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It's on sale today! Huawei's route q2s is coming

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Huawei's new parent-child route, q2s, was officially launched in the official flagship store of Huawei Jingdong, the official flagship store of Huawei tmall, the official flagship store of Huawei Suning, and Huawei vmall mall at the same time today. The price of one parent and one child is 499 yuan. On the day of the first sale, there are 50 yuan discounts and good gifts for placing an order; from June 2 to June 3, there are 30 yuan discounts for placing an order. In addition, users can also expand Wi Fi by adding a single package according to the house type. The price of the single package is 199 yuan. On June 1, there is a 20 yuan discount for the world's single package.


Huawei's route q2s is specially designed for medium and large sized houses. It is equipped with Lingxiao dual core 1.2Ghz CPU, multi-channel and mixed networking. Both the parent route and the sub route are equipped with full gigabit network interface, 1300m dual frequency Wi Fi, which can easily meet the user's high-speed network access, plug and play, and effectively solve the problem of coverage of Wi Fi signals for medium and large sized houses.

1 drag 15 super network to achieve full house Wi-Fi no dead angle coverage

In the home scenario, there are more and more intelligent terminal devices using the network, and the requirements for the network environment are higher and higher. Even though most families have realized 200m fiber-optic access to the home, the network speed is limited to a large extent due to the large family size and more through the wall, and the network is still not smooth in a few space scenarios.


Huawei route q2s breaks through the physical space limitation through sub route expansion. Each parent route can support up to 15 sub routes expansion. In addition to the normal one parent one sub package, when more rooms need to expand the signal, you can purchase sub routes by yourself. At the same time, Huawei route q2s supports setting sub routes wherever there are sockets and network cables. It supports simultaneous mixed networking of Gigabit power line, Gigabit network line and Wi Fi (2.4g/5g preferred) four links, which is flexible and applicable to various environmental conditions.


Moreover, the Huawei is matched with the 1.2 GHz CPU ,128MB memory of Lingxiao dual core, which improves the performance of the parent routing CPU by 275% compared with the previous generation.

Plug and play net mouth blind insert white can also easily use

The complicated setup of router is always a headache. When using Huawei's sub parent route q2s, there is no need to worry about the connection setup. Its in package sub routing plug and play, completely without any configuration. Really do it, where you need to plug in. If it is a sub route outside the package, after the plug-in power supply is powered on, an automatic prompt will be received on the Huawei Smart Life app, which can be added to the network with one click.


In addition, the sub route also has network interface uplink / downlink adaption, the connection parent route automatically switches the uplink mode, and the connection terminal equipment automatically switches the downlink mode, which is suitable for connecting home TV, desktop and other equipment.

Real dual-frequency intelligent learning is more useful

Huawei route q2s supports true dual frequency, and the whole house has a Wi Fi name. Huawei can automatically connect the fastest Wi Fi hotspot and frequency band for users through q2s. In different routing hot spots, different frequency bands can achieve millisecond level switching, free shuttle home every corner.


Huawei route q2s also has the learning growth attribute. It learns the surrounding signal interference every day, automatically optimizes the Wi Fi channel in time, avoids the interference, and actively remembers the terminal's online habits and directional optimization to make the router better and better.

At present, the interference of 2.4GHz Wi Fi in domestic home is very serious. When the 2.4G signal routed by oneself and the neighbor's are crowded on one channel or adjacent channel, they will interfere with each other, and the speed will be slower and the delay will be higher. Q2s can monitor the signal interference of surrounding neighbors every day, automatically switch to a channel with less interference in time, and speed up wi fi.


In addition, Huawei route q2s also supports business acceleration functions such as online course acceleration and mobile game acceleration. Through intelligent service identification, ensure the priority of online course data forwarding, and improve the stability of online course. When Huawei mobile phones start mobile games, it establishes a dedicated game channel with Huawei route q2s and enters the game mode, significantly reducing the jam and delay, which can be reduced by about 20% on average.

Huawei1 Under 8N five scenarios constructed, Wi-Fi routers assume the role of an extremely important connection center.

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