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New battlefield of Ali, pinduoduo and Jingdong: Fruit Farm

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By Zhu Yingli

Source: e-commerce online (ID: dianshangmj)

Quietly, the small game of watering and receiving free fruit has become the standard configuration of e-commerce giants.



For the home page of the app, the resource position conveys the company's intention, either strategic focus and core advantages, or the short board business that is forced to promote, or reflects the preference of the target consumer groups.

For example, on Taobao App,


A few minutes till 12:00 p. M., Wang Lei

From last year's New Year's Festival, she opened Taobao every day App, from the home page

In this way, she can get a box of fruit as soon as possible for a month and a half.

Yunnan mandarin 2.5 jin, Xu Xiang monkey peach 12, Vietnam jade Mang 3 jin, Yellow River honeydew melon 3 jin, this is her last half a year's results, the price is to open every day app, she felt


Media practitioner Zhang Chao, who chose pinduoduo as a test site, played around and received the first fruit for nearly half a year.

A user JD.P playing with JingDong

No matter which platform, time is a necessary condition for receiving free fruits. From one month to half a year, the rules of the platform are similar. Check in, browse, shop and share can be exchanged for water drop / fertilizer. The water drop / chemical fertilizer irrigates the growth of fruit trees, and finally the fruit trees mature and harvest fruits.

This series of figurative games ultimately points to the same set of logic that you browse, buy, and share for the platform

Tmall Barba Farm Squares told E-commerce Online that these

The logic of pinduoduo is similar. A fruit supplier told ecommerce online that pinduoduo also produces at least 100000 pieces of fruit from the orchard every day. In other words, the monthly investment is more than 40 million.

Is it worth it?

From the function of pinduoduo, tmall, Jingdong and meituan online one after another, it is obvious that the input-output ratio is high.

Baba farm's sophomore made an account for "e-commerce online". Tens of millions of active users come in every day. In addition to the activity and retention rate itself, the exchange rate of the voucher and red envelope issued by the farm is as high as 60-70%. New consumption is generated. The principle is like a few yuan consumption voucher to pry the whole consumer market.

Promoting activity and stimulating consumption is a common demand of the platform, but Tmall, JingDong, pinduoduo and familiar to consumers and fruit vendors

Compare the three game interfaces, Tmall and JingDong

For tmall users, if you want fruit trees to grow quickly, you need to browse and buy goods. Besides browsing and shopping, Jingdong also has the appeal to let you download Jingdong finance. Pinduoduo packs all the watching videos, watching live broadcast and buying train tickets, and involves more game links, including lottery, opening treasure boxes, etc.

Different users are wary of only guarding their favorite platform.

Wang Lei is a typical user of tmall. She is female, has strong consumption power, lives in the third tier cities, has a lot of leisure time, and has a good opinion of cost performance and cheap goods.

Her way of growing fruit trees is to water the fruit trees every day with restraint, to do tasks, but to draw little help. After she successfully received the fruit, she felt very magical and began to bring her relatives and sisters around to play. However, it was not necessarily new customers that drove her. Most of them were original users of tmall. What she strengthened was loyalty to the platform itself.

As a

For merchants,

As one of the fruit suppliers of Baba farm, adventure shop in Xinjiang, as the leading enterprise in the fruit supply chain of Gansu Province, supplies fruits from China Resources and Yonghui supermarkets, and has a large number of orders exported to Central Asia and Russia. Affected by the epidemic this year, they opened a flagship store in tmall and became a fruit supplier to the farm in June.


Li Ying, the head of e-commerce, told e-commerce online that the prerequisite for cooperation with the platform is their fruit quality, supply chain capability and a certain sales target.

Li Ying agrees with the incentives, and she feels that, on the one hand, continued supply to farms has widened their sales channels,

On the other hand, she believes that this is the official use of game oriented way to guide them. Although it is equivalent to their performance, it will have a certain incentive effect, which is a sense of binding cooperation.

Different from tmall's KPI, it is more relaxed in pinduoduo. Businesses use the farm as a channel to clear inventory.

Tao Miao


He said the threshold for becoming a supplier is not very high, as long as the price is low, can guarantee delivery,

The only thing you need is a grade,

Although some of the sales have been resolved, Tao Miao does not approve of the platform's laissez-faire approach,

He gave an extreme example of his peers

With years of accumulation in the fruit industry, Tao Miao has a price advantage, and his storage, packaging and delivery are all passable. In the past few months, he has achieved almost the same share of sales as offline in pinduoduo. But unfortunately, most of his fruit sales are still supplied to Duoduo orchard, and his business is hard to get up.

Compared with tmall and pinduoduo, Jingdong's fruit supply seems to be in a more blank stage.

As far as I know, in addition to complaining about free fruit exchange time on JingDong,

Front desk,

E-commerce games, why choose fruit?

Huang Zheng once said,


Small game is a category of platform applet,It is point to play, no need to download and install, experience light, you can play with friends, PK each other, enjoy the fun of small games.

The goal of Mini Game is very clea

From the old QQ farm, happy farm, to Alipay's ant forest, WeChat Mini Program jump, to pinduoduo

For the Internet giants, whether it is the sinking market or the first and second-line users, the traffic available for mining has peaked, and the cost of bringing in new products is gradually rising. It is imperative to revitalize the existing users.

You can also send fruit by mail

A point worth pondering is, for e-commerce platforms and even local life platforms, why fruit? Not tissue, not vegetables, rice, but fruit.

Tao Miao tries to explain the uniqueness of fruit,

Unique and fresh, compared with the standard products, the brand gives way to the thing itself.

Under the current node, the e-commerce platform has broken the geographical restrictions, and fruits can be circulated; at the same time, the logistics and cold chain have reached a new height, and selling fruits online has become a positive and fresh way.

Over the past few months, the rise of online fresh platforms, Dingdong to buy food, box Ma Xiansheng, daily excellent fresh have become the sentinel of education users, habits developed, whether it is

And the reason why fruits PK vegetables, can also be understood. In addition to its stronger preservation ability, the fruit can be eaten directly, becoming the only category that can be eaten by men, women, old and young through the first, second, third and fourth tier cities.

At a time when fruit freedom is becoming more and more difficult to achieve, planting a tree on the e-commerce platform, watering and fertilizing every day, waiting for the fruits to ripen, sounds like a win-win thing for the platform, consumers and fruit merchants.

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