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From the big boy to the US manned space flight?

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Iron Man's dream of Mars is a step closer, and only 18 years old SpaceX completed the "bar mitzvah ". U.S. commercial airlines are flying high at 3:22 p.m. on Saturday and 3:22 a.m. on Sunday, Beijing time. It was the first time that humans had been operated by private companies to send astronauts into space.

A small step of American Pongo is a big step of human beings. If the curtain call of Atlantis in 2011 declares the end of 30 years of American space age, SpaceX has opened a new era for American space.

Fortunately, the postponement of the weather three days ago and the explosion of the prototype one day ago did not affect this remarkable mission.

What is a manned dragon ship?

The manned dragon spaceship is an upgraded version of SpaceX's Dragon spaceship, an unmanned spacecraft that has been delivering supplies to NASA since 2012.

But Musk's SpaceX is not just for freight companies. Iron man aims to send people to heaven.

The manned dragon was launched on falcon 9, also from musk's hands, and the two vehicles are highly reusable.

Moreover, unlike the Dragon spaceship carrying out cargo missions, the manned dragon spaceship has added an emergency stop system to separate the spaceship from the rocket in case of an emergency during launch.

▲ Bob Bacon and Doug Helley

Beacon ,49, has twice flown to the International Space Station on a space shuttle and has already made six spacewalks and spent more than 29 days in space, the mission being carried out by two famous NASA astronauts, Bob Bacon and Doug Helley.

Hurley, 53, a retired colonel from the U.S. Marine Corps, joined the NASA crew in 2000 and has been in space for 27 days.

The launch takes about 12 minutes to reach its initial orbit, while the falcon 9 rocket returns to earth for future use.

It will take about 19 hours for the manned dragon to reach the international space station, which will gradually raise its orbit to a height of 400 kilometers from the earth.

▲ rocket launches and docking of spacecraft with the International Space Station

The process of spacecraft leaving the international space station and returning to earth

If everything goes well, Musk should keep his promise and dance to celebrate! As he promised at the press conference.

The whole mission cycle may last at least one month, or even four months. Eventually, the spacecraft will land on the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of Florida.

During the return, the manned dragon will deploy four parachutes to slow down, eventually landing on the east coast of florida in the atlantic ocean, and SpaceX company's recycling ship will pick up bainken and helley within an hour of its return to earth.

Why Musk?

The U.S. aerospace industry has always been led by NASA. In the new century, the share of commercial aerospace in the whole aerospace industry in the United States has become larger and larger.

▲ July 2011, Atlantis returned to retirement, marking 30 years of U.S. space shuttle business press the pause button

The reason is NASA's overburdened space cost. From 1985 to October 1988, the launch price of the space shuttle increased by 85%, that is, the cost of each launch soared to 90 million dollars.

The cost is a total violation of NASA's original design budget for the space shuttle, as well as the original intention of recyclable technology to save launch costs.

NASA could not abandon the exploration of space without a lot of money, and chose a more ingenious way —— bid for bidding, and finally stood out by the traditional supplier of musk's SpaceX and NASA, boeing.

This is the biggest transformation of American space exploration strategy in history. Private companies have become the main force in developing and manufacturing space vehicles, while NASA has played the role of "party a".

Boeing, arguably NASA's own son, has been heavily NASA, and with another son —— Lockheed Martin has always represented the technological ceiling of American space.

The change of the story starts from the big boy's dream of SpaceX. Musk started SpaceX from his own waist. He was not regarded as a good man for a time. In fact, he almost went bankrupt. Fortunately, NASA gave him 1.6 billion yuan and admitted to be a son.

The failure of Boeing, his son, can be said to have given up the good opportunity to musk. Although Boeing received more than 4.9 billion US dollars in funding, SpaceX received much less support, about 3.1 billion US dollars, but made a decision.

▲ in December 2019, the Boeing Starline spacecraft failed to make its first flight to the International Space Station

Boeing's attempt to fly in the sky ended in failure for many times. On December 20, 2019, Eastern time, Boeing's CST-100 starliner spacecraft was successfully launched on the cosmos-5 carrier rocket, which was also the first flight of the spacecraft.

Unfortunately, about 50 minutes after the launch, the spacecraft entered the orbit propulsion state by mistake, which should have been the last state when docking with the space station. As a result, it consumed too much fuel to dock with the international space station.

Moreover, SpaceX's offer for a manned dragon spacecraft is $55 million per seat, while Boeing's offer is as high as $90 million per person, more than 60% more expensive than SpaceX's.

You can't do anything. You're the first to spend money and ask for price. Boeing won't take the lead in this matter.

Dry son in pursuit of victory, technical strength all the way, and even closer to ten thousand years of constant aircraft operating panel, dragon flying boat that one by one simple touch pad, finally keep up with the times.

▲ the upper part is the operation panel of the manned dragon spacecraft, and the lower part is the traditional space shuttle operation cabin

What does it mean to America?

The Kennedy Space Center on the east coast of Florida is now the exclusive show for SpaceX.

The last time an astronaut went to space from Kennedy Space Center was in 2011. Since then, Americans have to go to the space station and "buy tickets" from Russia.

In recent years, Russia's ticket prices have risen from more than 20 million US dollars to more than 80 million US dollars.

America can no longer sit.

But funding is a headache for space development. At the end of last year, President trump "stabbed NASA" and proposed to cut the budget.

One is to cut funding, the other is to assign tasks. After trump took office, he vowed to let the United States return to the moon in 2024, and then NASA proposed to go there in 2028. It can be said that American aerospace is launched in the cost game.

Now, for trump and NASA, this manned space flight is of great importance. It is the first time that human beings have been launched into orbit from the territory of the United States since the retirement of the United States space shuttle.

This is also a critical moment for the success of trump administration. If all goes well, it will once again establish the leading position of the United States in the field of aerospace, especially in the field of commercial aerospace.

Of course, this is undoubtedly the election year, Trump's excellent campaign advertisement.

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