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Tencent received "dog ", Li Yanhong after all is wrong to pay?

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Ma Huateng (left), Wang Xiaochuan (Center), Zhang Chaoyang (right)

Wen/ Zhang Xiaowang, Wang Xueqi

Source: Alphabet (ID:wujicaijing)

Tencent's acquisition of Sogou looks like Sohu, Sogou, Tencent win-win, but for Li Yanhong, this may not be a good news. His rival from Wang Xiaochuan to China's Internet industry leader Ma Huateng.

Baidu has dominated the domestic search engine market since Google withdrew from the mainland market in 2010, according to China Economic Industry Research Institute. In 2019, Baidu accounted for 67.09% of the domestic market, followed by Sogou search and Ali's Shenma search, accounting for 18.75% and 6.84%, respectively.

However, with the upgrading of content ecological competition and Baidu's business, there are constantly elephants extending their noses into Baidu's backyard. Ali launched the quark, and the headline was a high-profile declaration of war. Although the thunder and rain were small, it was pushed to the hinterland by the giants, just as the Qing army repeatedly beat the city of Beijing at the end of Ming Dynasty, which itself shows that Baidu content is insufficient in ecological thickness and lacks depth.

Now Tencent attacks again, is thoroughly muddled search this flowing water.

Before that, Baidu and Tencent seemed to have signs of joint efforts. In August 2019, two Kwai joined hands to invest quickly, and the group beat the byte. Before long, the news of Tencent's acquisition of Iqiyi came out. Baidu's response did not explicitly deny the possibility of takeover. It is inevitable to convey an impression to the outside world: Baidu is closing up with Tencent. If the Wuzhen dinner party is held at the time of Iqiyi merger rumors, Wang Xing or Liu Qiangdong estimated that someone would give up his seat to Robin Li.


Robin Li (left) Ma Huateng (right)

Of course, from the perspective of market value, baidu is currently less than $40 billion, while meituan and Jingdong have already crossed or hovered at the $100 billion mark. It is really hard to say how to rank the seats.

In any case, Tencent received Sogou, Li Yanhong has to carefully and Tencent relationship. Both sides gather heavy troops in the field of content ecology, it is inevitable to wipe the gun, but this does not mean that the possibility of cooperation is lost. Baidu and Tencent can't fire in every area, and both sides strong pressure from the same enemy, as Wang Xing said, with the boundless expansion of the giant border,

In 2017, the Internet giants were not quite adapted to this new normal. Cheng Wei denounced Wang Xing's hypocrisy and immediately launched a takeout war limited to Wuxi as a response to meituan's entry into the online car Hailing market. Tiktok Kwai Kwai is now less sensitive to competition. The new voice of tiktok is going to impact the electronic commerce platform. Taobao's live director and Joule are good partners, while Jingdong is simply allied with the fast track.

For Robin Li, Ma Huateng is a friend and an opponent. He must find a balance between the two contradictory relations.


This truth, challenger is far better than challenger, Zhang Yiming realized very early: Baidu is the enemy.

One day in June 2014, Zhang Yiming and Yue Jianxiong, the general manager of Sohu mobile new media center, chatted with Yue Jianxiong at the coffee shop in the Asian Games Village until more than 1 o'clock in the night. Talking about competitors, Zhang Yiming said that he was most afraid of Baidu, Baidu has the best algorithm talents, but also has the strength to do information flow business. Later, Yue Jianxiong described the past in the book I am not a product manager.

In this headline

But Baidu did not realize at first, his enemy is byte jump. According to an anonymous former employee of Baidu

At that time, baidu was still fighting in the o2o field. Until 2017, Baidu began to really value and exert the power of information flow. According to "finance and economics", in November 2017, Robin Li even moved the office directly to the office area of mobile phone Baidu and information flow department, and personally brought the team to fight this battle.


Robin Li

During this period, the byte hopping advertising business has grown rapidly. The advertising revenue of byte skipping was 6 billion yuan in 2016, 15 billion yuan in 2017 and 50 billion yuan in 2018. During these three years, Baidu's revenue was 70.5 billion yuan, 84.8 billion yuan and 100 billion yuan respectively. Although there is still a gap in the overall scale, byte skipping wins in the growth rate.

With the advent of the economic cycle, advertising business more and more show the appearance of zero sum game, byte jump share rapid growth, inevitably accompanied by the reduction of other people's share.

At the end of 2019, a report from R3, a consulting firm, showed that in the first half of 2019, the advertising revenue of byte skipping from January to June increased by 113% year-on-year, reaching 50 billion yuan, accounting for 23% of the market share. The market share was second only to Alibaba's 33%, surpassing Baidu (17%) and Tencent (14%).

In 2019, byte beat acquired interactive encyclopedia and launched in 2020


In order to resist the expansion of byte skipping, an anti headline alliance led by Tencent and Baidu is stepping up its establishment.

In August 2019, Zhihu announced the f round financing news of USD 434 million. This round of financing is being led by Kwai Tong, including the original investors including Baidu, Tencent, today capital and so on. Previously, Baidu has invested in fruit shell, kaishu story telling and other content products.

According to first financial report, byte jumping originally wanted to invest, but in the second half of 2018, Zhang Yiming contacted Kwai yuan for this reason, and finally grabbed the lead position because of price reasons.

In April 2019, byte jump and Baidu filed a lawsuit against each other, even the claim amount is the same, 90 million yuan.

Baidu made headlines today and stole Baidu

During the same month, iqiyi also sued for byte jumping because the former's exclusive copyright Yanxi introduction "was APP

The impact of the lawsuit itself on byte jitter is very limited. Even if the lawsuit is lost, the amount of compensation is only a drop in the bucket. It is worth noting that the signal behind the frequent lawsuits launched by the big and small giants against the byte skipping, and the anti headline coalition seems to want to block the content of byte skipping.

However, this sniper battle is not over, Tencent acquisition Sogou, but let


In the process of the migration from PC Internet to mobile Internet, Baidu has always been the only one in the field of search. However, Tencent and Alibaba have targeted this cake since 2013 and 2014.

One background is that on December 4, 2013, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued td-lte4g licenses to China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, and China 4G network was officially launched in large scale. This means that the wave of mobile Internet is in full swing.

Tencent's stake in Sogou settled in September 2013, merging its search and QQ entry business with Sogou, in addition to a $448 million injection, and officially announcing its partnership with Alibaba on April 28,2014 to release its mobile search engine brand

Over the next few years, the domestic search market has been maintained

The byte jump broke the peace. By the end of February, the byte beat was officially launched


Zhang Yiming

This is not Zhang Yiming's impulse, Tech Planet report points out that byte beat has been exploring search technology since 2016, first built-in search engine in today's headlines, launched a search for independent web pages in August 2019, and launched an independent App.

Interestingly, with the strong byte into the Bureau, Ali and Tencent also began to sit.

June 9, Ali innovation business group set up intelligent search business department, by UC division general manager, book flag division general manager Wu Jia as the responsible person, to Ali innovation business group president Zhu Shunyan report. And this business adjustment will focus on innovative business groups hatched intelligent search App

Tencent is even more straightforward, simply will keep many years of Sogou directly bought down.

From byte hopping to Ali, to Tencent, they have coincidentally raised the layout search to a strategic height.

What is the reason behind this? In the post mobile Internet era, is it really just to encircle Baidu? What changes will Tencent's high-profile approach bring to the surging search lake?


In other words, why do they get to the nodes that have to be searched with extra code?

In the past, the search engine through the provision of competitive ranking, or advertising services to achieve profit, which was Baidu's main source of cash flow.

But the proportion of search engine advertising market is gradually decreasing. According to the data of China Business Industry Research Institute, in 2016, the growth rate of search engine advertising market slowed down, the market share decreased by nearly 5 percentage points to 26.5%, and dropped below 30.0% for the first time. It is expected that under the impact of other types of advertising marketing methods, the market share of search engine advertising will further decline, or will drop to 13.2% in 2021.

In other words, the simple search business, is no longer a doo

Standing behind the information flow is the content ecology that giants spare no effort to create. As an important part of content ecology, the logic of current search engine is being reconstructed.

And Tencent, byte jump, their starting point is not to grab the market share of the search field, their goal is to control the search entrance of their own platform content, even exclusive search entrance.

An obvious case is that on May 31, 2018, byte skipping sued Tencent for unfair competition.

In the indictment, the byte beat reads:

For the rest of the time,


When the competition makes each other's information flow services from open to closed, the search entrance in their respective content ecology also presents the same trend. Relying on information flow products, relying on content ecology, guiding users to form a fixed search demand, leaving users, forming a giant heavy warehouse search closed loop logic.

For this, PingWest play analysis pointed out that compared with the former Baidu ,360, Alibaba and Sogou as the protagonist of the short combat against market share, the competition seems to be less offensive, more defensive colo

So, it's easy to understand that in 2017, Tencent began testing its search function on WeChat and renamed it by the end of 2019

And WeChat search to a large extent serves Tencent's open cooperative ecology, such as video from fast hand, Q & A from know, goods from JingDong, traffic has never left


On the one hand is global search, on the other hand is more inclined to their own ecological search, two different logic, Baidu and Tencent between the smoke does not look strong.

But if Tencent wants to occupy a place in the search engine market, it is bound to have a face-to-face conflict with Baidu if it wants to occupy a place in the search engine market.

What's more, since the launch of search in 2006, Tencent has coveted search for a long time. The difference is that we didn't do it at that time, but we have to do it now.

Standing in the center of the whirlpool, Li Yanhong and Ma Huateng did not reach the point of short combat, but also responded to each other. After all, once an ally, once an opponent, in the face of absolute business interests, staged a

You know, on June 17, rumors of Tencent's planned acquisition of iqiyi were revealed. According to Caijing, a number of people close to Baidu and Tencent said they had contacts, but the acquisition was far from finalized, so no one confirmed or denied it.

In this regard, some industry insiders have analyzed Caijing and said that even without the acquisition, iqiyi and Tencent may reach a content cooperation, which can also reduce the competition in the industry. He pointed out that Tencent's ultimate goal is to defend itself from byte skipping competition.

This may show that Baidu and Tencent are still keeping the same pace on the battle front of byte beating. But when Tencent clearly extends its tentacles to the search engine, the basic disk of Baidu, they may also conflict with each other.


So called

However, the giants have increased the search field, perhaps not to let Baidu the most headache, Baidu's current dilemma, lies in itself.

From internal organizational turbulence to business growth bottlenecks, Baidu has been mired in the past period of time, and its market value has been declining all the way, and it has been far away from the rising stars such as pinduoduo.

In the first quarter of 2019, baidu lost money for the first time in 15 years since it was listed on the stock market. For a while, the topic of the giant falling down was rampant.

In May last year, Xiang Hailong, the former senior vice president of Baidu and President of Baidu search company, resigned. Baidu search company was transformed into mobile ecological business group (EMG), which was in charge of Shen Shuo.

Baidu in the deep transformation period seems determined to catch up with the last bus of mobile Internet, and short video and live broadcasting have become an important starting point.

Only this time, baidu seems to be slow half a beat. In the first quarter of 2019, the daily life of Baidu's good-looking videos is only 22 million, and currently it is only about 30 million. But after the Kwai live video live broadcast, it didn't sound too loud, and was drowned in Taobao, jitter, and tiktok's selling torrent.

Baidu, which places great hopes on artificial intelligence, how long will this turn over battle be? How can a search be self-protection when it is besieged on all sides?

Everything is unknown. But to be sure, Tencent and Baidu, both enemies and friends, are playing a big business world drama.

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