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Tesla car owner in Canada sleeping while driving charged with dangerous driving

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A Tesla Model s owner in Alberta, Canada, was charged with dangerous driving after driving at 150 km / h. Police think, "Tesla Autopilot is not an automatic driving system, the driver still needs to assume the driving responsibility." The case sparked people's doubts about Tesla semi automatic driving system Autopilot and driver's complacency.


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On July 9, local time, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they had received a complaint about reckless driving on Highway 2 near Bonoka, Alberta. According to police, the 2019 tesla Model S "appeared to be self-driving, traveling at speeds of more than 140 kilometers per hour, with two front-row seats completely tilted and passengers inside seemingly asleep ."

Police said they began to chase the vehicle after receiving the complaint, and then the Tesla "automatically began to accelerate" and eventually reached a speed of 150 km / h. The driver, a 21-year-old man from British Columbia, was charged with speeding and fatigue driving after parking, resulting in a 24-hour suspension of his driver's license. The man was later charged with dangerous driving.

Gary Graham (Gary Graham), director of the Royal Alberta Mounted Police Traffic Service, said in a statement :" Although car manufacturers have built in protective measures to prevent drivers from fully disengaging from safety systems, these systems are only auxiliary safety systems ." "They are not autonomous systems, and drivers still have to take responsibility for driving ."

A Tesla spokesman did not respond to requests for comment. Autopilot is a class 2 semi-automatic driving system, which combines the functions of adaptive cruise control, lane maintenance assistance, automatic parking, and recently introduced automatic lane change. Autopilot the system uses a set of sensors including 8 cameras, radar and ultrasound to automatically perform some driving functions, it also requires the driver to keep in touch with the vehicle at all times.

Traffic investigators have confirmed that Tesla's autopilot system is related to several fatal accidents in the past, and the family members of the deceased driver have sued Tesla for abnormal deaths.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) blamed driver overconfidence for the auto-driving accident. Musk said in 2018:" when serious accidents, almost always those old drivers, and the problem is more drivers too complacent ." But Tesla's marketing of its systems as "Autopilot", results prove to fuel driver complacency.

It is unclear to what extent the Canadian Tesla owner abused autopilot. Tesla said the autopilot system only works when it detects the driver's hand on the steering wheel. If the system does not detect that the driver's hand is on the steering wheel, the display screen in front of the driver will start flashing, then an audible warning will be issued, and finally autopilot will automatically shut down.

Since the launch of the autopilot system in 2015, Tesla owners have been looking for new ways to cheat the system. When their cars are "automatic" on the highway, people always like to sit in the back seat and upload videos of their cars driving automatically. Tesla responded by updating the software and asking the driver to put his hand on the steering wheel. However, some drivers use a piece of magnetic plastic attached to the steering wheel, simulating the manual pressure on the steering wheel to deceive the system.

"Autopilot buddy" is such a device, which aims to make the system feel that the driver's hand is always on the steering wheel. U.S. federal regulators have issued a ban to block the sale of such devices.

People always like to cheat on technology, even if it may cost them their lives.

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