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Taobao education "one yuan good lesson ", dare you buy?

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Taobao education hopes to solve the problem of high cost of teaching and training institutions.

Taobao can sell everything, including knowledge and courses.

"Taobao Education ", the predecessor of" Taobao students "want to be a" middleman "platform, one end of the integration of educational institutions, teachers, the other end of Taobao internal traffic. In 2015, after Taobao students changed their name to Taobao education, the key word connectivity, Taobao education is also emphasizing the other two words

Now it seems that Taobao is a step closer. On June 22, Taobao released the "100 million new students plan", which will help more than 1000 education and training institutions and knowledge Payment institutions acquire more than 100000 new students in the next three years. So when Taobao calls out the plan, it can't be regarded as a "formal March" into the field of education. It is based on the complete control of the consumption demand of 846 million monthly activities, to better solve the docking problem of education supply and demand. "It is intended to change the playing methods of this industry and make a different ecology with all businesses. "Said Huang Lei, general manager of Taobao Education Division.

How does Taobao do education?

Taobao from the organizational structure level also gives higher attention to education. Taobao Education Division was established in March, with the collection and calculation, Taobao industry, C2M、 content e-commerce and other departments parallel to Taobao Tmall President Jiang Fan report.

What does Taobao education want to do? At present, Taobao hopes to build the infrastructure of the education industry with the help of Alibaba ecological tools, such as Taobao live broadcast, cost-effective gathering, small programs, and recommendation algorithm capabilities. At the same time, it provides Taobao, Alipay, nail three terminal experience for teaching and training institutions.

When it comes to nails, nails are Alibaba's entry-level products in the field of industrial Internet. In addition to being active in the field of enterprise services, during the epidemic period, with 200 million primary and secondary school students taking classes at home, and riding the wave of educational informatization, nail supported 140000 schools across the country. Whether it's working adults or K12, nails bring together a large number of education needs. In the early days, Taobao and nail cooperated to test the new retail business. In the future, in the field of education, the combination of the two will provide online live broadcast, marketing and other support for educational institutions. At present, users can search Taobao education in Taobao and Alipay App, and enter the "Taobao education" applet, covering several vertical courses such as K12, adult education, hobbies and so on. This is linked to Alipay digital life platform transformation.


Taobao Education Support Educational Institutions Curriculum Staging, may be able to address consumer concerns about "running away" educational institutions Taobao

Before that, Taobao saw a large number of education supply and demand gathered on its own platform. Many education and training institutions are operating their own official stores, especially the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of the year brought a blowout to the online education industry. According to the official data, from January to may 2020, the search volume of education and training commodities on Taobao nearly doubled. During this period, the number of educational institutions settled in increased by 5000.

Taobao students from the beginning, Taobao has been trying to scatter on the platform of the organization collection and classification. Taking advantage of the enthusiasm of online education, Taobao platform posture to further in-depth understanding, but also with the teaching and training institutions to give more expectations. On the teaching and training side of the organization, Taobao is trying to solve the cost of customers rising, and offline institutional transformation difficulties. For example, Taobao Education Mini Programs allows users to directly complete the purchase to learn the entire process.


Taobao, New Oriental online flagship store

In addition to beauty make-up and snacks, Taobao's live broadcast room continued to show live selling classes. During this year's 618 period, the "education live broadcast" in Taobao's live broadcast lasted 1.9 million minutes. Live broadcast is also a new way for many educational institutions to gain customers. Before that, Taobao education actively cooperated with several "famous teachers tiantuan" to make a continuous live broadcast. Zhang Xiaolong, CEO of chalk Education (public examination field), made the shop visit increase by 40000 by calling out his own courses and books, and the number of fans increased by 8000. During the live broadcast, the number of paying buyers increased by 67% month on month.

Let people who love to buy clothes love to buy classes

According to the interface report, during the epidemic, the search data of the platform of thick Dafa test where Luo Xiang, the famous up Master of station B, was doubled six times in Taobao. After collecting this part of user data, Taobao recommended it for science popularization. From "guess what you like" to "guess what you want to learn", Taobao extends its algorithm ability to the field of education.

"Taobao education is not to build an education and training industry chain in Taobao from scratch, but to reorganize the supply and demand links around knowledge that have been formed behind 800 million consumers and tens of thousands of commodities. "Huang Lei explained that sharing the most timely and centralized curriculum retrieval needs and learning trends to educational institutions, and in turn providing courses to users, is to achieve reverse customization from the demand side to the production side. The acquisition and delivery process of the education industry may be changed and reconstructed.

Huang Lei's source of confidence is that users express a strong desire for knowledge acquisition while consuming. For example, you need to know how to play an instrument and buy an oven to learn more baking knowledge. During 618, the perfect diary uses makeup remover wipes with scientific skin cleaning class. The sales volume of makeup remover wipes exceeds 60000, bringing nearly 30000 people into the course.

So the educational product that Taobao Education wants to sell is not just a section of curriculum, but the "combination form" of commodity education curriculum. Wake yoga in taobao education Mini Programs told the media that yoga categories are willing to cooperate with taobao education, hoping to create more intersection with physical goods on the platform.

Taobao education or continue to follow the advantages of the platform to solve the e-commerce curriculum and offline education online. How to ensure the traffic platform is criticized teaching services is unknown. But most educational institutions still use it as a flow depression, further reducing the cost of customers. For example, teaching and training institutions in the "Taobao Education" Mini Programs is mostly low-cost courses as a "hook ", the new Oriental courses up to no more than 199 yuan, Shanghai-Jiang network school as low as 1 yuan of courses accounted for half. Even the Mini Programs main page has two columns of "One Good Lesson" and "Free Class" tab attract users.


"We hope to release the business value of the traffic settled here to the training institutions. "If we can label the learning needs, growth needs and knowledge needs of 800 million users, and connect these needs with the supply and demand of education and training institutions (knowledge Payment institutions), it will increase the education and training industry," Huang said. In other words, Taobao education hopes to help education and training institutions re understand the needs and precise positioning of users. The key lies in their ability to excavate scenarios for users to purchase educational products and what kind of infrastructure they can build.

"A lot of times, we say that shopping for Taobao is cutting hands, and shopping for Taobao is resting. I hope someday people say that shopping for Taobao is learning. "Said Huang Lei.

Photo source: Vision China, Taobao

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