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Do not sell! Tiktok "hand in hand" with Oracle to reach a cooperation agreement, and finally has to wait for trump to make a case

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Tiktok is not for sale.

Under heavy pressure, the byte beat makes a choice. Oracle (Oracle) will become TikTok business in the United States


U.S. Treasury Secretary manuchin said:

Oracle, as tiktok's trusted data security compliance partner, represents the resolution of U.S. national security issues. Tok will continue to create 20000 jobs for Tik in the United States.

At the same time, TikTok deadline for the final solution is extended by 5 days to 20 September.

At the same time, two procedures will be reviewed, One is the U.S. CFIUS( U.S. Foreign Investment Commission) review of TikTok, the other is a national security review based on presidential executive orders.

Cooperation rather than sale

It is worth noting that the solution mnuchin talked about is Oracle as a data compliance partner, similar to Apple's solution for data compliance in China from cloud Guizhou, tiktok cloud on California (Oracle headquarters). This cooperation does not involve the sale of tiktok as mentioned by trump, nor does it involve the transfer of tiktok's core technology.

According to foreign media, the deal will not be sold directly, and Oracle will occupy it TikTok the United States

in other words, No matter when and how the byte beat completes the divestiture of TikTok next, TikTok will still retain its key technical secrets and intellectual property rights, rather than hand them over to American companies through a one-time clean sale.

In addition, according to media reports, the cooperation between tiktok and American enterprises is not limited to Oracle, but also Wal Mart. The cooperation with Wal Mart is mainly focused on e-commerce.

For the byte beat, if the transaction can be completed smoothly, perhaps, this is the best outcome of the moment.

Since the promulgation of Trump's executive order on August 6, tiktok's US business has experienced a reversal. From Microsoft, Facebook, twitter to Oracle, Wal Mart... The list of tiktoks has been growing, but judging from the current results, they have not been able to buy tiktok.

Why Oracle?

Earlier, compared with other buyers, Microsoft was the first potential buyer with abundant cash flow and brand potential, and yesterday Microsoft officials announced the situation.

So, why oracle bone inscriptions?

Founded in 1977, Oracle is the world's largest enterprise software company. According to the financial times, Oracle has been cooperating with byte hopping investors in the bidding process, including private equity group pan Atlantic investment group and venture capital Hongshan capital.


At the same time, Oracle is also the technology company closest to the trump administration. Ellison, the founder of Oracle, is one of the few public supporters of trump among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Ellison was a Republican, and he was also a big money maker of the Republican Party. His personal assets exceed $60 billion.

Aside from these objective factors, Oracle and TikTok are expected to reach a cooperation agreement.

As we all know, Oracle has been competing with Microsoft and Amazon AWS in the field of cloud computing. At present, in the cloud computing market, Amazon is the dominant company, and Microsoft, Google and Alibaba cloud are also catching up.

On February 3, Oracle said it had added new cloud computing data centers in five countries, aiming to have 36 data centers around the world by the end of 2020, thus seizing more market share of cloud computing with Amazon and Microsoft.

As the world's second-largest software company after Microsoft, although Amazon, Microsoft and other industry giants in the cloud computing market, but Oracle will not easily concede defeat, with its strong accumulation of funds and technological advantages crazy merger, vows to retake the lost market.

In order to catch up with the cloud market, Oracle carried out a radical reform, internal restructuring, in the company's internal personnel to make corresponding adjustments. Oracle is now backed by the federal government in the supreme court, relying on Java patent chips in its business dispute with google.

Meanwhile, bloody cloud-computing competition continues, with Oracle and Microsoft

Oracle, however, filed an appeal because it failed to qualify for bidding.

In addition, according to market analysis, one of the reasons why Oracle is sure to win the potential of tiktok is that it takes a fancy to the massive data of tiktok. By putting the data of tiktok on Oracle server, Oracle may be able to open up a road for new industries.

Although Oracle does not have a social media application that can be combined with tiktok, it can still use the large amount of customer data collected by tiktok to improve its marketing business and cloud computing tools. If Oracle, which provides a variety of marketing services, can connect its services with social networks, it will have a significant advantage in data analysis.

Tiktok has more than 2 billion downloads, and its huge user base is also very attractive to Oracle. Through the cooperation with tiktok, Oracle can enter the consumer market through social networks and shorten the gap with its competitors.

Now, tiktok's fate has gradually come to the surface, and has come up with a third plan other than selling and shutting down. But this cooperation has not yet been finalized yet. The US Foreign Investment Commission (CFIUS) will meet this week, and then make suggestions to President trump, who will make the final decision.

If the deal is not backed by trump, tiktok will be left with the only way to shut down its U.S. business.

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