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Huawei Chinese Academy of Sciences key EUV lithography machine? ASML Chinese Engineer: Arabian Nights

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The next ten years from 2021 to 2030 are

In addition, Bai Chunli also said that facing the U.S. pressure on China's high-tech industry, the next decade will be aimed at some of the key issues of the neck to make some new arrangements. He stressed that the Academy will be

Statement by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

During the work talk, Ren Zhengfei briefly introduced Huawei's progress in recent years and its future development strategy. He said that as the highest academic institution in science and technology, CAS has entered the world's advanced ranks in terms of discipline level, with obvious advantages in basic research and comprehensive cross cutting, which has made an important contribution to the development of the country. He suggested that scientists should continue to be curious about scientific research, and the state should further increase investment in basic research such as mathematics, chemistry and chemical materials to promote output Huawei attaches great importance to the cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and hopes that both sides will, on the basis of the existing cooperation, strengthen scientific and technological exchanges at all levels with a more open attitude, expand to the frontier fields of basic science and technology, jointly grasp the innovation opportunities, and promote the ideological wisdom and research achievements of scientists The results will become a powerful driving force for economic and social development and make greater contributions to the creation of a better future for mankind.

To the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Although Shanghai microelectronics (Smee) in China already has a 90nm lithography machine, and it is rumored that the 28nm lithography machine will be launched next year. However, there is still a huge gap between ASML and EUV.

Prior to this, there have been rumors in the industry that Huawei is developing more advanced EUV lithography machines, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has long had relevant layout in the field of key technologies and devices of lithography. For example, there has been a breakthrough in the lens and exposure system required by the lithography machine of Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the latest news also shows that Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics has built a set of EUV light source equipment.

So, can Huawei, together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, achieve a breakthrough in EUV lithography?


For the future development of China's lithography machine, a netizen who claimed to be an ASML Chinese engineer recently expressed his views on the Internet. The following is the original text:

When can the semiconductor OEM enterprises in mainland China surpass TSMC? Is this a question of 10 years, 20 years or 100 years?

I am currently working in ASML company, which is the latest generation of EUV lithography machine. Well, let's not talk about the (EUV) lithography machine to build, is to use the (EUV) lithography machine is a very complex thing.

TSMC is our customer. I admire TSMC engineers or their whole system. Their use of the lithography machine has reached a certain level of admiration, many things related to confidentiality can not be discussed.

For example,If TSMC is the U.S. Navy with ten 100000 ton nuclear powered aircraft carriers, the Chinese chip manufacturer is probably the Chinese Navy, and it was the Chinese Navy when the Liaoning ship was not towed into the port.

Do you think China will one day build a 100000 ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier? Of course, it's possible, but when can it be made? It's really hard to say. It needs the right time, the right place and the right people.

These conditions include, or may include:

The state is determined to be prepared to lose money for more than a decade or even two years; the external technology blockade needs to be somewhat loose (including various optical devices, lithography machines, photoresist, etc.); and

To tell you the truth, if you have the money to re-establish a company like TSMC in China, it is better to use the money to directly receive TSMC. The latter is likely to be cheaper in terms of cost.

Let me say, if TSMC is not confronted with a major revolution in chip manufacturing or other crises, it is very difficult for Chinese enterprises to surpass it!

I always have a hazy and unfounded feeling that the chip in the future is probably not silicon, but carbon, and some application of graphene.

Therefore, it is possible for China to surpass TSMC with new chip manufacturing technology in a large and general way.

You may not know much about chip manufacturing.So if Europe evaporates overnight, it will take at least five years for the United States to recreate a lithography machine with similar performance!

So China wants to build a new EUV lithography machine is not China alone, but China alone foreign! Not to mention, high-performance filters, ultra-UV high reflectivity coatings, durable commercial lasers

Coating, filter, semi-reverse half-cast

China started late, so it can't be built in a short time. Because, without these basic devices, it is impossible to talk about building EUV lithography machine!

So making lithography is not the same as building an aircraft carrier, which is not in the global industrial chain. And lithography machine is the product of global industry chain integration. If the technical blockade against China is not relaxed, there are too many things that need to be done repeatedly. It will not be possible for China to do it alone in 10 or 20 years.

If we still think that the market, money and policy can make a great leap forward to create lithography, it is absolutely wrong.

I think it's not a bad thing to admit that some things can't be done on their own or hard work, and that they need foreign help. Blind optimism will ruin your future.

Of course, as a new generation of technology, EUV can achieve 7Nm and 5nm lithography. Although it is more advanced, if TSMC is forced not to contract for China (mainland), we can still use the older technology. The use of older technology is also sufficient to ensure the normal domestic needs. This is one of the reasons why the state does not have so much motivation and determination in this field.

In short, the EUV lithography machine can be regarded as a derivative of the hegemony of the US dollar. If the US dollar hegemony still exists, China will not be able to make a major breakthrough in this field. When and only when the basic accessories required by EUV lithography machine can be freely imported to China, China will have a breakthrough in this field.

Finally, I would like to emphasize another concept! The difference between the commercialized products and the ones that can be realized in the laboratory is a thousand miles away! Laboratory implementation means that it can be done once or twice without considering cost and stability.

The concept of commercial products is: stable, efficient, controllable and can make money!

As far as EUV lithography is concerned, Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics has probably done the best in China, that is to say, it has built a set of EUV light source equipment in the laboratory, and from the perspective of technology realization, they have chosen another technical route. The controllability of EUV output is bound to be insufficient, and there is still a huge bottleneck in commercialization. China as like as two peas in the ASML technology, and the trouble of patent, where it is to be avoided, commercialization is almost impossible.

It's different from aircraft carriers and fighter planes. You can't sue for patent infringement even if you copy someone else's. If you use the same principle, you'll lose everything if you pay for patent infringement.

In a word, if the technology is not innovated, China will hardly be able to catch up with the latecomers. As for TSMC, it is a manufacturer of EUV lithography machines. If there is no EUV lithography machine available in mainland China, what can we talk about surpassing TSMC?

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