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QQ music vs Netease cloud, next battlefield in community

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Letter from wenhouchang village, author Meiya

At the beginning of 2018, Tencent Music and NetEase Cloud authorized each other's music works to more than 99% of their exclusive music works. For users, they finally need n' t go around listening to a few favorite songs. For the platform, the era of copyright moat has quietly gone, music campaign to continue, it is time to tell some other story.

01 Music APP, less and less like APP music

Recently, many users love to Tucao, NetEase cloud and QQ music are getting harder to use. When you want to hear a song in NetEase cloud, you need to pick out from "my favorite music", "recently played song list", "create song list", "collect Songs List", "collect album", "private FM", and make complaints about the choice.


Finally, you can listen to the children's songs. There will be an icon in the upper right corner, which suggests that you go to watch the live broadcast. The lower right corner sincerely invites you to listen to the children's songs.


Click into the song review area, there are not a few hot comments related to the song itself, but there are many late night stories. The average poet in the comment area can see the acne treatment advertisement by drawing a few lines at random. I also insert them in the form of comments. I have flipped through several songs, and all of them have acne removal advertisements. Maybe the users in the review area are still in adolescence.

The QQ music next door is not much better. In the newly added community, users can choose topic groups to release news freely. The first few pages of the recommendation group are hot traffic stars. Unlike Netease cloud village, the attribute of fans' support club in the community is stronger.


Compared with Netease cloud village, a two column information flow mode with little red book is adopted, which requires users to click on it actively, and the amount of information transmitted on the home page is less. The advantage is that it is more concise. At the same time, users also have a stronger right to choose the content. The information flow of the community is similar to that of friends. Users can only brush without their heads to see whether they can brush some interesting content.


At present, some details of the community are still poorly done. Various label symbols have increased the threshold for reading information. The messages published by users do not even have two ends aligned. The uneven arrangement is a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The recently played music bar will block the line of sight at the bottom of the page, forcing the rhythm of obsessive-compulsive disorder to death every minute.

Leaving aside the design problems, the pop-up community often brushes the dynamic irrelevant to music, who is lovelorn, who is married and who is cold war. From this point of view, QQ music is gradually moving closer to Netease cloud.


Most users only listen to songs for the sake of listening to songs. They don't want to socialize while listening to songs, and they are not interested in watching live broadcast on the music app. Youzhihu user commented that Netease cloud and QQ music are two pieces of shit that constantly compare with each other. They let people gradually adapt to such music app and gradually forget what pure music ecology is like.

Users who are tired of music app with complicated functions will think, why can't domestic listening software be like spotify? Simple function, fresh interface,Don't do any live social networking, do products honestly and earn some money from paying members?

But business doesn't think so.

02 "Natural contradiction" between platform and users

No matter how much Ding Lei, CEO of Netease, talks about his ideal about music, he still can't change the fact that starting a company is not about charity, it's about making money. If you can make money and narrate grandly, that's good. If you can't, it's still important to make money.

If you want to make money, you can either have more market share or increase the payment rate of users.

According to the financial report of Tencent music Q1, the monthly activity of Tencent music (QQ music, kugou music and KuWo Music) reached 657 million, with a year-on-year increase of only 0.5%, and a decline of 2% on a month on month basis. The latest monthly activity announced by Netease cloud was 165 million,The monthly number of online music activities in China is 710 million, which has been almost eaten by Tencent music and Netease cloud.

For the two worlds, the NetEase cloud and QQ music think the same thing,How to grab users from the other side, and how to make each user contribute the greatest value.

How to rob users from the other party? The simplest point is, the other party has, I want to have.

If you do the live broadcast, there will be a group of anchors running to your place to live, and correspondingly there will be a group of people watching the live broadcast. They will spend more time in your products. This is what I do not want to see, so I will do it. You have supported a group of musicians. If they are unfortunately popular, the flow will incline to you. This is also what I do not want to see. So I will try to support the musicians. The same is true for other actions.


After the copyright exchange, it is very difficult for both parties to crush the other party by content, and they are going to start to differentiate. Now it seems that both parties are not able to tolerate each other's particularity, so the music listening software has gradually become more and more complex.

In addition, the platform also needs a good meal. According to the financial report of 2020q1,Spotify, a foreign music streaming media giant, has 286 million monthly live and 130 million paid users,It's a 45% pay rate, by contrast,Tencent music has only 6.5% subscribers,There is still a lot of room for improvement.

The easiest way to get more people to pay to become subscribers is to make the experience of ordinary users listening to songs worse, the experience here worse, including songs that you can't hear, advertising bombing, inserting ads in music, and so on.


Some time ago, QQ music tried to insert advertisements on the way of users listening to songs. This is the mode of testing spotify. Spotify will carry out audio promotion insertion when non member users listen to songs. However, spotify's rules are clear, and it will play an advertisement of no more than 10 seconds every 15 minutes. If you choose to watch a 60 second movie ad at a time, you can get an hour of non advertising listening.

Spotify has a large number of free music libraries, and has clearly informed users of the advertising rules, so users can either choose to be paid users or accept advertisements once every 15 minutes. There is nothing particularly controversial about this.

The reason why QQ music cut ads attract criticism is that you didn't provide me with high-quality services. Full screen advertising, live broadcasting, social networking, app is like a telegraph pole full of leaflets,I've put up with it. Now you have to destroy my listening experience and force me to pay. Of course, users are not happy.

The platform is also very innocent. Green diamond costs 15 yuan a month, spotify members cost 10 yuan a month. QQ music just randomly inserts ads, spotify listens to songs every 15 minutes. How can you get scolded?

This is a natural contradiction between the platform and users. Users should have a better experience. The platform should pay members. Users should experience the inconvenience of some non members and tell them that it will be better if they have members. But you can't do it all at once, otherwise users will think that your whole platform is rubbish, and you should take good care of this.

03 The next battlefield of Music App

Compared to placing advertising this will obviously hurt the user's behavior, dark rub to add some functional areas, although annoying, but not so hateful. Users change the cost of listening software is very high, from NetEase cloud to QQ music, all songs to re-collection synchronization, very troublesome.

As a result, users can't bear to listen to music in another place, which gives Netease cloud and QQ music opportunities. They are interested in the original musicians, and the cost is not high. If the fire gets hot, the waist copyright will become the head copyright. Moreover, the impact of supporting original musicians on ordinary users is very subtle. People will only feel that the quality of daily tweets is gradually declining, more and more new faces appear in recommended positions, and they seem to know nothing about the direction of music.


More original music can open the ceiling of music content. One end of the platform signs a contract with potential original singers, and promises them how much exposure and how much broadcast volume they will give. At the same time, these singers' songs are quietly added to your daily tweets. If you listen to two songs that you don't like so much, the musicians are happy, and the platform is also happy.

Besides supporting musicians, it's also a good idea to be a community, It transfers the cost of linking users from the platform to the users themselves, cultivating the habit of watching comments and launching when listening to songs, and if it happens to meet the same good in the community, the user's viscosity to the product will be stronger.

And for people who just want to listen to music simply. Adding community functions will greatly affect the conciseness of the page, but as long as you are not blind, it is not different from the previous experience of listening to songs. Even if some of them offend users, it doesn't matter,Anyway, Netease cloud and QQ music are becoming more and more similar. If you want to listen to music on another app, you can't escape the music community.


Although the users do not like the high value of the community, the users will not like it because the users do not like it.



For community products, content is the core competitiveness,In recent years, the comments on Netease cloud songs have become more and more hurtful in spring and autumn, and are full of mourning words of taizaizhi style, which makes Netease cloud obtain the alias of "network suppresses cloud". People are tired of the words that moan without illness, and hope that the comment area can return to focusing on music itself. It is not an easy proposition for Netease cloud to change the content tonality of UGC platform.


The plop community of QQ music starts with the rice circle and does the fan economy business. By the way, it can build a community covering music, film and television, life and other fields. Although fans in the past will list love beans on Weibo, post bar and other platforms, but from the attribute point of view, music APP point of view, music APP. It can provide a fine channel for fans and reduce the cost of information transmission between users.

At present, the content form of the plop community is not mature, and there is a big gap between the community atmosphere and Netease cloud. However, from the recent actions of QQ music and Netease cloud, it is not difficult to see the determination of both sides to make efforts in the community.

However, no matter who wins or loses, for ordinary users, an increasingly bloated listening software may not be able to escape.

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