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What did the Internet look like 20 years ago? Aftertaste of the green years of the Internet

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For the younger generation, they are born under a mature Internet package. If the memory of ten years ago, still stay in the hazy Baidu and Taobao, then twenty years ago, for them is completely blank. In 2017, a web designer from the Czech Republic developed the site, retaining the last-century screenshots of major sites in a time-line fashion, and creating the site

Web Design Museum: https://www.webdesignmuseum.org/

. Google


Google in 1998

1998 is the Internet fever, a large number of Internet users search for information, and the search engine known as the Google, soon became the best choice. Different from the present, people's cognition of the Internet is still far from deep, and even many operations need to be popularized. So you'll see a lot of guiding language on the site of that era. At the same time, I

And this function is the prototype of modern network artificial intelligence, unlike the traditional input keyword to get a string of search results, I.


Evolution history of Google home page



Taobao in 2003

Compared to the Google,TAOBAO across the ocean, it is more familiar to thousands of Chinese. Even though we're in the 21st century, when we look back at the first Taobao in 2003, Taobao in 2003

As the largest e-commerce platform in China, Taobao naturally experienced the development process from small to large. In its first version, you can see a lot of bootstrap text,

With the continuous recognition of online shopping and the increasingly stable status of Taobao in the world, Taobao has become more and more like a comprehensive trading platform. I don't need to tell you how to do it! Just help you find the goods you need more quickly!


Evolution history of Taobao Homepage

3. Hao123


Hao123 in 2003

hao123 has always been a god-like existence in the development of China's Internet. Although there were already some professional search engines such as Baidu and Google, a large number of Chinese netizens did not know how many interesting websites to access. hao123 is aimed at this opportunity, its web design is very simple, not even the idea of how brilliant, but at a specific time in a specific way to solve the needs of the public netizens. And it is these seemingly ordinary

Although in the later stage, with the rapid intervention of search engines, portal sites, browsers and so on, the market space of hao123 was quickly eroded. But today, it can still maintain an average of 8 million PV views per week and an average of 4 million IP visits per day (data from Alexa ranking), which is a miracle!


hao1234. Microsoft 2020


Microsoft in 1996

Compared with other foreign websites, Microsoft has always had a high status in the hearts of Chinese users. It is also because of the great influence of its operating system in the world that Microsoft's web pages rarely pursue the so-called trend, just integrate the style of their own software. In this set of design drawings, we can clearly see Win95 style in 1996, Win2K style in 2000, Luna style in 2002 (WinXP), windows live style in 2010, modern UI (win10) in 2016, and fluent style (win10) in 2020. In fact, these are also affecting the entire design field, which may be the charm of the leader!


Evolution of Microsoft's Home Page

5. Adobe


Adobe in 1996

As a leader in the design field, Adobe website has a strong design flavor. Even in 1996 of the last century, we can see many design elements different from other companies. Like Microsoft, Adobe also integrates the latest version of its product UI into its own web design as much as possible. Just as its product line has changed from shallow to deep, Adobe's website design is also changing at the same time, which also shows the change trend of design field in the past 20 years.


Evolution of the Adobe home page (moving picture)

6. Yahoo


Yahoo in 1994

For the vast majority of Chinese, the name Yahoo( Yahoo) does not stand out. Perhaps only in the occasional foreign reports, only to listen to one ear. But if we return to 20 years ago, its status is actually like the domestic NetEase like a day. But that's the kind of Internet

As the Internet and web technology continues to develop, Yahoo business is slowly expanding to search, mall, mailbox, instant messaging


Evolution history of Yahoo Homepage

7. other websites

Except for the ones described above


TAOBAO's biggest rival


Another big deal


The legendary


Here comes McDonald's corn! Well, the painting style of 1996 is quite pleasant


Space-x, space-x, should know it


NOKIA, once made up the first mobile phone is it!


Lego is always full of children's interest

Write at the end

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of this website Museum. In addition, the author has carefully designed several groups of title categories, such as gallery, timeline, flash animation, old software, web design history, etc. Readers can also browse the website content with the help of browsing, search, industry, style tags (such as minimalist, retro, collage, decoration, etc.).

If you want to see the online world 20 years ago, come here.

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