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"Boil to death" all rivals Baidu network disk and become a hot cake?

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Written by Niu Geng

Editor / Zhao Yanqiu

Forgotten network disk business, in 2020 suddenly ushered in dawn.

Network disk by remote office station on the outlet?

Song Jin, a senior analyst at Analysys, told AI financial news agency: Although online disk was an instrumental business in the early days of its birth, it has now changed from a tool to a cloud office platform.

Especially because of the isolation of the epidemic, the concept of remote office has become popular. Since the first half of the year, the share price of zoom, a video conferencing software in the United States, has risen six times, while the share price of Dropbox, a cloud storage company, has risen by 27%. China has given the stage to Alibaba nail, Tencent's wechat, Huawei welink and the flying book with byte skipping.


Not only that, network disk also has the ability of cross device collaboration. One of Apple's ecological competitiveness is cross device collaboration, such as file synchronization between mobile phones and PCs. Jobs has been focusing on this kind of collaborative technology. No wonder in 2009, jobs tried to buy Dropbox, which was already burning at that time. When he was rejected, jobs even threatened to kill Dropbox with icloud if Dropbox didn't join apple.

Baidu network disk can expand the ability of cross device collaboration to Android camp, and establish connections between different devices and even ecology.

In addition, in the 5g era, mobile office also has a new demand for network disk. The increase of 5g bandwidth has accelerated the habit of online storage and editing. Mobile phone manufacturers have made a new move: Xiaomi cloud disk is said to have opened the 1.0 internal test. A person in the industry told AI financial news agency that the mobile phone manufacturer's ability to make cloud disk is relatively weak, which also brings opportunities for old players.

Baidu disk valuation geometry?

Media will Baidu network disk to the United States cloud storage company Dropbox, the latter is the first batch of network disk companies in the United States. If it is listed, some media think that Baidu online disk can be benchmarked with Dropbox. The current market value of Dropbox is $9.252 billion. In 2019, Dropbox's revenue was $11.66 billion, up 19% year-on-year, and its net loss was $53 million, down 90% year-on-year.

For Baidu network disk revenue, baidu financial report did not disclose separately. According to a Baidu person told AI financial news agency: Baidu online disk has been profitable at least at the beginning of the year. According to questmobile's prediction, if the total number of paying users reaches 10 million, and the monthly subscription price of super members is 18 yuan, the monthly income of Baidu online disk is close to 200 million yuan.

But Baidu network disk and Dropbox have obvious difference. Wang Donglin, a veteran of cloud storage and founder of scholar group and yotta chain, told AI financial news agency that American users are used to storing their personal data on cloud disks instead of local hard disks. Chinese users are used to storing data locally, and the network disk is only used for backup. In addition, Chinese netizens don't trust companies to protect their privacy, leading to a reluctance to store private files on online disks.

As a result, the data stored in the online disks of China and the United States are completely different: what the United States uploads is personal data, which takes up real storage space; while in China, there are many duplication of data, such as a movie. When someone else saves a movie, I transfer it to my own online disk. It seems that it is stored in personal space, but actually it does not occupy the storage space repeatedly.

This also leads to totally different charging methods between the two countries: American Internet disk companies charge for storage space; while Chinese companies charge for download speed, they don't open members to speed limit, instead, they don't spare space, they often give 2TB, and even encourage users to upload.

In contrast, Dropbox's profit model is very simple, that is, users pay to buy space. Baidu network disk tends to be ecological, based on data storage and transmission, access to more home and third-party services. For example, enter the home intelligent terminal, router / NAS, car and intelligent wear scenarios.


For the specific valuation, senior analyst Song Jin said: we can combine Dropbox, a cloud storage company, with a market value of $9.252 billion, and a collaborative office company, slack, with a market value of $16.22 billion, as a reference, but also consider the willingness of users to pay and the size of users in both countries.

It used to be a burden, but now it's a sweet cake?


With the capacity of no money, Internet companies are crazy: Tencent, 360, Baidu and other online disk users exceeded 100 million in 2014. However, the free mode of Internet companies also makes the charging logic originally explored by American network disks disappear.

After the operation, 115, UC, Sina, Jinshan, Tencent, Huawei and 360 have successively restricted personal storage or file transfer functions, or simply shut down online disk services.


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