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HuaweiP40Pro experience test :10x optical zoom to see how far and near different

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On March 26,Huawei released its Spring flagship P40 series, which has won praise for its face, performance and ability to shoot

Surprise of ceramic shell material

On the appearance, like HuaweiP40Pro ,HuaweiP40Pro also adopted the design of the full overflow screen of the quartet, bringing a comfortable screen experience.


HuaweiP40Pro is unique in that the back shell is made of precision ceramics, bringing nano-ceramics technology. Using nano-sized microcrystalline zirconium as powder, after 5 days and 5 nights of high temperature sintering of 1500 degrees porcelain, plus fine grinding and polishing, it looks as warm as jade, but especially tough to use, even without protective shell do not worry about scratching wear.


Although the white ceramic shell is not like the glass material presents the color rich gradual change color, but the plain white memento, still lets the person feel clear and refined, the classic white is also the long-lasting look.


Despite the use of ceramic materials, but the thickness of the mobile phone has not increased, engineers through thickness control, the total weight is controlled to a lighter degree than glass, leaving more room for the design of the mobile phone structure.

HuaweiP40Pro gave the noble elegance of the jewelry industry to the technology-filled mobile phone, which is as gentle as jade


Meaning of 10x optical zoom

The HuaweiP40Pro's greatest feature is its image capabilities ,HuaweiP40Pro features a super-sensing Leica five-shot camera, which includes a 50 million pixel super-sensing master, a 40 million pixel film camera, a 3 D deep camera, a 3x optical zoom lens, a 10x optical zoom camera, and two zoom cameras that make up the industry's first super-range binocular zoom system, supporting 10x optical zoom ,20x hybrid zoom and up to 100x digital zoom.

HuaweiP40Pro have been able to fully demonstrate the improvement in the quality of the P40 series, we focus on testing the 10x optical zoom of the P40Pro, exactly what it means to the user.


Zoom is always the pain point of the phone. The camera can take different pictures by changing the lens with different focal lengths to achieve different shooting effects, because the camera lens is more optical components, through the lens movement to change the focal length to achieve clear imaging on different focal segments, while the general mobile phone zoom mainly depends on the way of digital zoom to achieve the remote object zoom, but this is only through the camera's internal processor to enlarge the image pixel volume and the larger the picture quality will be worse, so only optical zoom is true zoom.

Because the optical zoom of lens is positively correlated with the height, it is very challenging to realize the high magnification optical zoom in thin body. so what does the HuaweiP40Pro 10x optical zoom mean? Which means farther, cleare

I took a group of photos of the third phase of the international trade building at least 2 kilometers away from the international trade building downstairs, which were the results of 1, 3, 5, 10 times light zoom, 50 times zoom, and 100 times zoom, and they were completely unarmed, without any auxiliary equipment.




We can see from the image that under the optical zoom, the exterior details of the building can be seen very clearly, while under the 50 times and 100 times zoom, although the image effect has begun to smear, but at such a long distance, the exterior wall of the building is still clear and distinguishable, which is already precious for a mobile phone, and can be photographed in a completely unarmed state Almost the same angle of the image, has proved the excellent anti shake effect.

Although the super high zoom may not be as practical as you think, the 10 times optical zoom is a real optical zoom, with clear image quality and no loss. It's the same as carrying a telescope with you. No matter in a distant building or a cat on the wall, you can see everything in detail. For the first time, the mobile phone has the strength to fight with the single anti front. For photographers, the 10 times optical zoom Zoom makes the photography and camera creation of mobile phones more possible. For example, in composition, 10 times optical zoom can clearly draw close to the shooting subject in the distance, eliminate the clutter of the picture, only keep the object you want to take, bring a good sense of space, and bring more possibilities to the composition of photography.

Performance model in 5g Era

5g has opened a new era for human beings. However, 5g is not the goal of mobile phones. Mobile phones only need stronger performance to make 5g play its role.

HuaweiP40Pro still carry the kylin 990 5G flagship chip: innovative design CPU three-stage energy efficiency architecture ,16-core GPU super cluster, with 7 processes to integrate the industry's highest 10.3 billion transistors, excellent performance, lower energy consumption; integrated 5G baseband, NSA/SA dual-mode full-network, covering n79、n78、n77、n41、n28、n3、n1 and more frequency bands, can freely enjoy high-speed 5G network worldwide, leading the performance of the same generation products.

40W wired, wireless super fast charging mobile phone can be filled with energy at any time, measured electricity less than 10%, plug in the original fast charging, go to a bathroom back, the electricity will return to 20%. High thermal conductivity graphene film super large area VC liquid-cooled heat dissipation tube graphite, this four heat dissipation, so that the mobile phone can always be maintained in the best state, get the can always feel the cool feel of ceramics.

Yida comments

HuaweiP40Pro as the current top 5 flagship models, design, craft materials are superior ,10 times optical zoom is more proud of the crowd, this is not the victory of the parameters, the actual experience is worthy of the name of the flagship, full-time ultra-clear, full-focus high-definition all-round photography ability, so that you can record their lives at any time, the powerful 5 G of performance so that both the trend pioneer or business elite can control a hand-in-hand tool, such an all-around flagship model, of course, people love.

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