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Xiaomi Bracelet 5 Experience: A little closer to perfection after a magnetic charge

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For millet Bracelet 5, it is not significant to summarize its comparison with millet Bracelet 4 or other horizontal Bracelet products. As the largest Bracelet Series in the world, millet Bracelet 5 may not face Bracelet products, but watches with large screen and strong endurance like Huawei GT2.

This kind of smart watch has no expansibility, and it is also called "large Bracelet" by many people. However, it has a long endurance, enough functions for general use, and at the same time, it also has the decorative nature of the watch. It has gradually become a force sandwiched between the bracelet and the high-end smart watch.


Now these three parties are basically stable. The bracelet is won by the smallest and cheapest price. The Qianyuan smart watch is full of shape and endurance point, and has enough functions. The high-end smart watch takes a further process and third-party app expansion route.

As a representative of Bracelet products, what upgrades has millet Bracelet 5 made?

Slightly larger screen, finally charging with magnet

It's a good thing that there is no big change for the bracelet, at least there is a stable expectation from the appearance. Millet Bracelet 5 as a whole is still the original round jade shape, as well as the bright polished black body.

In such a small shape, the upgrade of the screen is difficult to see through the naked eye. The screen of Xiaomi Bracelet 4 is 0.95 inch, and the screen of Xiaomi Bracelet 5 is upgraded to 1.1 inch, slightly increased, but it can only be seen when it is placed with the previous generation.


The other small upgrade of Xiaomi bracelet 5 is the screen's highest brightness a little brighter, and now it has reached 450 nits, although no official information on the brightness of Xiaomi bracelet 4 has been found, it is speculated that it should be around 400 nits.

Due to the high contrast, even the outdoor environment can be seen clearly after the brightness is adjusted, but the side effect of shortening the endurance is inevitable. Because there is no automatic brightness function, and the brightness adjustment is hidden deeply in the setting, in most cases, it is still used to keep a constant brightness. The fourth gear is slightly brighter in the room, and it can be used in the outdoor.


It's a pity to say that there are some anecdotal news before, saying that millet Bracelet 5 adopts a new comprehensive screen design, but in fact, this screen is still a long way from full front panel.

It's a pity, but it's true that the size adjustment is much more realistic than changing the full screen. First of all, the large-scale increase of the screen is bound to affect the endurance of the bracelet. For the bracelet, which is a product with limited volume and emphasis on endurance, it is impossible to take the screen increase as the highest priority upgrade.

In addition, if you want to make a full screen, the screen needs to be cut according to the shape of the front. For the bracelet with low cost and price, it may make the cost hold.

So there is no change in the tangled shape, the screen upgrade is not big, in fact, there is no need. Let's take a look at the parts that really improve the user experience.


Magnetic-suction charging this change to millet bracelet 5 experience can be said to improve the first work, before "the world bitter millet bracelet charge for a long time ," remove the wrist the wrist band buckle charging is like a school-time test, even once in half a month, but the disadvantage is a disadvantage, upset is upset.

After replacing the magnet, Xiaomi's bracelet can be charged without being removed. It can be charged directly through two contacts. Although the charging speed of Bracelet products is not fast, it takes a long time after filling, but it doesn't matter how long it takes to charge.

Familiar endurance, new vitality index


Xiaomi Bracelet 5, like the previous generation, supports 5 ATM level waterproof, that is, 50 meter waterproof. Support swimming records, in addition, many people do not take off their bracelets when bathing. I think it's not necessary to take a bath.

Not to mention the problem that water vapor may cause damage. I feel really uncomfortable after two baths. When I rub the shower gel, I always encounter the body. There is a very uncomfortable foreign body feeling. I'd better take it off when I take a bath.


After five days of use, the power of the bracelet dropped from 87% to 53%, which I am very satisfied with personally. This is also the case when automatic heart rate detection is turned on all day (frequency once per minute), full power is expected to be used for almost two weeks.

These days I have been wearing a bracelet to sleep, and finally used the long lost sleep monitoring function, which seems to be more accurate than before. In addition, the automatic heart rate monitoring is also on, and the heart rate status can be seen at a glance every day.

Xiaomi Bracelet 5 also supports remote control photographing function this time. This is a function I have always liked in Apple watch, which can simulate various scenes such as "he photographed" and "being secretly photographed" through remote control photographing.


However, the function of the bracelet is limited. You must start the camera function on the mobile phone before you can take pictures remotely. In addition, you can't preview and view photos on the bracelet, or switch the front and back camera.

Actually, the remote control photographing function of millet Bracelet 5 is quite ingenious. It uses the way of mapping volume key to act as the shutter. Many people who don't care about mobile phones may never know that volume key can also be used as the shutter.

The actual experience down, this kind of blind shooting is really a bit difficult, the user has photography experience requirements are high, or choose to use the front, probably can see themselves in the picture. In general, it adds a lot of playability, but this feature is also hidden in the menu.


I haven't mentioned the function of sports record yet, because I'm really a standard fat house. I don't like sports at all at ordinary times. The biggest happiness in summer is to blow air conditioner and happy water.

Although I am not the target group of sports health function, but this time Xiaomi bracelet 5 for sports recording function has been enhanced again, currently supported 11 sports records, added elliptical machine, rowing machine, yoga, rope skipping and other more indoor training items.

Like to go to the gym and think of watch as cumbersome, in fact, you can try a lighter and smaller bracelet. Data recording is very convenient and the burden on the arm is smaller.


I also noticed that millet bracelet has a function called Pai vitality index, which is a multi-dimensional comprehensive score based on heart rate, exercise frequency and personal physiological data. The full score is 100, and I only have poor points every day, only 12 points (seven days a scoring cycle) after nearly a week. You can see that the bracelet is very unhealthy for my lifestyle assessment.

I don't think it's really joking. Since the weight and age are getting higher, people are more likely to be lazy than before. A little bit of exercise will make them wet and gasp all over, and they are prone to be sleepy from time to time. They also feel that their energy is not as good as before.

But I don't think the bracelet will have a direct help to improve my lifestyle, just like it's useless to rely on external factors to promote weight loss. Only when your internal drive is strong enough can you make real changes.


But the PAI value can still be used as a reference. When I look at that poor value every day, I can't help but have some ideas that I want to change, which is also a kind of urge to myself.

Other upgrades of Xiaomi Bracelet 5 include: NFC function supports cloud flash payment, sensor accuracy upgrade, support for pressure monitoring, and the ability to replace more theme dials, etc.

At present, EVA dial has been added to the dial shop. In addition to nerv, there are theme dials of tomorrow fragrance and Ayanami. Of course, the first, second and zero dials are essential.


Besides the EVA, theme dials such as first tone future, Conan, SpongeBob, Beaver, Luo Xiaohe, my Emperor Wan sleep and so on have been on line, there are some dials look really good, I am now using the dial of the first dial.

In addition, the NFC version also supports the cloud pay function of the UnionPay, but the payment method should be less. More users may love WeChat and Alipay payments. Millet Bracelet 5 still does not support WeChat payment, but support Alipay two-dimensional code payment, but holding such a small bracelet to sweep others is still a little awkward feeling.

Cheap and long endurance are different from the happiness of smart watches

After a few months, take off my Apple Watch Seires 5, and wear millet bracelet 5, for a moment I have a feeling of liberation. Even if it is connected to iPhone use, Xiaomi bracelet simple function is enough to meet my daily needs. 189 yuan standard version and 229 yuan NFC version of the price is enough to let people buy back.


Although I can't pick up the phone with my watch and take a remote photo without real-time preview, the steady vibration notification meets my basic needs, and the two-week duration keeps me out of a charging line when I' m on a business trip, which is even an important reason I buy a 2 C1A charger.

Now I don't have to worry about whether the watch is bottoming out, whether there are scratches on the glass surface, and whether I covet the beauty of the Milanese strap and the price of flesh pain.

It seems that I gave up some things, but in fact I also got some other things. The happiness of smart bracelet is different from that of smart watch, but it is also very good.

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