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Marketing with business logic tmall global reshapes outbound tourism ecology and realizes "reconnection with the world"

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For a long time, advertising marketing separated from products and commerce, and only became creativity, filming and exposure. Sometimes what the marketing department is doing is unknown to other departments, which is very strange.


Now there are some new changes. Marketing is close to products and business again, which has become the driving force of business growth. This is due to the maturity of the market, the tightening of the budget and the iteration of personnel.

When budgets get smaller, people think more.

Before we talked about Chinese innovative brands, products are marketing. In the growth process of innovative brands, they usually make their own strategies, large brands find suppliers to implement, and small brands connect with the executors themselves. Party A's leading means that marketing is closer to business, which is a good thing.

The marketing strategy under the business logic makes the marketing not only a short-term communication, but also a business innovation.

Next, I'll talk about the strategies, methods and trends. I hope that the advertisers can understand more or less the business and that the marketing can be carried out under the business logic. Below, enjoy:

Strategy: Business Innovation Lab


Marketing drives business growth in two simple ways:

One is horizontal expansion. If the same product or service is sold to more people, it means exposure, greater exposure and higher market share.

Second, expand vertically, develop new products, new selling points and new consumption power, add incremental information to products, and bring new consumption to incremental information.

Now it's popular in the first and second half, the second half of reform and opening up, and the second half of Internet.

Generally, the first half is a pioneering bonus period, which is suitable for horizontal expansion to quickly fill the market. In the second half, the market tends to be saturated, with vertical expansion capability, better quality, more intelligence, more convenience and so on. If you have new selling points for the same product, you will win.

The value of advertising communication, the lateral expansion of most services, refining selling points, exposure. Now we need more vertical marketing.

The marketing of Internet brands and new consumer brands began to try to grow vertically. Marketing is no longer limited to the scope of advertising communication, but began to expand to a larger scope.

For example, is it a marketing behavior to add a camera to the oven for the tokit smart kitchen electric appliances we talked about a few days ago? I think it can be, the product itself can be a marketing stage.

For example, the function of wechat red packet was originally a spring festival marketing idea, a node activity, and unexpectedly developed into a commercial product. These are product-based brands. Under the business logic, marketers dare to do something about products.

For example, Alibaba made Festival, every marketing IP is not only done once, from double 11, 618 to marketing IP of all sizes, it is slowly settling down to continue to do. For example, tmall's super brand day and jubilation day, which were originally marketing activities, are now precipitated as commercial products for continuous daily operation and become an important driving force for the growth of Alibaba's e-commerce.

Product brand dares to change products, platform brand dares to change platform ecology and add increment for business. Take single marketing as an experiment, single marketing is successful, think about whether it can be done for a long time, and precipitate into business innovation for a long time.

One word summary: think about marketing under the business logic, and make marketing a laboratory for business innovation.

Methods: from marketing events to business innovation


Next, let's talk about methods, how to think about marketing under business logic, what is the standard, and how marketing innovation precipitates into business innovation.

The case is tmall Global's 618 project, as the largest cross-border e-commerce platform, which shoulders the connection between Chinese consumers and global shelves.


There were 300 million outbound tourists in 2019, and the demand for overseas shopping was interrupted in 2020. Tmall International, as the largest cross-border e-commerce platform, hopes to reshape the outbound tourism ecology in 618 this year to achieve

The idea is



On June 5, communication began to be carried out to serve the live broadcast of the night of 8, that is, advertising communication serves for events. As a marketing event, the live broadcast on the 8th night became the beginning of business innovation.

Let's talk about commercial marketing in this case, and I think it's up to

Create incremental


Exposure of original products or services, or advertising logic. The business logic is to add increment under the original service framework, and the increment of service is also the increment of marketing information. New information gives consumers new stimulation and brings new consumption growth.

Tmall global cross border air travel company is an incremental service.

For example, I know that French red wine is good, but the problem is that there are so many French red wines that I can't judge what to buy or what I bought. If the tour leader who specializes in French winery tells me what kind of wine the winery produces and what kind of taste it probably has. Then my consumption probability will be higher.

Between the goods and the consumers, plus the translation of the goods, make the consumption more human.

Chinese consumers have limited knowledge of global goods, as Tmall International did last yea

Good commercial marketing must move from success to greater success.

Sustainable operations


The necessary condition of marketing commercialization is whether it can sustain daily operation.

six hundred and eighteen

Of course, at present, more than 300 tour guides have been invited to settle in and join cross-border e-commerce Taoists to help consumers make the best choice by using their own understanding of the local conditions and customs of the destination.

This is a win-win model of three parties. The platform side improves the efficiency of goods transaction, the consumer shopping is more accurate, and the tour guide leads the team to output professional knowledge to earn commissions.

I used to take some special products as gifts when I came back from traveling. Later, I didn't go back to pick up the specialty any more. When I found the local specialty during a trip to a certain place, I asked if there was a Taobao shop, and then Taobao ordered and delivered it to my home.

It's the same when it comes to cross-border e-commerce. It's much more convenient to search tmall global and place orders online for the same goods and prices than to go back home with human flesh. In this process, guide leaders can help you identify which are authentic and which are deceiving tourists.

When the guide changes the shopping guide, the cross-border e-commerce ecology is more human and the transaction efficiency is higher. Therefore, this mode can be operated continuously and daily.

Scale expansion


Sustainable operation is only the business model running through. Whether it can run on a large scale or not is the last step for the success of business innovation.

Large scale is not to invest a lot of money and resources to expand the scale. Innovation that requires money to grow is not called innovation.

Scale is a process of rolling forward like snowball in the process of continuous operation.

If the flight attendants and tour guides find it really interesting after a few months' stay. They can give full play to their knowledge and earn commissions. Can their peers be introduced to do it together?

When one thing can achieve win-win results, snowball will start to roll up, and scale is only a matter of time.

Summarize the process, Tmall International

Now, it's more like taking advantage of the situation. The tour guide leader and flight attendants may not have time to cooperate with tmall global on weekdays. With the outbreak and 618 nodes, the event-based marketing will increase the volume of this event. The continuous operation and large-scale expansion in the future will become natural.

Thinking about marketing in business logic is not necessarily a business innovation every time, but we should think in this direction when possible.

As a marketer, you are so proud to keep your marketing idea as a commercial product.

Trend: advertising under marketing


In the operation of the commercial brand, where the marketer is, what he should do and how to position himself.

Business innovation

Between commercial products and advertising exposure, it's a marketing event. Marketing event is the laboratory of business innovation, and advertising communication serves for marketing event.

Marketers take the next step forward from advertising, standing on the position of marketing events, making business innovation upward, advertising communication downward, and thinking about what marketing events to do, rather than advertising creativity.

Advertising serves marketing events, making information more concrete and the public more actionable. For example

Marketing events become three conditions for business innovation:

Incremental information: add more increments to a product or service. For example, the tour guide is for cross-border e-commerce; for example, the red envelope is for wechat payment.

Sustainable operation: marketing events can only be done once, marketing IP can be done many times, and business innovation can precipitate into daily operation.

Scale expansion: establish a win-win business mechanism, let it roll up like a snowball and grow itself.

The bigger ambition of marketing is to make business innovation with marketing innovation, so that creativity is no longer a short-term behavior, can stay and be used all the time.

Wish you success.

Article from: Yang bubad

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