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After the total ban, the United States announced the arrest of Fujian Jinhua General Manager Chen Zhengkun!

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According to Bloomberg on June 26, San francisco court issued an arrest warrant on june 24, local time, suspected of stealing the u.s. storage plant meiguang DRAM technology and trade secrets three suspects on the wanted list, one is fujian jinhua general manager chen zhengkun, the other two are from the meiguang job-hopping joint electric engineers he jianting and wang yongming.


On November 2,2018, the United States Department of Justice announced

A federal district judge in San Francisco issued an arrest warrant for the three after they failed to testify in a three minute hearing last Wednesday.


△ Chen Zhengkun

Assistant prosecutor Laura Vartain Horn Horne said she had asked the judge for an arrest warrant after hearing with the defendant's lawyer last Monday that the three defendants would not appear.

Calvin Lee, a white-collar criminal defense lawyer, said there could be political pressure to take action and win in the case, as the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it would define the case as a special proceeding under the special initiative.

Against this background, Chen Zhengkun, He Jianting and Wang Yongming all lack the possibility of appearing in court, while legal experts say neither mainland China nor Taiwan has signed extradition treaties with the United States because they are residents of Taiwan, China.

Preston L. Pugh, a former prosecutor, said that even if the U.S. can't get three people to appear in U.S. courts, the defendants can't do nothing, and the U.S. Department of justice may also ask Taiwan authorities to extradite the three.

Given Taiwan's pro american style, it is possible to cooperate with the US government in extradition.

But, uh,From the current situation, if Chen Zhengkun and other three people are in Chinese mainland at present, they will not be extradition to the United States as long as they have the right of abode. But if you go back to Taiwan, or to a country that has an extradition treaty with the United States, you may be extradited.

In addition, it is worth noting that in September 2017, the Taichung local prosecutor's office sued he Jianting and Wang Yongming, as well as the three persons who are the associate of united power, Rong Letian and united power for violating the business secrets law. After two years and nine months of trial, in June this year, the Taiwan regional court announced the judgment result on the case of connected phone involving Meguiar business secrets. He Jianting was sentenced to five years and six months with a fine of 5 million new Taiwan dollars; Wang Yongming was sentenced to four years and six months with a fine of 4 million new Taiwan dollars; Rong Letian, the associate manager of connected phone, was sentenced to six years and six months with a fine of 6 million new Taiwan dollars; connected phone was sentenced to a fine of 100 million new Taiwan dollars, but it can still appeal to intellectual property Court of rights.

Both cases are closely related to the cooperation between Lian Dian and Jinhua in Fujian.

In February 2016, Fujian electronic information group and Jinjiang Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. jointly funded and established DRAM chip manufacturing enterprise Fujian Jinhua electronics through technical cooperation with united power. Specifically, Fujian Jinhua invested and entrusted liandian to develop DRAM related technologies. According to the public information, Jinhua has provided us $300 million for the purchase of R & D equipment, and has successively paid US $400 million for liandian according to the progress. The developed technical achievements are jointly owned by both parties. After the completion of the overall technology, they will be transferred to Jinhua for mass production.

In February 2017, Chen Zhengkun, senior deputy general manager of United Power, became general manager of Jinhua Integration. Chen Zhengkun was the general manager of Ruijing Electronics in the acquisition of Meiguang Company.

In September 2017, Meguiar sued UnionPay in Taiwan, alleging that employees who jumped from Meguiar to UnionPay stole the business secrets of Meguiar's DRAM, suspected of leaking Meguiar's DRAM technology to UnionPay, and helped UnionPay develop 32nm DRAM.

In December 2017, Meguiar sued Jinhua and liandian in the federal court of California, claiming that liandian stole its intellectual property rights, including key technologies of memory chips, through employees in Meguiar's Taiwan region, and delivered them to Jinhua, Fujian Province.

On January 19, 2018, Jinhua filed a lawsuit against Meguiar for infringement of a series of products sold by Meguiar in China, and filed a petition with Fuzhou intermediate people's Court on the same day, requesting Meguiar to immediately stop the infringement of Jinhua patent, and the amount of compensation claimed reached RMB 196 million.

On July 3, 2018, Fuzhou intermediate people's court ruled that Meguiar semiconductor sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. immediately stopped selling and importing more than ten pieces of crieal yingruida solid-state drives, memory modules and related chips, and deleted the advertising, purchase links and other information about the above products on its website. At the same time, it ruled that Meguiar semiconductor (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. immediately stopped manufacturing, selling and importing several memory module products.

On 19 October 2018, Chen Zhengkun, General Manager of Jinhua Integration, entered the country from Taoyuan Airport and received a message from Taiwan

On October 30,2018(October 29, U.S. time), the U.S. Department of Commerce, citing national security reasons, announced that it would implement export controls on Jinhua Integration as of October 30, and be included in the U.S. export controls

On October 31,2018, the company announced that it had received a copy of the

On November 1, 2018, the U.S. federal prosecutor's office of the Northern District of California sued Jin Huaji and liandian for conspiring to steal Meguiar's business secrets in criminal proceedings. In the indictment, it was pointed out that three Taiwanese men involved in the case were Chen Zhengkun, he Jianting and Wang Yongming Yungming), all three of whom have worked in Meguiar, and are suspected of stealing Meguiar technology when they are transferred to Lianyungang.

For America

In the late night of November 9, 2018, liandian, which cooperates with Fujian Jinhua, also issued a statement denying the relevant allegations, saying that liandian had accumulated nearly 15 years of experience in manufacturing DRAM products.


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