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618 promotion officially launched a number of AMD 7Nm lightweight books

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Close to JingDong 618, AMD worked with JingDong to create

Activity Interface Through Train

To make A powder more accurate in selecting the right products, AMD.

So, what are the thin and light products of the sharp dragon 4000 series processor with AMD 7Nm process in this activity? Next let's have a look.


Annual heavyweight products slow hands, no Lenovo small new air14 2020 sharp dragon version from 3999 yuan

First of all, Lenovo's new air 14 2020 sharp dragon version is recommended. Its a, C and d three sides are made of all metal body materials. The thickness of the whole machine is only 16.9mm, and the weight is only 1.38kg. It is light and stylish, with excellent workmanship and portability.


At the same time, the design of narrow frame not only reduces the size of the fuselage to a certain extent, but also provides excellent screen vision for the whole machine.

In addition to its outstanding appearance, Lenovo's new air 14 2020 sharp dragon version is equipped with a sharp dragon 5 4600u mobile processor, with 6 cores and 12 threads. Compared with the previous generation of products, its performance is improved by 32% in beast mode, and its multi-core capability is significantly enhanced with strong performance.


With the help of the sharp dragon 4000 series processor of the AMD 7Nm process, work and creation can be done faster, entertainment can be more relaxed, and the video card of the radeon graphics can further improve the image performance, game performance and provide more productivity acceleration.

In addition, the machine is pre installed with 16GB DDR4 dual channel memory to reduce your anxiety of memory shortage. The standard 512gb large capacity nvme high-speed SSD, dual SSD slot, can continue to expand the storage capacity.


In addition, the C-plane supports the double loudspeaker design of Dolby sound effect, which can bring the user experience in the real world whether playing games or watching movies.


At present, Lenovo's small new air14 2020 sharp dragon edition has a pre-sale price of 3999 yuan. During the activity period from May 21 to June 20, 100 yuan of Jingdong e-card is returned after the single is placed for evaluation, which is extremely cost-effective.

Down payment of RMB 500 yuan, Lenovo's pre-sale price of 14 s sharp dragon edition is RMB 3499 yuan

Thinkbook 14s sharp dragon edition is a fashionable and light edition for young people. It has super high color value and can widely attract young people. In terms of configuration, it also chooses the sharp dragon 5 4500u processor with high performance. Under the strong processing technology of 7Nm, the performance of thinkbook is greatly improved compared with that of the previous generation The 14s sharp dragon edition can smoothly edit code, clip video, run large files, and handle multiple tasks at the same time.


In appearance, the thinkbook 14s sharp dragon uses magnesium aluminum alloy body, supplemented by titanium gray silver color matching, which is more simple and fashionable in vision. The three sides of the whole machine a, C and D are all made by CNC integrated molding process, and the surface is spray treated. Not only is the metal texture excellent, but also the body is very solid, and the hand is very solid with texture.

Moreover, the ThinkBook 14s sharp dragon version also uses both sides narrow border design, the border width is only 4.9 mm, the screen occupation is considerable, the screen aspect, the ThinkBook 14s sharp dragon version uses a 14-inch full HD IPS screen, the surface fog surface processing. Visual Angle of Screen 178


Generally speaking, the thinkbook 14s sharp dragon edition is a notebook with strong performance, excellent appearance and outstanding workmanship. It is a notebook with fashion temperament and quality sense. At present, the new product of the machine starts at 3999 yuan, with a pre-sale price of 3499 yuan for advance deposit and a saving of 500 yuan. It is very valuable. Interested friends may pay attention to it.

Free to use HP energy X360 13

HP envy X360 13 has two highlights. The first is configuration. It is equipped with AMD sharp dragon 5 4500u mobile processor, 8GB DDR4 3200mhz high-frequency memory and 512gb PCIe SSD solid-state disk. Its powerful performance release can even be compared with the shoulder desktop processor, easily meeting the mainstream game and office needs of users.

The AMD sharp dragon 5 4500u is a six core six thread processor, with a basic frequency of 2.3ghz, a maximum acceleration frequency of 4.0ghz, and a three-level cache of 8MB. Compared with the sharp dragon 3000 series products, the single core performance is improved by 20%, the multi-threaded performance is improved by 30%, and the number of game frames is increased by 30%. The performance is very strong.


The second is the body that can turn 360 degrees. For the traditional light notebook, it is the limit to be able to open and close the screen to 180 degrees. The HP envy X360 13 notebook can open and close 360 degrees. It has four modes: notebook, tent, tablet and standing. In the form of notebook, it can be easily competent for all kinds of work and smooth office.


In tablet mode, HP envy X360 It can easily share the demonstration with others, which is far more efficient than the notebook. If you need to communicate with others for a long time, the tablet mode will make you feel tired when you get it, but you can't get a better viewing angle when you put it on the desktop. At this time, the standing mode is undoubtedly the best choice, which can not only realize touch operation, but also get quite good results Screen display effect.

While in the tent mode, touch is more convenient. It can adjust multiple angles like the standing mode, but it does not occupy as much ground as the standing mode. In the narrow places such as kitchen, plane and train, the tent mode can be easily controlled, which is very convenient.

HP envy X360 13 has BIOS intelligent recovery. When using it, you accidentally delete BIOS files or BIOS is hacked. It can make your computer recover to a safe BIOS state in a short period of time, and make notebook computer return to normal operation.


In general, HP's energy X360 13 is a 7 nm sharp dragon 5 with high beauty performance and light weight 4500u processor can provide abundant computing performance. In addition, four modes of notebook, tent, tablet and standing, up to 16 hours of endurance, full-function type-C interface and surface temperature slightly higher than normal body temperature under high load provide users with a very excellent use experience, so as to better use the inherent advantages and create a unique product competitiveness.

At present, the machine is in hot sale in Jingdong. During the activity, it only costs 5699 yuan. It is worth recommending whether for enterprise purchase or personal use.

Only 3599 yuan is needed on June 1 for HP battle 66 third generation sharp dragon AMD

HP and 66's third-generation sharp dragon amd version continue the design style of the previous two generations in appearance, including the use of silver color, high-strength aviation aluminum metal materials on both sides of a / C, integrated C-side and fuselage side, etc., all of which make HP and 66's third-generation sharp dragon amd version look more commercial.


In terms of configuration, the third generation of sharp dragon amd version of HP war 66 adopts the AMD sharp dragon 5 4500u processor. The core number of sharp dragon 54500u is significantly increased by 50% compared with the previous generation, the main frequency is 2.3ghz, the acceleration frequency is 4GHz, and the instruction per clock is increased by about 15%. The performance is strong.


At the same time, the product also adopts the fog screen design, which effectively avoids the reflection, glare and other problems that often appear in the mirror screen, and ensures the user's experience in different use environments.


Hewlett-Packard War 66 three-generation sharp dragon AMD version on June 1 during the opening of the event selling price of only 3599 yuan, sun single also with 100 yuan JingDong electronic E card or double shoulder bag (only the top 2000), the number of gifts is limited, heart is not as good as heart, hurry up to start.

In addition to the above-mentioned new products, there are several 7Nm new products and sharp dragon hot selling notebooks participating in the promotion. There are all kinds of light, commercial and game books. Users can have more choices, and the price is very high. It can be said that the 618 promotion of amd this year will be a good choice for you. Please pay attention to more surprisesMain venue,7Nmconference hall,Content venue

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