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Nasdaq's record acquisition of tiktok pushed Microsoft up more than 5.6%

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On August 4, Beijing time, the rebound of huge M & A transactions and the resumption of negotiations between the White House and Congress on stimulus plan boosted the U.S. stock market, with the NASDAQ index reaching new highs in the middle and closing hours. By the end of the day, the Dow rose 236.1 points, or 0.89%, to 26664.4 points; the S & P 500 index was up 23.49 points, or 0.72%, to 3294.61 points; the Nasdaq was up 157.5 points, or 1.47%, to 10902.8.


Chart: the NASDAQ closed at 10902.8, a record high

Major U.S. technology giants were mixed, with Facebook down 0.67%, Amazon 1.67%, apple 2.52%, Netflix 1.99%, alphabet 0.57% and Microsoft 5.62%.

The vast majority of China's major technology stocks rose, with Netease up 2.31%, iqiyi up 2.84%, pinduoduo up 4.61%, Weibo up 0.84%, Tencent music down 1.86%, Alibaba up 2.76%, Jingdong up 1.16%, baidu up 0.96% and funny headlines up 2.6%.

China capital stock price

Most of the other China capital stocks rose, of which the rising companies included: fangtianxia (up 21.75%), micro loan network (up 21.05%), Lanting Jishi (up 18.11%), Xunlei (up 16.26%), Yihang (up 15.87%), Weilai (up 13.9%), jinshanyun (up 11.91%), century mutual (up 11.09%), Jianan Technology (up 9.6%), and who to learn from (up) 5%), douyu (up 8.99%), Netease Youdao (up 8.74%), worry free English (up 8.51%), Daney Technology (up 6.63%), BiliBili (up 5.62%), tiger securities (up 5.31%), calf electric (up 5.14%), Baishi (up 4.28%), 500 lottery (up 4.22%), Touniu (up 3.92%), futu Holdings (up 3.81%), SMIC (up 5.31%) 69%), tal (up 3.58%), Renren (up 3.32%), Xiaoying Technology (up 3.29%), qudian (up 3.09%), Ctrip (up 2.54%), Ruhan holding (up 2.41%), ideal automobile (up 2.25%), Yunji (up 2.18%), touch treasure (up 2.12%), new Dongfang (up 2.09%), Jianpu Technology (up 1.98%), ut Starcom (up 1.98%) 89%), huanju group (up 1.79%), baozun e-commerce (up 1.76%), Wanguo data (up 1.39%), Momo (up 1.25%), 51job (up 1.22%), Zhengbao Education (up 0.92%), Sogou (up 0.7%), Zhongtong (up 0.67%), Sohu (up 0.65%), vipshop (up 0.57%), car home (up 0.48%), Lexin (up 0.48%) 35%), xinerfu (up 0.31%), new oxygen (up 0.28%), financial sector (up 0.21%), e-Car (up 0.13%).

The same as the previous trading day, including: Group car, temple library. Companies that fell included 58 cities (- 0.04%), Sina (- 0.27%), Yiren loan (- 0.84%), Huya (- 0.9%), cheetah mobile (- 1.21%), yiyao.com (- 1.56%), Pinti (down 1.68%), litchi (down 2.94%), yunmi (down 2.95%), Youxin (down 3.15%), eggshell apartment (down 3.34%) and Xinye Technology (down) 94%), fluent speaking (4.51%), Blue City brothers (7.18%), Leju (8.04%), huami (9.2%), mushroom Street (15.08%), 360 Finance (19.19%).


Chart: changes in the number of hedge funds holding 58 intra city stocks in the past 18 quarters

In the first quarter of this year, 58 city share prices did not change much, and overall, hedge fund interest in it did not change much. By the end of the first quarter of 2020, 21 hedge funds held 58 cities, no change compared with the fourth quarter of 2019. According to insider monkey, 58 is not one of the top 30 stocks favored by hedge funds. As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, platinum asset management held $93.9 million of 58 city shares, the largest number of hedge funds holding 58 city stocks; GMT capital, the second largest holding 58 city stocks, held $47 million. Lakewood capital management, first Pacific advisors LLC and Renaissance technology also ranked among the hedge funds with the largest number of shares in 58 cities. The 58 shares in the city accounted for 9.27% of half sky capital's funds under management and 3.37% of MD sass. In regular trading today, 58 shares fell $0.02, or 0.04%, to close at $55.35, after hitting a low of $55.01.


Chart: Weilai's delivery volume increased by 322% in July, and its share price soared by nearly 14%

China delivered 3533 vehicles in July, 322% more than the same period last year, But it fell 5% from June. These included 2610 ES6 and 923 ES8. vehicles This year, Wei Lai delivery volume reached 17702 vehicles. Wei came to say, EC6 models will be delivered from September, and this model is considered a competitor to tesla Model 3. Wei Lai CEO Li Bin said in a statement,

Us / foreign technology stocks

Most of the other foreign tech stocks rose, Among the rising companies were Nokia (up 5.86 percent), GoPro( up 5.67%), Zoom( up 5.55%), Pinterest( up 5.22%), Salesforce( up 4.28%), Sony (up 4.25%), Tesla (up 3.79%), Qualcomm (up 3.77%), Nvidia (up 3.73%), Groupon( up 3.58%), Slack( up 3.21 per cent), Zynga( up 3.15%), Uber( up 3.07%), Activision blizzard (up 2.61%), Symantec (up 2.38%), eBay( up 2.33 per cent), VMware( up 2.11%), Ericsson (up 1.9%), Western data (up 1.86%), SAP( up 1.84 per cent), Botong (up 1.41%), Enzipu (up 1.38%), Intel (up 1.19%), IBM( up 1.11%), Dell technology (up 1.09%), HP (up 1.08%), Oracle (up 0.96%), iRobot( up 0.85%), Adobe( up 0.82 per cent), Micron Technologies (up 0.67%), Box( up 0.67%), EA (up 0.52%), PayPal( up 0.51%), AMD( up 0.31 per cent), Express payments (up 0.29%), LendingClub( up 0.19%), Cisco (up 0.13%).

Companies that were flat on the previous trading day included BlackBerry.

Falling companies include: Twitter( down 0.03%), Lyft( down 0.48%), Fibit( down 0.92 per cent), Yelp( down 1.12 per cent), Spotify( down 1.31 per cent), Motorola systems (down 1.62%), Snap( down 5.35%).


Chart: Microsoft's share price soared by more than 5.6% on the news of the acquisition of some tiktok businesses

Driven by news that Microsoft could buy some TikTok for $50 billion, On Monday, in regular trading, Microsoft shares rose $11.53, Up 5.62%, At $216.54, It was $217.63 high. In a statement issued late Sunday local time, Microsoft confirmed that it was negotiating with the byte beat, Interested in reaching an agreement by September 15. Microsoft said, negotiations involved TikTok operations in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Microsoft also said, third party will be involved in this transaction. Acquisition TikTok part of the business, It will make Microsoft one of the most important manufacturers in the social network and online advertising market. Despite the perceived risk, But analysts are generally bullish on microsoft's acquisition TikTok parts of the business. Robert Raymond James, Investment Analyst


Chart: Apple's share price is still up more than 2.5% after being sued for patent infringement

In today's regular trade, Apple shares rose $10.71, Up 2.52%, At $435.75, It was once $446.55 higher. The Wall Street Journal said today, An unknown Chinese artificial intelligence company, Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd .(small i robot) has filed a lawsuit against Apple, Accusing the latter's voice assistant Siri infringing his patent, And claim compensation of RMB 10 billion yuan. In June, China's Supreme Court issued a ruling in favour of small i robot patents. A small i robot seems intent

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