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People just got off the plane in the United States, with $6.6 billion in empty hands! Jia Yueting looked at all the experts

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Two days ago the electric state WeChat public number pushed a "miserable even can not pay the electricity bill !" I decided to give him a sequel, after 50 new powers with unlimited scenery and less than cooled more than half in less than two years


■ Sai Lin (Wang Xiaolin)

The first of course to give Wang Xiaolin Wang card face, this car-making

Take a look at what the press release said:


Well, this punch, the Prius, the leaf kick all show me silly, there is a third-rate star to rub the smell of the Oscar red carpet. Then, with the aura of the Prius and the Leaf, Wang lied to the Americans, saying


If boss Wang can cut capitalist leeks to give Chinese people coupons like Ruisuke's coffee, I will praise him

It's Pang's turn to shine, that's, uh, the guy with the hydro cars,


Please allow me to be wise afterwards. You can have a look at the combination of Pang Qingnian and Wang Xiaolin. My mother is so creepy that she has pulled up Jia Yueting and removed all the local governments. Even if I have a little bit of the underworld BGM, I feel that I can play "secret corner 2".

I also accidentally found that sailin had talked with the Ordos government about cooperation, which made my scalp numb. As an inner Mongolian who studied vehicle engineering, if the factory had been lost, I would have been in the fire in order to serve my hometown. I'm afraid that I would not be in the ranks of people who ask for salary and protect rights and bite my fingers! Thank you, boss Wang, for not killing them. I also want to thank the Erdos government for their insight into pigs. Finally, of course, we have to thank Dianbang for its delicious food.


In July 2019, after the Rugao government's money arrived, Mr. Wang smashed hundreds of millions of dollars in the Bird's Nest to run a super-circle press conference on the stage.


▲ Wang Xiaolin and Media Man on Weibo

Boss Wang once again attracted everyone's attention. In June this year, he was reported and embezzled state-owned assets by his own legal affairs department and was suspected of improper related party transactions and interest transfer. What is the specific matter?Boss Wang made a price of 1.1 billion yuan with Maimai's technology and 5.5 billion yuan with the technology of three virtual SUVs, and became the largest shareholder as a technology investment.That is to say, the state-owned assets have really made money, but boss Wang has become the largest shareholder with a pile of illusory things. In this regard, I can only say that knowledge is power and technology is priceless.

As for the


Then boss Wang sent an internal email to respond to this matter, I give you a summary, the logic of the whole email is like this: this is false accusation!

There seemed to be nothing wrong with the response, but Mr. Wang was at two o'clock, one is coming


The other is that he said that because of the epidemic situation, he had bought a lot of air tickets and couldn't go back home. This is really a thank you invitation. He had just got off the plane in the United States and earned several billion yuan a year. Jia Yueting called himself a professional. Compared with the gambling king of Changzhou next door, the more frustrated and braver the car maker Li Xiang, boss Wang's keyboard man's behavior is really not enough for men.

On June 23, a seal up notice was pasted directly on sailin's face, and the glue behind his back was photographed by netizens and posted to the Internet.


In the early morning of June 30, Nantong Jiahe, a state-owned shareholder, couldn't stand up to boss Wang's operation. He stood up and issued a letter of notification, denouncing boss Wang for running away. Then he also gave a comfort to the employees who left the company, saying that it would use its own funds to settle the social security, provident fund and personal income tax of employees who had completed the resignation procedures by June 30. The notice was also posted next to the seizure notice.


Boss Wang responded very quickly this time, around 9 am Beijing time June 30, boss Wang issued an internal letter to complain, said

On July 1st, things got worse, a letter was full



At present, both sides hold their own opinions. Before the judicial investigation results come out, we don't know which is right or wrong. However, boss Wang's operation in recent years has been too confusing, leading most people to think that he is a professional swindler, and Jia Yueting can only be ranked second. Therefore, I suggest that Mr. Wang make more efforts. You can see that Jia Yueting is out of the circle alone in the whole industry, and he likes microblogging hot search. You have to work harder.

On July 2, Nantong Jiahe was really angry and reported the case directly. The public security organ said that it had accepted the case and launched an investigation.


However, no matter what the facts are, it is always those employees who are injured. Perhaps for boss Wang and Rugao government, the collapse of sailin car is just a feather landing, but to the employees, it is like a mountain falling down. Therefore, we also hope that the relevant departments can investigate as soon as possible and give justice to the employees.

■ Baiten

If boss wang's car-making road is full of children's play and money taste of money fraud, then the following two bosses can be described as conscientious car-making, serious research and development, but unfortunately bad life (not enough money) still love to do. Let's take a look at the two founders of Baiten

These two are not Internet car makers. They have been working in traditional car companies for many years with outstanding achievements. Daley was the lever of BMW China in those years, and later he took the hand to revitalize Infiniti. Bifukang is the head of BMW I8 and I3 projects.


The board chairman of byton, Mr. Bi Fukang (right), and Mr. Dai Lei, CEO (left)

Behind the management more, one is because of the old godmother advertising was cheated, from overbearing president to silly white sweet


And then they're talking


As the son-in-law of Nanjing, Dai Lei obtained the Nanjing municipal government from local materials. In August 2017, he received a total of 240 million US dollars of investment and land preferential policies from Nanjing municipal government, Suning and Fengsheng holding.

In June 2018, byton met FAW, who did not know whether it was a blessing or a disaster. FAW, together with Ningde times, and other companies, gave byton a $500 million round of b-round financing, and then baiton formally signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with FAW. But judging from the results, FAW really doesn't know whether it's the antidote or the poison. We'll talk about it later.

As for the products, compared with boss Wang and his Mai Mai Mai, the beiteng m-byte produced by these two companies is really decent. However, Maimai has been selling and is still running on the road, but m-byte has been staying at the auto show stand.


Bi Fukang left Baiteng for Iconnik in April 2019 and went to Jia Yueting's FF in Septembe


Of course, FAW brings more than just the bitter fruit

Different from Bifukang, Daley has been guarding Byron all the time. In September 2019, he also brought the Byron m-byte to the Frankfurt Motor Show; in October, the first byton m-byte was officially put off the production line in Nanjing factory, but it still failed to mass produce.


■ beiteng Nanjing factory

We all know the story of 2020. On June 29, according to the domestic media future auto daily, Daley decided to suspend business operations in mainland China from July 1. During the shutdown period, most of the employees in China will be waiting for work, and only a small number of employees will stay on duty to maintain the most basic functions of the company.

In addition, byton's offices in North America and Germany have started bankruptcy application procedures in accordance with local laws. More than 10 people have been retained in the offices in North America and Germany respectively, which is completely cool. During this period, there was also news that Geely was going to buy Byron, which scared Geely vice president Yang Xueliang to refute the rumors on Weibo, saying that there was no such thing.


Looking back on Baiten's car-making, I do n' t know if it's used

State review

If we say that boss Wang and his sailin are jumping around and bumping on porcelain, and they are full of unreliable breath from head to foot, Dai Lei and Byron are simply low-key and reliable with connotation, but the onlookers never look at the results and don't look at the process. Undoubtedly, Jia Yueting, Wang Xiaolin and Dai Lei are all losers on the road of car building, but I can't scold Jia Yueting and Wang Xiaolin as cheaters, but I can't scold Dai Lei exit. From his experience and behavior, he really wants to build a car, but there are too many obstacles on this road.

But the capitalists never need us to sympathize and feel distressed. I have also tasted Daley's melon of flying first class and staying in luxury hotels during the difficult period of Byron. What is really worth our voice is always those employees who have no names behind them. They may have no dream of building cars, subverting the industry and changing the world. They just want to earn a living, but they end up with no pay and forced to leave.


Finally, I hope that every new force that makes cars seriously and every employee who works hard on his post can be treated with tenderness by the world.

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