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Behind the report of Gree's "fraud" by the United States

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Wenji Commercial, Zhu Zhu, Editor Yang Ming


The number of targets is not large ,400 million, Gree won 30%, the United States won 70%. According to this calculation, Gree also won 120 million, this income for Gree, irrelevant. But for Dong Mingzhu, who has been reporting his colleagues publicly, it is obviously a

Therefore, in the statement issued in the early morning of July 4, Gree said that it was a material sorting error in the application process, and it was not an act of false standard technical parameters and energy efficiency parameters for the purpose of winning the bid. At the same time, he said that malicious slander on the Internet was committed by a certain peer enterprise in Guangdong Province, and it will reserve the right to investigate its legal responsibility.

Who is the malicious slander of peer enterprises? Gree didn't call.

According to First Finance, Gree Electric in the statement mentioned in the Guangdong so-so peer enterprises, implied that the United States group

In response, US officials said on July 4,

At present, whether Gree is really false, and whether it is really reported by the United States, so far there are still many questions. However, for Gree and the United States, as China and even the world's two largest white-power giants, they have been fighting for more than a decade, from the to the dark

13 years of enmity and resentment, endless litigation

So far,

In the view of more home appliance researchers,If true as the media said, is the United States behind the report Gree, this is in fact a surprise, unexpected thing. And, it's beautiful

Incomplete statistics show that since 2007, the two sides have launched more than 10 mutual lawsuits on technical patents and trademarks, focusing on intellectual property infringement, with a cumulative claim amount of nearly 100 million yuan, and each side has won or lost.

In 2007, the United States in the product promotion refers to Gree and other peer air conditioning products copper-aluminum connection pipe is

In 2012, Gree sued Midea for violating it

In 2017, Gree sued Midea air conditioner for infringement of its new patent right and claimed 50 million yuan. Since then, Midea has launched four counterclaims against gree in Guangzhou, Suzhou and other places, with a cumulative claim of more than 50 million yuan.

In June 2018, U.S. air conditioners attacked Gree air conditioners

At the end of 2018, the people's Court of Chancheng District of Foshan City drew a rest for the lawsuit war, and ordered: Gree air conditioning immediately stopped using in the process of product publicity

In addition to the lawsuit, as the leader of Gree, Dong Mingzhu's personal battle, she never let go of any chance to express anger, the evaluation of beauty from the

In December 2014, Xiaomi 1.266 billion yuan into Midea, and become the seventh largest shareholder in the United States. Dong Mingzhu was furious at the annual meeting of Chinese entrepreneurs leaders:

Last December, Dong Mingzhu repeated the old story, still without any hesitation to point out

Facing Dong Mingzhu

In January 2016, Chen Jin, assistant director of Gree electrical standards management department, reported the academic fraud of the United States in real name, and then Li Meng, an internal engineer of the United States, also used his real name report to fight back, claiming that there were several key data fraud of Gree Electric in 2011 National Science and technology progress award. Soon, the conflict came to court, and Gree and Midea sued each other.

Even, whether the performance disclosed by both parties is in compliance has become a factor of competition. In February last year, Dong Mingzhu and Fang Hongbo disclosed their company's performance figures on different occasions. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange first sent a letter to Dong Mingzhu to warn him. However, Liu Shuwei, the sole director of Gree, raised a heated debate. Finally, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange chose to level a bowl of water and hit 50 boards each.

Interestingly, the two sides almost had a time to report it togethe

This makes the industry uproar: originally, Dong Mingzhu is not acting alone, but has been plotting for a long time. There are partners and accomplices. He wants to make oaks die.

The net profit of performance alternates with each other, and it is difficult to distinguish the winner from the loser

Both Gree and Midea are located in Guangdong. The former is located in Zhuhai, while the latter is located in Foshan. The distance between the two companies is more than 100 kilometers. They are called the representatives of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in their respective fields.

The year of 2007, when the two sides put their gratitude and resentment on the table, was the time when the performance of both sides was infinitely close. Previously, in 2005, Midea's revenue increased to 21.313 billion yuan, with a net profit of 697 million yuan. In this year, Midea surpassed gree in both revenue and net profit for the first time. The latter's revenue and net profit were 19.962 billion yuan and 675 million yuan respectively.

In the 15 years since then, the two sides have been catching up with each other in close combat, and their performance and net profit positions have alternated for many times, but it is difficult to tell the real winner or loser.

In 2008, affected by the global economic environment, Gree net profit anti-super-American, he Hengjian in order to let the United States back to the dominant position, decided to power frequency conversion air conditioning.

Prior to this, the domestic market only Hisense air-conditioning main frequency conversion air-conditioning, and Gree and the United States are constant speed air conditioning. But in 2009, Midea sold 1.2 million variable-frequency air conditioners in the domestic market, and learned that Gree made a similar slogan

On August 29, 2010, Midea announced in the first half of its financial report that for the first time, the revenue from air conditioning and parts exceeded Gree Electric, which has been the number one for 10 years.

But Gree made a strategic mistake at this time, the frequency conversion air-conditioning technology R & D investment is insufficient, the new product market lag, missed the market opportunity, and encountered one after anothe

Dong Mingzhu had to stand up and yell: a series of events were manipulated by a certain enterprise behind the scenes, in order to make herself the first in the industry. And this enterprise is widely interpreted as beautiful by the media.

In 2012, Dong Mingzhu and Fang Hongbo took over the posts of chairman of Gree and Meili respectively, and formally fought against each other on the same stage. According to wind data, Gree achieved a revenue of 120.043 billion yuan in 2013, and Midea Group's revenue was 121.265 billion yuan.

At that time, Gree and the United States revenue gap is only more than 1 billion yuan, watching Gree will surpass the United States, won the first place in Chinese home appliances enterprises. It was in that year that Dong Mingzhu put forward Gree

After that, however, Gree's revenue never surpassed the United States. Although revenue and total market value are slightly inferior to the United States, Gree has a proud

Gross profit rate is the core index to measure the business profitability of an enterprise. In 2015, Midea surpassed Gree again in terms of revenue and net profit. According to the data of Gree's annual report, its operating revenue was 97.745 billion yuan, down 29.04% year-on-year, and its net profit was 12.532 billion yuan, down 11.46% year-on-year. Revenue and net profit both declined, the first time Gree has been listed in 20 years.

In this year, Midea's revenue was 138.441 billion yuan, higher than Gree's 97.745 billion yuan; net profit was 12.706 billion yuan, higher than Gree's 12.532 billion yuan.

America's advantage did not last long. In 2016, according to the data of the two annual reports, Gree returned to its dominant position with a net profit of 15.463 billion yuan. But in terms of revenue, Midea continues to surpass Gree.


At this point, another air-conditioning company is quietly rising in the way of online e-commerce sales

This ranking is also an important trigger for Gree to tear up oaks. However, Gree and Midea seem to have found a common enemy in 2019, and the war has temporarily stopped, and even nearly joined hands to report Oakes.

By 2020, it will be a struggle for beauty and Gree

At the same time, on January 7 this year, Gree's total market value of 405 billion yuan, after that day exceeded the United States market value of 2.2 billion yuan, and quickly fell behind the United States

Interest is eternal. Sure enough, with Gree

An aircraft carrier can't compete with a fleet?

At present, in terms of central air conditioning, Gree and the United States is the leading industry, according to the data of different institutions, both sides claim to be the first in the industry.

For example, the 618 day Gree live sales reached 10.269 billion yuan, more than Dong Mingzhu previously created 6.54 billion yuan live with goods record. Midea claims total sales of more than 12.5 billion yuan, won the smart home sales champion, up 53% year-on-yea

The above data are hard to tell. However, Gree and Meimei, in the industry's view is completely two different types of enterprises.

The air-conditioning business is Gree's aircraft carrier to achieve the ultimate goal of a single category and maintain high-speed growth. Compared with Gree air conditioner, Midea has achieved success in more business areas. The revenue of refrigerators, washing machines and various small household appliances ranks first in the industry. It even acquired German robot manufacturing giant KUKA.

This is exactly the problem of Gree. Up to now, Gree still only has the air conditioning card. In 2019, Gree still takes air conditioning as its main core product. The annual operating income of air conditioning products is 138665 billion yuan, accounting for 69.99% of the total operating income of the company.


At the same time, according to industry online statistics, although Gree air conditioning sales have always been in the leading position, but the gap between the United States air conditioning sales and Gree has gradually narrowed in recent years. In 2019, Gree sold 46.5 million units a year, down from the previous year, while U.S. air-conditioning sales rose to 42.51 million from the previous year.

At present, the air conditioning industry is in a downward state is inevitable. It may also be that, once insisted

But Gree's real problem is that diversity has never been done. From the establishment of Dasong life appliances in 2013, the main push small household appliances products, to 2014 Gree Electric clearly proposed

The reason is that many industry insiders point out that Gree is involved in the field of heavy investment, long cycle, high risk industry, and Gree diversified layout lack of logic, layout is affected by hot events, rather than the result of prudent argumentation.

By contrast, Midea's revenue structure is obviously healthier. The revenue of HVAC, consumer electronics, robotics and automation systems will be 119.6 billion, 109.5 billion and 25.2 billion respectively in 2019. The track of the secondary and tertiary industries is full of wings, and there is more room for imagination in the future.

So, when the air-conditioning industry is in a downward state, when diversification has not improved, even if Dong Mingzhu has a high profile and only one carrier Gree, what will it use to compete with the US fleet in the future?

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