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HuaweiP40Pro Open Today :100x Binocular Zoom Let WanMi Beauty in Palms

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This April ,Huawei officially launched a new P40 line of mobile phones, and unlike ever, this year's HuaweiP40 line of mobile phones joined

HuaweiP40Pro is the top flagship of of the HuaweiP40 family, as it is easy to see from the name

So this flagship new machine, in the end


Costless design to create high-end aesthetic treasures

HuaweiP40Pro use ceramic back plate technology, compared with the traditional glass or metal fuselage, ceramics are easier to highlight high-end properties, according to IT home, each piece of ceramic back cover, after 5 days and 5 nights uninterrupted, the highest temperature of 1500 degrees of firing, optimized accurate positioning fine polishing. Such a ceramic back cover is undoubtedly a rare aesthetic treasures, white if condensed fat, black as ink jade.

If you want to complete the complex surface effect, you have to be polished and finalized. Purely custom-made diamond cutter head, will carry on 4 CNC processes, creates the complex curved surface structure, the thickness is only 0.4 mm.. Where the cameras are


P40Pro ceramic back shell has jade-like texture, white is very pure and rich, in the light refraction, the fuselage appears extremely clear. At the same time, when holding the fuselage in the palm of the hand, the ceramic unique warm texture let the finger touch when there is a kind of

100x binocular zoom, look further, change a new one for you

作为华为目前的影像旗舰,P40Pro 搭载了超感知徕卡五摄系统,包括5000万像素超感知摄像头(广角,f/1.9光圈,OIS光学防抖);4000万像素电影摄像头(超广角,f/1.8光圈);800万像素超级变焦摄像头(10倍光学变焦,f/4.4光圈,OIS光学防抖);800万像素长焦摄像头(3倍光学变焦,f/2.4光圈,OIS光学防抖);3D深感摄像头(ToF).

The HuaweiP40Pro hyper-sensing host is equipped with a 1/1.28-inch 50 megapixel sensor that can be aggregated into 2.44 by Quad Bayer four-in-one

A 3-fold telephoto lens, in addition to a 10-fold pure optical periscope zoom lens, was added to the HuaweiPro Pro,Pro's long-focus stack, making it more ferocious

What is worth mentioning is that the P40Pro telephoto end also uses the RYYB filter color array ,40% light intake.


For the past, limited by the size and space of mobile phones, to achieve ultra-long focus shooting is particularly difficult, and HuaweiP40Pro achieved

HuaweiP40Pro 10x optical zoom, is pure optical zoom, compared with the traditional mixed zoom, the 10x sample taken by the HuaweiP40Pro did not reduce the quality of the sample, sample local zoom, still able to retain rich enough details.


For example, as shown in the following figure, in the 1 X sample, the naked eye is simply unable to see the text on the distant tower, in fact, in the author's shooting process, also did not find that there is text on the distant tower, when opened 100 X shooting, the text on the tower is clearly visible,


I believe that, as a major image force super flagship ,100 X zoom can not be used, but must have. On the one hand, this can highlight the manufacturer's image strength, on the other hand, in some life scenes, super focus will really bring some help to your life. All kinds of scenes, such as concerts, no longer have to spend expensive tickets crowded in the front row, with HuaweiP40Pro ,100 meters away from the start of the long-focus shooting, the star is close. For example, airport waiting, the distant information card can not see the naked eye, by HuaweiP40Pro, sitting on the seat to move your fingers can be able to shoot distant information, so that you are more confident and calm waiting.


HuaweiP40Pro in the field of so to speak, has come

To ensure high imaging quality, the precision control of the reflector in the module also has abnormal extremely high requirements. In order to reduce the optical path distortion ,Huawei continuously optimize the key parameter process, and finally achieve the highest accuracy of about 30 nm. As a result, in this few inches of space, condensed Huawei millions of engineers years of painstaking efforts, even if the theory of friends to master the zoom technology, it is difficult to achieve large-scale production landing.

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