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Most people don't know that the hole at the bottom of the original mobile phone also has this function

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Nowadays, mobile phones have become the necessities of our daily work and life. It can be said that we can't look up without looking down. So the question is, are you really familiar with the appearance design of your mobile phone? I don't know if you have found that no matter what brand your mobile phone is, there will be some small holes on the top of the phone, some at the bottom of the phone, some at the top or back of the phone.


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If it's just a simple decoration, it's obviously not necessary, so what's the role of these holes? Why do they have to exist?

These holes are not "reset keys"

Generally, these "holes" at the bottom of the mobile phone will be close to the headphone interface, SIM card slot, etc. we know that there are many laptops on the market with the reset key function. If the computer crashes or the system fails, use a pin to poke the reset key, and the computer will return to the factory settings.

What is the "pinhole" next to the headphone connector

But mobile phones are different. Many users mistakenly use these "holes" as reset keys when they are not clear. Some people even don't use them as card slots When you use the card pin, Congratulations, you may have to change your mobile phone again!

The mobile phone itself is a communication tool, and these holes have the most important relationship with our daily phone calls. They are "noise reduction microphone", which is mainly used to reduce noise. This technology is calledDual mic noise reduction technology, which uses two microphones to reduce environmental noise.

In general, mobile phones have two mic holes. Among them, the bottom is used to collect the user's voice, while the top is responsible for dealing with the surrounding environmental noise.

Specifically, the earpiece is on the top of the mobile phone and the microphone is on the bottom of the mobile phone. The sound decibels received by the two adjacent microphones are different, usually 6 dB apart. At this time, the system will screen out the part of the ambient sound collected by the two mics, which is close to the decibel, and determine it as noise. Releasing the opposite sound wave as compensation effectively cancels out this part of the sound, and finally only outputs pure human voice.

With these two mic holes, we don't need to worry about the quality of calls even if we are talking in a noisy environment.

Methods of daily maintenance and cleaning

If your work environment is dusty, your mobile phone needs to be cleaned up frequently. If there is too much dust blocking the small hole, the transmitted sound will be very noisy, and the quality of the call can not be guaranteed.

In addition, you can choose to use toothpick double-sided glue method cleaning. First, remove the tip at both ends of the toothpick, and wrap a small strip of double-sided glue around one end. Second, use the wrapped end to remove the dust from the noise reduction.

By contrast, it's obviously more convenient and safer to clean with a toothbrush, but if you have "obsessive-compulsive disorder", it's recommended that you find a professional to clean your mobile phone.

Write at the end

To know the meaning of every design on the mobile phone, just like these "holes", it seems that they are not eye-catching, but they play a very important role. If there are problems in your mobile phone's daily calls, voice, etc., and the system level faults are eliminated, the noise reduction microphone of your mobile phone will inevitably be damaged.

Now you know the importance of these "holes" in mobile phones, so daily maintenance is very important, especially don't treat them as "reset key" or "card slot", after all, it's not worth the money to repair them. Finally, do you have the habit of cleaning your mobile phones? Share your cleaning tips~

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