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Squeeze out Tesla "Feng Wang ", Wuling Hongguang more than 20,000 yuan" electric god car "

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Author: Edited by Yang Haiyan: Hu Junhua

Wuling Hongguang MINI EV "Feng Wang ", is only the first step in the field of marketization and privateization of electric vehicles.

Model 3 sales in recent months, led Tesla monthly sales, in the domestic mid-end new energy car market

According to September data, SAIC General Motors Wuling Hongguang MINI EV sales exceeded 20,000, once again top the domestic new energy car market sales champion. Tesla sold 11329 vehicles in September. By October, Hongguang MINI EV's daily average sales of more than a thousand vehicles, no surprise, will be maintained furthe

With a starting price of less than 30,000 yuan and a maximum range of only 170 km, a class A00 car, which has been on the market for only three months, why is it so fast in such a short time


Who is buying Wuling Hongguang Mini EV?

And Tesla Model 3 sales are concentrated in the first and second-line mainstream market is different. Wuling Hongguang MINI EV and its fellow brothers, Baojun's E100 and E200, are concentrated in the third, fourth and below markets, according to a report obtained by reporters. Unlike the first and second tier markets, new energy buyers in the third and fourth tier markets will not be subject to external conditions such as when buying new energy vehicles. Compared with the city, the living environment and usage scene of the sinking market are more suitable for small electric vehicles.

In this market, Chery ants and even the Great Wall Euler were the main sales. The price of both is more than 50,000 yuan. Wuling Hongguang MINI EV was born after the adjustment of the national new energy vehicle subsidy. It can carry batteries and configure them more rationally according to the needs of new policies and target customers. Wuling Hongguang MINI EV also has more advantages in cost and price thanks to Baojun E100 and E200's supply chain, purchasing and manufacturing base in micro electric vehicles.

On the price point of view, Hongguang MINI EV aimed at the market, should be the previous price concentrated in 20,000~30,000 yuan or so

After Tesla's domestic landing, with the improvement of localization level, the orders and stock prices of related companies in the industrial chain have been promoted, and the hot selling of Hongguang MINI EV has also driven the stock prices of related companies in the industrial chain to climb. As Hongguang MINI EV power battery suppliers, Ningde era, Penghui Energy, Guoxuan Hi-tech shares rose 22.36 percent ,14.31 percent ,13.42 percent in the past month. Quaitong Securities estimates that if Hongguang MINI EV annual sales gradually climb to 600000, Fangzheng Motor, Penghui Energy, Wanan Technology, Yilida and other supporting suppliers annual revenue will increase 30%~60%.

The market consumption structure shows a trend of polarization

In addition to the capital market, the hot sale of Hongguang Mini EV also changes the structure of domestic new energy vehicle consumption market. According to the data provided by Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the all China ride Association, the strong growth trend of electric vehicles at both ends in September is obvious, among which the sales volume of A00 class (mini cars) is 32500, and the share is increased to 32% of pure electric vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of 140%.

Over the past few years, the new energy subsidy policy has put forward higher requirements for battery indicators and battery life of electric vehicles, resulting in a decline in A00 market share. In the price range of 100000 yuan to 200000 yuan, BYD, BAIC and other traditional car companies used to occupy the main market. But car buyers in this market account for more than 70% of the B end travel companies and net car companies, and the proportion of electric vehicles entering the private market is very small.

In 2019, the top 10 models in the domestic new energy vehicle market are all launched by traditional automobile companies, among which BAIC EU Series and BYD Tang occupy the top two of the list. But this year, with the policy adjustment, the domestic new energy vehicle market began to develop in a more rational direction. Since the beginning of this year, sales of BAIC new energy and BYD's traditional new energy vehicles have fallen sharply, while the sales of intelligent electric vehicles such as Weilai, ideality, Xiaopeng and Weima have begun to rise.

CSCI pointed out that with the continuous launch of Tesla Model 3, BYD Han and Weilai ES6, the product strength of new energy vehicles has taken a qualitative leap. The popular models continue to promote consumers' awareness of new energy vehicles, and the to C market has gradually opened up. According to the agency's forecast, at present, the domestic new energy vehicle market will enter the process of qualitative change, and the low-end market will also start to enter the demand-oriented market and accelerate in an all-round way.

Under this background, A00 class micro electric vehicles, including Hongguang MINI EV, will still have some market space in the future, and the market performance in the middle and high-end market, including Tesla Model 3、 Wei Lai ES6, will continue to heat up. The trend of polarization will remain. However, at present, the proportion of new energy vehicles in the overall market is still only about 5%, the increase of share still needs cost optimization, the acceleration of the process of localization of core components and the improvement of infrastructure. From the pattern point of view, at present, some traditional car enterprises' new energy vehicles are still transformed by traditional vehicle platform, whether in technology, cost or even product strength, there is a great room for improvement. And the head of the new car-making force, with its intelligence and interaction in the late advantage, in a certain period of time to maintain the lead.

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