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Xiaopeng auto is on the market! If Tesla is apple, who will be Huawei Xiaomi?

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Everything was expected, and Xiaopeng went to the United States as scheduled.

Listing raises about $1.5 billion, offering $15, stock symbol


As the old saying goes, practice is the only criterion for testing truth. The myth of PPT car-making is finally gone, and the era of a test car dare to shout.

Just as every industry will go through a cycle of development, China's new car-making power has gone all the way, and everyone who gets the tickets has begun to think about how to start with


Li Bin, Li Xiang and he Xiaopeng, the founders of the three companies, all come from the Internet and have a profound origin.

It is said that Li Bin went to talk with Liu Qiang's boss, and only a few minutes later made Dongge determined to invest, not to mention the super run ep9 with a unit price of more than 10 million yuan, which was built by Weilai in the early stage. The first generation of car owners were Ma Huateng, Lei Jun, Li Xiang, Zhang Lei and other industry leaders.

Li Bin's strong ability to travel in the capital sector helped Wei Laifu rise to the stage in a number of car making start-ups when he was born. Weilai was founded in November 2014, and then landed on the New York Stock Exchange in September 2018. During this period, the financing frequency was high and the pace was fast, and the pre IPO valuation was raised to US $5 billion.

So far, Tencent is its largest institutional shareholder,According to SEC documents, Tencent's stake in Weilai auto reached 16.3%, while Li Bin, the largest natural person shareholder, held 13.8%.Li Bin summed up Tencent's multiple code and recognition as similar values.

Looking at the ideal car, the man standing behind Li Xiang's back is Wang Xing, the founder of meituan. He praises Li Xiang and ideal carIn the ideal prospectus, Li Xiang's equity accounted for 25.1%, and Wang Xing and his related parties accounted for 23.5%.

At present, Wang Xing plus Meituan will hold more shares than Li Xiang to 24, becoming the largest shareholder, of course, from the voting rights, Li Xiang has the ideal absolute control.

In terms of Xiaopeng automobile, he Xiaopeng, who once served as an executive there for a short time after selling himself to Ali, is full of Ali's figure behind the car making business. According to the prospectus of Xiaopeng automobile,He Xiaopeng holds 31.6% of the shares held by individuals, and Alibaba holds the most institutional shares, accounting for 14.4%.


Giant figures constantly shuttling between the new car-building forces, the future of new energy vehicles is also a consensus, but in addition to financial gains, Tencent, Ali, Meituan are all

Cars are the biggest technology products, and the scenes and applications that can be extended in this category in the future are unimaginable. Whether Tencent's social, games, Ali's new retail, or Meituan's local life, they want to grow here from the beginning.

Different from the competition of taxi subsidy and O2O take-out, they must get on the bus and wait for the opportunity as soon as possible.

Everything is in terms of delivery

At a time of collective losses, for any new carmaker, the only thing that can prove its value is delivery, which is almost equal to the sum of its product power, brand and market power.


Only through continuous delivery can we achieve self blood production and complete a virtuous circle. We should first look at Weilai, By the end of July, The cumulative delivery of ES8 and ES6 was 49615 vehicles, Total delivery in July of 3533 vehicles (2610 ES6 and 923 ES8), In 2020,17702 vehicles were delivered.

Look at the ideal car, As of July, Ideal car ONE has delivered 13193 vehicles, Delivery data for nearly four months were 2622 vehicles in April, 2148 in May, 1834 vehicles in June, 2516 vehicles, In 2020,12182 vehicles were delivered. Delivery in July increased significantly, or was associated with increased brand strength from IPO spillovers.

At present, Xiaopeng automobile is the only new power car company to launch cars. Similar to Weilai, it currently sells two main models,As of July, the cumulative delivery volume of Xiaopeng vehicles was 20707, 2451 vehicles (1641, P7 and 810 G3) were delivered in July, and 7950 vehicles were delivered in 2020.

In fact, in the data released by Weima, another new force auto company, it has delivered 30000 vehicles in total.

We have to mention that Tesla's delivery data in China has risen to 47000 vehicles in 2020.

However, with the improvement of the epidemic situation, the recovery of the market, and the beginning of a new wave of fighting, Chinese players will set up stores to make the main goal of closing the distance between products and consumers, so as to quickly produce transformation.

To sum up, in China's current field of new car production, if this stage does not reach 10000 vehicle companies, there will be no follow-up story.

In the end, it's all about brand power


Although each family is mixed, still in the loss also needs the continuous blood transfusion, the gross profit turns to become the surprise, but since everybody realizes

A senior auto industry personage told Netease that genes largely determine how far a car company can go,In particular, the ability to break traditional user thinking and build brands.

It is a good word of mouth or tell a good brand story, which will become more and more important in the proportion of consumers' choice. You know, a lot of people used to go for subsidies, but now this factor is declining.

When the automobile industry was just made in China, consumers were willing to pay 100000 yuan. In the era of SUV selling well, domestic brand models have entered the market of 150000 yuan. Now, looking around, we are willing to pay for the 400000 domestic electric vehicles. It can be said that the continuous improvement of brand power is the basis for realizing this path.

This is quite similar to the development of domestic mobile phones. In the early days, fake mobile phones were rampant, just like the early domestic electric vehicles with poor driving experience and low battery level. Then apple dropped a heavy bomb, and Huawei and Xiaomi came out step by step. If Tesla was apple at that time, who would become Huawei millet?

At present, Weilai, ideality and Xiaopeng are all positioned at the middle and high end. Whether it is the ec6 to be delivered by Weilai, the added program of ideal persistence, and the p7 car launched by Xiaopeng, they have made the most suitable choice for themselves at present.

Next, we need to spend more efforts on brand value. Automobile is a century old industry, surrounded by wolves, because traditional brands will have more electric vehicle models on the market. No matter the high-end models or the domestic electric vehicles, no one will wait for death.

Electric vehicles are bound to be the future giant market, but judging from the current policy environment and user acceptance, it is likely to be in the stock competition. Because electric vehicles account for only 4% of new car sales in China.

In the short term, it's a zero sum game.

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