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Shake sound DAU break 600 million, how far from WeChat?

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Source: Chopped Pepper Entertainment (ID:ylwanjia)

Tiktok tiktok CEO tiktok Zhang Nan, in the keynote speech of the second tremor creators conference, announced that by the end of August 2020, the daily activity of the flick of the flick version of the volcano version had exceeded 600 million.

At the beginning of this year, it was announced that as of January, the daily life had exceeded 400 million, when some public opinion said that the number of users was close to the ceiling, but half a year later, the daily life of shaking sound was still rising.

In her speech, Zhang Nan said she had mentioned at last year's meeting of creators that she wanted to shake the sound

Especially in the epidemic, she saw the link between the shaking voice and the user's life in search, live broadcast, e-commerce, and took on the functions of video search engine, information and entertainment, live shopping and so on.

This is beyond the expectation of a short video product. After the epidemic, Zhang Nan discovered that the needs and scenes of entertainment, shopping, learning and work tiktok are still continuing. How to shake the sound to take these scenes and serve users with different needs will be the focus of their next research.

As can be seen in the first half of the year, in the increment of DAU, a large amount of resources have been invested in the Spring Festival and the epidemic period, but in the second half of the year, the competitive dimension of shaking sound may not only be in a single data dimension, but also link the already harvested traffic with various life and entertainment scenes.

This also means Kwai's opponents may not only be quick tiktok, or live platform, or WeChat, Alipay and other products that are strongly related to life scenarios. At least byte beating is already thinking about this possibility.

In the coming year, the income of creators will reach 80 billion yuan,

Strong binding to shake sound

Tiktok said tiktok, the head of the market, will spend 10 billion yuan on the traffic volume in the coming year, and will help the creator earn 80 billion yuan in the three tiktok flow support, upgrading of service means and expansion of the channel.


So far ,22 million creators have generated 41.7 billion yuan.

Tiktok tiktok tiktok has always attached great importance to supporting creators. Short video forms determine the need to encourage users to create content continuously, and constantly renew the vibrant community.

As long as the community has enough activity, users will spontaneously generate liquidity.

For example, fast hand live e-commerce, in the early, fast hand trading, community rules are made by the user, fast hand little interference, the user spontaneously formed a set of drainage, selling goods to realize the rules, and has been continued;

For example, the wechat merchants and the shopkeepers who sell all kinds of strange goods and services on salted fish are all spontaneous transactions due to the activity of the community.

Each one takes what he needs tiktok tiktok, as long as the voice still keeps a large flow and high activity. It is inevitable that users will take whatever they want. The tiktok is also making the income of the creator more diversified through means of star map, live broadcast and electricity supplier.

What other scenarios do not occupy the tiktok?

The epidemic is an opportunity. People's accustomed line of fitness, office, class and other scenes had to be transferred to the tiktok. The shaking sound also improved their live broadcast, social networking, electricity supplier, search and other functions. Video and live broadcast no longer only took entertainment content, some users searched for videos to learn cooking, indoor fitness, and on the one hand, people went shopping through live and video Amway.


Recently, the shaking will be the bottom of the navigation bar in the original

Tiktok is regarded as a friend circle of jitter version, giving consideration to strangers and acquaintances, and also means that tiktok will always turn to strong social connections with users.

Social, live, shopping, and search are the four dimensions that shake sounds are gradually spreading from short video products, and the next step is to pay special attention to life scenes

Shi Qiong, head of the market, said that in the next year, the voice will invest 10 billion yuan worth of traffic resources to help creators earn 80 billion yuan through three aspects: flow support and upgrading, service means improvement, and channel expansion.

Wechat rose from acquaintances' social contact, and then built a complete life system. The most important one is the working scene and the other is the life scene.

Working hours take up almost most of people's time every day, and with the exception of some large factories, most of the company's work, communication, cooperation needs are conveyed through WeChat, in the office scene, shaking voice has not yet a place, but byte beat has its own online office software flying book.

Secondly, the life scene, through many functions embedded in WeChat Pay, users can meet many functions, including living payment, travel, shopping, takeout, ticket purchase, city service and so on, basically meet the survival needs of residents, among which the most important payment scene

Tiktok is the most powerful impact scenario for WeChat at present. One is based on tiktok's social scene, one is live shopping scene, and it has not penetrated in office and local life. But Zhang Nan mentioned many times that it will provide multiple services around life scenes, which means life centered service is the center of the tremor.

Tiktok tiktok's basic necessities of life are predictable. The way of local life services presented by shaking is different from those presented by WeChat and Alipay. On vibrato, both the necessities of life are presented in the form of short videos. In the future, more life service functions may be embedded on short video windows.

If the jitter is successful in the life scenario, then it will not be far from competing tiktok with WeChat.

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