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Ziguang zhanrui introduces the first chip level intelligent helmet solution to realize AI vision assistance

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On September 17, Ziguang zhanrui launched the world's first chip level intelligent helmet solution, which integrates Bluetooth, Wi Fi, LTE, GPS, AI and other functional modules on a chip platform, and realizes the core functions of the smart helmet with one chip. This means that through optimized design and algorithm, zhanrui's solution can achieve more stable connection and more accurate algorithm on the underlying hardware. The experimental data show that in some specific scenarios, the communication connection stability of zhanrui chip level solution is up to 50% higher than that of non chip level solutions in the market.

According to reports, the high integration brought by a chip can effectively reduce the development and deployment costs. It is estimated that the integrated cost of smart helmets will be reduced by 30% compared with that of non chip level solutions by using zhanrui chip level solutions, which will help more enterprises to realize the deployment of smart helmets and protect the safety of more workers.

According to Shanghai's release of traffic accidents in the first half of 2019, 325 road traffic accidents involving express delivery and delivery industries occurred in Shanghai in the first half of 2019, resulting in 5 deaths and 324 injuries. Helmet is the first element to ensure riding safety. Scientific research shows that helmet can reduce the risk of death in traffic accidents by 60% to 70%. At the same time, it is very close to people's eyes, ears and larynx, which can realize the most natural interaction.


The smart helmet equipped with zhanrui chip level solution can realize:

1. High standard, high quality and high reliability

Ziguang smart helmet solution, the core platform has carried out field testing with nearly 200 operators around the world, the global connection is unhindered. Based on the industrial design, the intelligent helmet is resistant to water immersion, high and low temperature, impact resistance and working ability in harsh environment.

2. Submicron precision positioning

According to the data, there are thousands of mobile phone models used by takeaway riders, as well as the old models many years ago. The navigation performance of different mobile phones varies greatly, which can not support real-time planning very well. Ziguang zhanrui's intelligent helmet solution can achieve sub meter level accurate positioning. Compared with the ordinary meter level positioning, it has achieved a huge improvement in the error from 10 meters to less than 1 meter, and the positioning accuracy is accurate to the lane.

3.AI HD voice calls

Zhanrui solution has built-in AI voice assistant, which can automatically recognize the scene, realize serial broadcast, reminder, guidance, reporting, function control and other operations, and realize stable recognition, processing and interaction of voice instructions even in complex scenes. According to the test, in the noisy environment, the speech wake-up and recognition rate of zhanrui scheme is as high as 97% at the distance of 1 meter.

At the same time, zhanrui integrates high-definition Bluetooth communication and noise reduction technology into the smart helmet. Through the Bluetooth headset in the helmet, it realizes low delay stereo, which helps cyclists to drive safely without missing important information.

4. AI visual aids

The smart helmet equipped with zhanrui scheme can realize the monitoring of AI lane. Through the integration of camera and AI algorithm, the lane can be identified in real time. In case of lane departure, retrograde or non motor vehicle entering the motorway, it will be prompted dynamically by voice.

Aiming at the blind area of turning and lane changing, zhanrui integrates 360 round view and intelligent rear view technology into the solution. Through the camera embedded in the helmet, it can cover and monitor the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians in a 360 degree way, reduce the blind spot area and realize instant voice warning.

5. Comprehensive safety monitoring

By fusing a variety of sensors, zhanrui scheme can realize omni-directional monitoring including rider's posture, behavior and physical condition. For example, once a rider falls down or has an abnormal heart rate, the helmet will identify in real time and report the data automatically; the helmet detection will automatically identify whether the rider is wearing a helmet and make a reminder; when driving at night, the helmet warning light will automatically turn on.

6. Long endurance

Through the low-power design, zhanrui achieves the balance of performance and power consumption, and can achieve a strong endurance of up to 7 days, and it does not sacrifice the comfort of wearing, and only increases the weight of an egg compared with the ordinary helmet.

At present, according to different user groups and market demands, zhanrui has launched three different solutions: popular version, standard version and flagship version, aiming at different needs of different groups.


Universal version, to meet the needs of riding safety related monitoring and Bluetooth call. The Standard Version, on the basis of providing security monitoring and Bluetooth call, adds real-time positioning function and AI voice assistant function. In the flagship version, AI visual aids are added to cope with more complex road conditions and ensure riding safety in an all-round way.

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