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That's what you get? Xiaomi bracelet 5 hand experience: magnetic suction charging small love students = a single file exists

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On June 11,2020, Xiaomi released the latest smart wearable device through a live press conference, and we can see a lot of bright spots through the official publicity map, so I also got this Xiaomi bracelet 5 in the first time, so what are the highlights of this upgrade Xiaomi bracelet 5, come on, and then look down!



When we got the package, we used the black design on the outside, the black stripe design on the top, and the Arabic numeral 5 gradual change big words. There are magnetic absorption charging wires, the main body of the bracelet and instructions in the inner package. We can directly take the main body of the bracelet to see that the handle of the bracelet is as comfortable as ever, and the TPU material that is close to the skin is very delicate, millet hand The biggest part of the appearance of ring 5 upgrade is this screen, which has also been upgraded to1.1-inch AMOLED display1.1 inch is also the largest size of smart Bracelet screen so far.

Then there is only one home key on and off the whole machine, which need not be explained too much. The screen surface is protected by 2.5D scratch resistant glass panel, with streamlined crystal texture, both beautiful and durable. The backlight brightness of the screen rises again, up to 450 nit or moreThere are five levels of brightness adjustable, which can be clearly displayed outdoors.


The students who have used other bracelets know that charging is always a pain point. Every time you need to charge, you need to dismantle the case and charge it. After charging, you need to install it again. Sometimes you carelessly reverse the dial and have to dismantle it repeatedly

So what I like most about millet Bracelet 5 is the design of magnetic suction chargingWhen you need to charge, you only need to draw the magnetic charging port close to the bracelet. Through magnetic induction, it can firmly fix the contact on the back of the bracelet, which is absolutely invincible, at least at the price of 200 yuan!



One of the highlights of the upgrade is that this millet Bracelet 5 now supports hundreds of online themed dialsIt also includes 54 IP dialsThere are SpongeBob, new century evangelical warrior, first voice future, Conan and so on. It's very good for my selfie party, so I can change the theme every day!

What's more, there is the dynamic graphic display. This function is definitely a welfare existence for me. I will change a dial every other day or two. I feel that if I wear it for a long time without changing the dial, I will have visual fatigue. When I change the dial, I feel that I have bought a new bracelet. Do you have this feeling?


thenXiaomi Bracelet 5 also integrates Xiaoai studentsIn this way, you can use voice to check the weather to set the alarm clock or to control the smart home of MI family.


In addition,Millet Bracelet 5 also supports NFC functionIt not only supports brushing subway, bus and access control, but also adds UnionPay flash payment function, which is basically no different from NFC of mobile phone, but this functionYou need to wait until August to upgrade OTA before using it, start with NFC version of small partners can pay more attention to ah!

Millet Bracelet 5 has also added pressure monitoring, breathing training, Pai vitality index, women's health and other functions. In terms of sports, millet Bracelet 5 has also added 11 kinds of indoor sports support.



lastMillet Bracelet 5 also supports remote control of the camera's photographing functionIn this way, the next time you go out to take a big group photo, you don't have to bother others. Lift up your mobile phone to adjust the composition, and use millet Bracelet 5 to control the shutter.


Since 2014, Xiaomi bracelet has been a black horse in the intelligent wearable device market. At that time, with a low price of 79 yuan, it has set a million shipments and won the market's No. 1 position. From generation 1 to generation 4, the function of Xiaomi bracelet has become increasingly perfect. Only this year's Xiaomi Bracelet 5 came out, which undoubtedly makes Xiaomi Bracelet stronger and more perfect 。


New biosensors, magnetic suction charging, dynamic dial, voice interaction, smart home interconnection, NFC, sports mode, ancestral 14 day endurance, remote photography, etc. it can be said that millet Bracelet 5 has made so many improvements, but the price is still conscience.NFC version is still at 229 yuan without price increase, it's the most recommended one. What do you think?


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