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40W super fast 5 G dual mode seven frequency band shoulder banner: Huawei enjoy 20 Plus come

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The popularity of 5g is faster than you think. Recently, China Mobile's half year 2020 performance report shows that 5g's development has exceeded expectations. By the end of June, China Mobile's 5g personal package users had reached 70 million and will exceed 100 million by the end of the year.

In addition, in 2020, the number of base stations will increase by 50000 compared with the original plan, and will exceed 350000 by the end of the year, covering all cities and cities in China.

With the acceleration of the 5g infrastructure construction of operators, many mobile phone manufacturers are actively promoting the popularization of 5g terminals, and 4G mobile phones have gradually faded out of the historical stage. After the 5g flagship led the trend, the price of 5g mobile phones began to go down, and the high-quality 5g 1000 yuan mobile phones began to emerge.



Charge 5 minutes ,2 hours ,40 WHuawei Super Fast

With the G of higher demand for high-speed Internet, video and games, and the increased power consumption of components such G radio frequency and baseband, the anxiety will be further amplified, especially for some young consumers who love drama and games.


More than the previous generation of works, join the 5 G camp Huawei enjoy 20 Plus first directly upgrade to the charging speed

According to Huawei's laboratory data, Huawei Changxiang 20 plus can achieve the actual effect of charging for 5 minutes and viewing the film for 2 hours, and charging 70% in 30 minutes. Full of primary power, Huawei changenjoy 20 plus, which can achieve: 4G continuous call for 14 hours;

50 hours online listening to music (Wang Yiyun Music); continuous tiktok 13 hours (shaking); 16 hours after the chase (Iqiyi).


This means that getting up in the morning without electricity, brushing your teeth and washing your face for breakfast can make your phone fast

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Huawei enjoy 20 Plus while providing Type-C charging port, while retaining 3.5 earphone interface, easy to use with traditional high-quality headphones. At the same time also to avoid the phone charging can not use the embarrassment of headphones. Daily work, life, while charging while playing mobile phone to listen to songs, not only experience better, will not disturb the surrounding people.

nm SoC integrated 5 G baseband dual mode seven frequency band 5 signals are always online

The core difference between 5g mobile phones lies in the design of 5g baseband and and the coverage of 5g band. At present, 5g mobile phones on the market are mainly divided into external baseband and and integrated baseband. The latter not only has better 5g signal experience, but also has lower power consumption, so it is our first choice when purchasing 5g mobile phones.

We all know that Huawei is the earliest manufacturer of 5g mobile phones, and it is the best in the industry in terms of technology accumulation and software optimization solutions. Not only P and mate series flagship machines, but also the best 5g experience in the same gear. Huawei Changxiang 20 plus is equipped with the latest 7Nm 5g SOC, which not only integrates 5g baseband, but also optimizes 5g performance.


It is understood that Huawei enjoys 20 plus compatible SA and NSA dual-mode, and has the most complete seven band support in the same gear, covering N1 / N3 / N38 / n41 / N78 / N79 / n77 (N1 / N3 follow-up network capability, HOTA upgrade support).

Specifically, the main coverage of the n79 is shopping malls and supermarkets and other densely populated areas, high frequency band, high capacity, high bandwidth, conducive to close transmission. n1、n3: is mainly wide coverage frequency band, covering a wide area, conducive to county, rural and other remote areas of 5 G coverage.

On the other hand, China Mobile: n41 79, China Telecom / Unicom: n1 3 78. Moreover, n77 is G mainstream of the world's five band,n38 leading European and Russian band, can roam most overseas

The seven band support enables Huawei to enjoy 20 plus, which can not only be used in various domestic scenarios, but also meet all network construction needs and overseas roaming needs of the three major domestic operators in the next three years, so as to obtain the best 5g signal anytime and anywhere.


Moreover, Huawei enjoy 20 Plus also carried 5 G

meanwhile, the separate 5 G antenna is built on the side of the mobile phone, and a smart antenna switching intelligent tuning technology is adopted to achieve up to 39 antenna states. Can comprehensively enhance the antenna signal, not only one-handed call, one-handed Internet signal excellent indoor and outdoor full scene use no pressure, to achieve a real full scene 5 G experience.

6.63" Real Full Screen Classic Fashion Design

At present, the comprehensive screen design is very popular, but it is hard to say perfect from the visual perception and aesthetic design. Huawei Changxiang 20 plus continues the true full screen design of the previous generation of Changxiang 10 plus. With the second generation of suspension lens, it has a 6.63 inch 16.7 million color negative LCD screen, up to 1500:1 contrast, 85% (typical value) high color gamut, 2400 x 1080 resolution (397 PPI pixel density), and 92% screen viewing area. Games and movies not only have a broader vision, but also have more details.


Meanwhile, this screen also supports 90Hz refresh rate, and every 11.1 milliseconds can show a new image, which is 50% higher than 60Hz. Everyday, whether micro-blog, jitter or playing games, tiktok is more smooth and smooth.

With the addition of 180hz touch sampling rate, the mobile phone will collect the touch of fingers on the screen every 5.5 milliseconds. The most direct advantage of this instant and rapid response is that users can get better hand tracking when browsing web pages and playing games

On the appearance ID, Huawei enjoy 20 Plus integrated their flagship Mate 30 series

16 million front suspension lens AI stereo beauty shot the most beautiful self

selfie effect is another core consideration for young consumers when buying 5 G mobile phones. Huawei enjoy 20 Plus with a 16 million pixel (1.0 um,F2.2 aperture) lift selfie lens, the second generation suspension lens provides excellent selfie effect, each rise and fall, but also for life to add a sense of technology and ceremony.

It is understood that Huawei enjoys the 16 million self shot floating lens of 20 plus, and adopts a new AI adaptive beauty algorithm. According to your age and gender, you can create your own three-dimensional beauty scheme.


For example, it can make you maintain perfect skin state under high-definition lens, and improve the facial skin texture, eyebrow and hair clarity; at the same time, AI algorithm can intelligently improve the image sharpness, noise and other problems, and retain more real details.

In addition, HDR backlight imaging technology enables Huawei to enjoy 20 plus, which can present more details in the original overexposed or underexposed parts of the picture, without worrying about light interference, and people and scenes are as clear.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei Changxiang 20 plus suspended front lifting camera adopts the second generation lifting structure. Compared with the previous generation of products, the monorail design is upgraded to double track, which has greater power. The camera can be lifted faster, only 0.75 seconds, and the lifting life is as long as 100000 times. Therefore, there is no need to worry about durability in daily use.

Flagship emui 10.1 soft experience: enjoy smart life and work

As we all know, Huawei's mobile phone is also in the lead in terms of 5g technology, photography and hardware, as well as in the interaction of system software and intelligent experience.

Huawei Changxiang 20 plus inherits the family bonus of Huawei, preloads the latest emui 10.1 system, and adds the technology of determining time delay and intelligent acceleration of the whole scene. Through the optimization of kernel scheduling, storage IO and network transmission, it ensures a long-term non card, stable and smooth user experience.


Moreover, Huawei enjoy 20 Plus also support EROFS super file system, mobile phone random reading performance improved by 20%, advanced compression algorithm can save 14% system space; support intelligent library, knuckle screenshots and other functions. Changlian call new screen sharing function, can share mobile phone screen or mark, anytime, anywhere with friends, parents while high-definition call, while video sharing screen, communication more efficient.

To make it easie


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