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Tencent re racing e-commerce, but does not want to make the next pinduoduo

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Wen/Tan Siu-han

Source: Alphabet (ID: wujicaijing)

Starting in May, aiming at the field of e-commerce, launched some new products or new features, on-line goslings spell, open WeChat small store in the test, open point of view live broadcast free access

But in the view of some industry insiders, Tencent in social e-commerce, live e-commerce action is still more calm, offensive insufficient.


Gosling and pinduoduo are very close in name and similar in product functions. It is easy to make the outside world think that Tencent is going to be an e-commerce product to C. However, from the dynamic of Tencent's smart retail, app store and app live broadcast, Tencent has never been an e-commerce product for C-end users.

Kwai tiktok is a B end war with jitter, Taobao, and Taobao.


The list shows that a consumer brand has left a customer service microsignal on its official account, and the user will be pulled into a fan group by the customer service after the application to the customer service initiation friend is passed. The daily tasks of the fan group include the promotion of the brand content on the shaking sound, and the sharing of pictures from the live chattering room to the WeChat circle of friends

Dou Yu believes that the short video number to realize the way, one is advertising, one is e-commerce, advertising plate is basically fixed, add users to WeChat to sell goods to earn more.

Whether it is short video or e-commerce, its profit margin can't be compared with Tencent's golden bull business game, but they are the place Tencent must fight for. In the final analysis, Tencent wants to fight for the traffic control in the video era. Short video grabs C-end users, and e-commerce grabs b-end customers.


According to app growing data, among the advertisements launched by Tencent in the second quarter of this year, the proportion of advertising aimed at application promotion was still the largest, accounting for 50.82%; the number of activities promotion advertisements was 39.85%; the number of e-commerce promotion advertisements accounted for 9.13%. Correspondingly, among the advertisements launched by byte beat's massive engine in the second quarter, activity promotion and e-commerce promotion accounted for 41.59% and 39.54% respectively, and application promotion accounted for 18.86%. In addition, clothing, shoes and bags, daily necessities, skin care and beauty, the three major e-commerce categories with obvious attributes, all ranked among the top 5 industries in terms of platform advertising.

In addition, some mainstream advertising platform Baidu, Sogou e-commerce promotion of the proportion is extremely low. Tencent's social and other advertising revenue rose 47 percent to 14.6 billion yuan in the first quarter of this year, according to Tencent's results. This is the highest growth rate in Tencent's social and other advertising revenue in the past few quarters, mainly from the growth of WeChat advertising revenue and the increase in mobile advertising alliance revenue.

But on the scale of advertising, the huge engine is more than Tencent advertising, and in proportion, the huge engine in e-commerce advertising has led Tencent advertising several positions

It can be said that before the rapid emergence of live TV providers, WeChat is one of the largest content flow pools, and the tools are the contents of WeChat official account. However, the upgrading of media form has obviously changed the situation.

Han Chang, a WeChat content ecommerce practitioner, told the alphabet that 2018 and 2019 were the peak of WeChat's conversion rate, with suppliers and brands favoring WeChat, but since the end of last year, short video and live video have flourished and peaked in the past few months,


In the control of business atmosphere, wechat has always been restrained. Zhang Xiaolong doesn't want to make wechat too heavy, which can explain, to some extent, why the video number has come too late after hundreds of millions of days of life.

Liu Dongyue, head of fashion wisdom retail, told the letter list last year that in order to let the public name open some restrictions on the news, WeChat's colleagues on the open platform made hundreds of related plans. All were beaten back by Zhang Xiaolong.

In fact, Tencent is not too late to do live e-commerce. At the end of March last year, Tencent started the gray scale test for live viewing, and carried out the first live broadcast of e-commerce in April. The launch of this function was once regarded as the biggest profit making outlet for content with goods. However, the fact is that Shukuai and Taobao live broadcasting have become the main players of this outlet. For a long time since then, watching live TV has always remained silent in the noisy world of live e-commerce.


Tencent's actions on the e-commerce side have become more and more this year. Although the volume of voice is still not big enough compared with the quaking speed, it has been much more active than the previous stagnant water.

A head public number e-commerce operator said to the alphabet when the live broadcast opened the internal test, the live broadcast at that time did not have a clear and effective way to obtain external traffic, traffic basically from the public number push,

In July this year, the live broadcast of the applet, which started public testing at the beginning of the year, began to test the function of forwarding to the circle of friends, which means that the live broadcast of small programs will gain huge private domain traffic increment. At the same time, enterprise wechat opened wechat in February, which can open small program live broadcast, group live broadcast and other functions; in June, wechat app store went online, which can provide businesses with commodity trading, small program live broadcast and other functions.

This is another horse racing competition of Tencent. Tencent watch point, wechat app and enterprise wechat are marching into e-commerce live broadcast. They are pointing to the same and functional differences. Small program live broadcast is the function of WXG (WeChat business group). It can be broadcast and interactive with commodity sales closed in the small business of the business, and can be directly embedded into the business applet, and it can be connected with the official account without jumping to other channels. Live watching belongs to Tencent PCG (Tencent platform and content business group), and has app and applet side. The applet side is developed based on the development ability of wechat applet, and businesses must connect with service providers to access.

The style of the three columns is slightly different from that of the goslings. Its main function is to buy, to present the goods in the form of the buyer's recommendation group, similar to the comprehensive version of the popular comment and pinduoduo. Group store function for it to provide a source of traffic.

Last September, according to LatePost late report, Tencent PCG set up a

QQ is still in the process of e-commerce within PCG. In June this year, QQ pushed a message of "QQ purchase, invite you to take an internal test". QQ Huigou is a small program of social e-commerce, while QQ group window, QQ live delivery and other functions are also in the internal test with QQ Huigou.


(From: Tech Planet)

In addition, in February this year, wechat launched a centralized entrance for smart retail in Shenzhen. Brand businesses can access the entrance to obtain the flow of wechat payment secondary entrance.


For Tencent, what Tencent needs more than advertising revenue is to build an infrastructure in the ecosystem. What Tencent needs most is never an e-commerce product, but to keep brands and service providers, who dig in WeChat ecology, and Tencent sells water to them. This contains payment end, cloud and other system tools revenue imagination space.

According to the report of Guosheng securities in July, merchants whose brand awareness has not yet started and still need to import external traffic are more suitable for Taobao, pinduoduo and other platforms that can provide centralized traffic recommendation. Wechat business ecology is more suitable for brand merchants with considerable user scale to settle in and strengthen re purchase transformation, and such customers are obviously more suitable for Tencent to commercialize.

Unlike the short video, Tencent has not grown a leg on the short video track, so they will do more than a dozen innovative projects, watering them with traffic and money for two years, but switching to the ecommerce track, Tencent has at least the pillar of smart retail. Founded two years ago CSIG( Cloud and Smart Industry Group), Smart Retail is the vertical category that the business group focuses on

At the end of June, Tencent also made a personnel change on smart retailing. According to the announcement, Chen Fei, the former senior vice president of Tencent pictures, was transferred to the head of Tencent's smart retail, reporting to Lin Jinghua, senior vice president of Tencent. This time point is exactly the time point when Tencent e-commerce launches new policies intensively.

Tencent e-commerce horse racing may also have another idea.


A screenshot shows that after wetool and other tools were banned, business owners received a message from WeChat,

The ban may be seen as a step toward building a business owner's ecology by WeChat, similar to the fact that the first-hand public name for the delivery of Mini Programs, live software are provided by third parties,

Ali's social and Tencent's e-commerce capabilities are the black holes of the two Internet giants and represent their anxiety

What is slightly different is that from Tencent's shooting era to the later Teng million era, the protagonist has always been public domain traffic, but now, brand merchants' attention to private domain traffic has reached a historical peak.

Han Chang found that those suppliers who had disappeared for several months recently began to contact them again.

There is still half a year to go before the 10th anniversary of wechat. E-commerce may be one of the courses that wechat should focus on in the past six months.

(at the request of the interviewee, Dou Yu and Han Chang are pseudonyms)

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