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Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock evaluation experience: Unlocking becomes a sentence

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1、 Price butcher comes on the stage, automatic intelligent door lock will marry down the price of 1699 yuan

Nowadays, smart door locks have gradually entered thousands of households, and more and more families have begun to replace their traditional locks with smart locks.

From a few unlocking methods to the popularity of living fingerprint unlocking methods, the function and shape of intelligent door locks have been completely changed in recent years. There are even automatic intelligent locks that do not need to rotate or push or pull the door handle, but the price is usually high.

At the same time, the price of the first appointment has been reduced to the limit level of 1699 yuan (the retail price of the product is 1799 yuan, and the deposit is 100 yuan to 200 yuan)


After several days of installing and experiencing the lock, Kuai tech found that the so-called full-automatic means that the latch will automatically retract after the fingerprint verification is passed when the door is opened, and the lock will be automatically locked within 0.8 seconds when the door is closed, eliminating the action of rotating / pushing the handle when opening and closing the door.

According to Xiaomi's official statement, the internal mechanism of automatic door lock is a power system composed of linear driving force, planetary gear deceleration, micro motor power, state perception and other components. So it seems that this kind of lock is not complicated, but it has been regarded as a high-end marketing concept, and the lock has been bound in the high price platform.

In terms of security, Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock is equipped with C-level lock cylinder, with fingerprint recognition rate of 98.94%, which can be combined with multi-dimensional information such as fingerprint, skin, conductivity, etc.; the password can be set with 50 sets of long-term password, periodic password (suitable for nanny / hourly worker, etc.) and one-time temporary password, supporting 20 digit virtual input; it also supports NFC unlocking, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking, homekit unlocking, etc.

In terms of intelligence, the door lock supports smart home linkage, which can realize the deployment of defense, turn on the lights when opening the door, and remind visitors. According to the data of Luke laboratory, 8 batteries of No.5 can supply power, the door lock can achieve 12-month super long endurance, and the type-C can provide emergency power supply in case of emergency.

In terms of installation and maintenance, Xiaomi promises free door-to-door installation for the first time and 3-year free warranty.

Here's a detailed review.



2、 Unpacking experience: the integrated door handle can't be pushed

At first glance, Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock, this appearance has a sense of deja vu. The overall design language is similar to the previous Xiaomi intelligent door lock push-pull type. The door lock is black in color, so it is not easy to paint off after electrophoretic coating. The four corners of the door lock are designed with rounded corners, which is in order.


The top of the external door lock panel is designed with a very striking doorbell button, which means that Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock integrates the doorbell inside the door lock, and the user does not need to add a doorbell on the door.


Below the doorbell button is the password panel, usually the door lock light is off for a long time to reduce power consumption. When you need to unlock the password, you can light it by touching the panel. You can see that the bottom of the password panel is also designed with double verification indicator, lock indicator and power warning function buttons.

Double verification, as the name implies, requires users to use two ways to verify that they can only open the door after they have passed the verification, so as to strengthen the security of the door lock.

The NFC logo is printed on the lock body, which makes it easy for users to find the NFC sensing area in one step, without wasting time to try and find the identification location.


There is an emergency key hole above the front panel. As for the door handle, the fingerprint identification module is integrated into the door handle. When the fingerprint is input into the door lock, you only need to press the finger gently in the fingerprint identification area, and the unlocking action can be completed without pushing and pulling.


The bottom of the door lock is the speaker and type-C interface, which can't be used at ordinary times. In case of power failure of the door lock and no mechanical key on the body, you can power it through the power bank, and you can go home smoothly.


The shape and design of the back panel of the meter automatic intelligent door lock is consistent with that of the front panel. It is obvious that there is a button on the door handle inside the door, which can be opened by pressing.


There is an electronic anti lock key under the door handle. Long press for 1.5 seconds to open / close the electronic anti lock. Here you can also see an emergency unlock knob, which can't be used at ordinary times, but can be used in emergency.


The manufacturer is Yunding Technology (it has Luke intelligent door lock and other brand products)



The latch is integrated with the lock cylinder and is equipped with two mechanical keys


The longest screw is directly distributed in the package, and the installation master can shorten and polish according to the actual situation.

3、 User experience: quite friendly to lazy people


When in use, the current will drive the stainless steel main lock tongue to stretch and retract. The biggest feeling from the actual experience is that the door opening is a moment in daily life, which becomes fast and quiet. There is no need to manually lock or unlock the door like the traditional door lock or semi-automatic door lock, and there is no need to open and close the door with one hand when holding something.



Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock not only supports automatic door opening, but also automatic door closing. The latch will pop out in less than a second after closing the door.


Moreover, the lock body of Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock is equipped with five sensors to monitor the state of the door lock. When the door lock is not tightly closed, a warning sound will be issued. The C-level lock cylinder runs through the lock body, so it is difficult to remove the lock by force in case of the panel being damaged. It also prevents the card from unlocking and has no concern of being followed.


If the door is not closed properly, an alarm will be sent out

In terms of unlocking methods, Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock has now supported 7 unlocking modes, including fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, temporary password unlocking, emergency key unlocking, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking, homekit unlocking and NFC unlocking.

Among them, password unlocking supports 20 digit virtual password unlocking. Users can also set one-time temporary password and periodic temporary password on the app, which can be used by friends and domestic service personnel. In the experience, we found that Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock can add 50 groups of long-term valid passwords.


In terms of fingerprint unlocking, Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock adopts multi-dimensional fingerprint identification technology.

According to the official statement, the fingerprint recognition rate can reach 98.94%. In my own experience, there is no difference between the success rate of fingerprint identification and other living fingerprint locks.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock supports setting any fingerprint of a finger as a duress fingerprint. In case of danger, the corresponding finger of the forced fingerprint can be used to unlock the lock. In the case of configuring the Bluetooth gateway, the Mijia app can be triggered to call the preset emergency contact.


If you use Xiaomi mobile phone, millet watch, Xiaomi bracelet with NFC function, you can unlock NFC unlock play, use NFC unlock function.


Surprisingly, Xiaomi's fully automatic intelligent door lock can also be connected to Apple homekit platform. After Mijia app authorizes apple homekit, it can wake up Siri voice to open the door.


4、 Summary: practical choice of automatic intelligent door lock

Xiaomi fully automatic intelligent door lock, a new type of door lock product, first makes people feel that the new way is to open and close the lock. In the actual experience, it can realize automatic unlocking without manual switch, and it is faster and more convenient to open the door.

In addition, it will automatically lock the door when it is closed. Even if the user is careless, it also has the prompt that the door is not closed and the door is not tightly closed. Therefore, it is not only easy to unlock the door, but also need not worry about locking the door.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock has also completed the system compatibility with homekit, which means that Apple users can also use the affordable fully automatic intelligent door lock and use Siri to realize voice unlocking. Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock does not exclude the ecological platform outside of Mijia ecology.

While opening up a new door lock form, Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock does not lack the C-level lock core and in-line core structure with the highest security level, and multidimensional living fingerprint identification, which are all the core standard configuration of Xiaomi flagship intelligent lock.


In terms of functionality, it relies on Xiaomi's strong ecological effect and software support, provides intelligent linkage playing method and remote warning, and a variety of unlocking methods, with a very high degree of intelligence.

Of course, compared with the same type but more expensive automatic intelligent door lock, the appearance technology of Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock has some differences in design perception. The appearance is slightly conservative, and only black is available. If you stand on the point of practicality, but also demanding the appearance design, it is OK.

In short, compared with similar products,Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock is only slightly conservative and introverted in appearance, but there are many core functions, safety features and function playing methods. On the basis of the reservation price of 1699 yuan, it can also interact with homekit. There is really no place to be picky

In this way, in the current period of time, if you want to choose a practical, reliable, cost-effective fully automatic intelligent door lock, it is the best choice.

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