laptops, the CPU is the same as the car engine. We need to figure out how many cores and performance the CPU needs. Only by choosing the right CPU can we decide what kind of laptop to buy.

Once upon a time, notebook users weren't struggling because there were too few CPU options, and a few years ago low-end CPU, like two-core, two-core, four-threaded, notebook CPU were upgraded, especially after the release of the 10-generation core processor, the high-performance version started with four-core, eight-thread, and then went all the way to six-core ,12-thread, eight-core ,16-thread.


Except for an increase in CPU core,The frequency of the ten generation core high-performance processor also soared, reaching 4.5ghz in general and more than 5.0ghz in the high-end. Among them, the flagship core i9-10980hk has realized the ultra-high frequency of 8-core 5.3GHz, which is comparable to the frequency of desktop CPU.


In addition to Intel's continuous optimization, the reason why the frequency of the 10th generation core high-performance processor is so high is related to two acceleration technologies, viz. Max 3.0 and TVB (thermal velocity boost). In particular, TVB technology can continue to improve the frequency of a single core timely and automatically.

Here, TVB acceleration technology can increase the CPU single core frequency by 200-300mhz, making the cup frequency from the previous 5.0ghz to 5.3GHz, while maintaining the power consumption.

The dual increase in core and frequency greatly improves the game performance of the 10 generation Core processor, The overall overall performance can be increased by up to 54% i9-10980HK comparison i7-7820HK, games ,44% overall, and up to 2 times faster for 4 K video rendering exports, according to official data from the company.

What about the actual test? At present, the performance test of core i9-10980hk processor has been carried out on the evaluation websites at home and abroad, as follows:

notebook on 8 core 5 GHz performance in the end how strong? Heading CPU


For more complete information on performance and performance metrics evaluation results, please visit https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php? cpu=Intel Core i9-10980HK @2.40GHz

stayCPU PassmarkIn the test, the average score of core i9-10980hk reached 16990, which is ahead of other Notebook CPUs, not to mention desktop CPUs.


For more complete information on performance and performance index evaluation results, please visit https://www.notebookcheck.net/intel-core-i9-10980hk-processor-benchmarks-and-specs.452737.0.html

stayNotebook check websiteAmong the multiple performance test summaries, core i9-10980hk is also ahead of other Notebook CPUs and even desktop processors in performance, only 8% worse than the top level core i9-9900k 8-core processor. To know that the TDP power consumption difference between the two is more than twice, 45W performance is close to the top desktop CPU, and 8-core 5.3GHz performance is indispensable.

The performance of core i7-10875h processor with 8-core and 16 threads is the same level, and the gap between core i9-10980hk and core i9-10980hk is 1% can be ignored.

Remarkably, the performance of the Core i7-10750H with 6 core 12 threads is also very good, only 9% lower than the Core i9-10980HK.

Of course, the performance of the notebook check website is comprehensive. If it is a single performance test, core i9-10980hk with 8-core and 16 threads still leads core i7-10750h and other Notebook CPUs in multi-core test. After all, the 8-core 5.3GHz specification is there.

It's not just performance, it's lighter and thinner in 2020


Thanks to such powerful performance, the 10th generation core processor has become the base point of the new generation of game books. Companies like Asustek, gigabyte, micro star, alien, Lenovo, etc. have launched or have successively launched a new generation of flagship game books. Not only the 144hz high refresh rate screen will be displayed at the meeting, but also the super high refresh rate above 200Hz, such as Rog Strix scar 17.

ROG Strix Scar 17 this notebook is a 17.3-inch game book ,300 Hz refresh rate is also currently the highest, such refresh rate on the overall performance requirements are extremely high, so its highest CPU option is Core i9-10980HK, and only 8 core 5 such CPU can support the performance of such notebooks.


Not only that, the new generation of game books has greatly improved their performance, but also become thinner and lighter. The new Rog series is 26% smaller, 41% thinner and 39% lighter. The game books are no longer the synonym of bulky.

How to choose a new generation of game books? 6-core start, 8-core talent willfulness

From the layout of the ten generation core high-performance processors, the performance of the game book in 2020 can be really comparable to that of the desktop computer. The performance of the eight core processors such as core i9-10980hk and core i7-10875h is within 10% of that of the top desktop CPU such as core i9-9900k. If you only look at the performance of the game, the gap can be ignored.

How to choose the game in 2020? Based on the above performance, it is recommended that players start Core i7 series with at least 6 cores and 12 threads in one step. No matter playing games or daily tasks, 6 cores core processor can be handy.

When it comes to high-end players, it's naturally the Core processor that starts with 8 cores and 16 threads, and the Core i9-10980HK、 Core i7-10875H two processors have basically the same performance, allowing your laptop to implement


In addition, the core i5-10300h processor has four cores and eight threads, and its strength cannot be ignored. For example, the core i5-10300h processor has four cores and eight threads, and the frequency of 4.5ghz is equal to the high-end notebook in the first two years, which is still sufficient in 2020. The 3A works can guarantee smooth performance, lower power consumption and long endurance, so it is more suitable for light-duty Game user selection.

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