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I advise you not to take Baidu unmanned car now

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Wen/Yanning Li, Yipu Guo

Source: Collider (ID: ai7gua)

Baidu is on fire again these two days.

The reason is simple. On the evening of November 11, baidu announced that the automatic taxi service will be fully opened in Beijing. Haidian and Yizhuang can directly place orders for free ride without reservation.

The news soon spread on social media. Some netizens are excited to overflow the screen,

Some people have even outlined the future of travel on the Internet.

Many people think that autonomous driving is really coming.

However, I advise you not to take Baidu unmanned car now.


don't come, really

Daoxiang Lake, Haidian District, the weather is fine, the road is open, occasionally there are vehicles passing through, through the shadow of trees on the road.

It's about 20 kilometers northwest of Zhongguancun, and it's almost to the sixth ring road. It's located at the northern end of Haidian District. If you want to experience Baidu self driving taxi, you must run to this remote place.

In fact, Baidu's open self-driving taxi, can not stop with the call, can only get off at a fixed station. The operation mode is closer to the bus. This opened a total of Haidian, Yizhuang a total of 15 sites. Among them, Haidian District has 3 stations, are near the rice Xiang Lake. Fortunately, there is still a subway to arrive.

The first reason to advise you not to come is: it's a little far away.


This place is as far away as the road. However, at two o'clock yesterday afternoon, walking 500 meters from daoxianghu subway station, we could see about 10 people standing on the roadside, which was very conspicuous. And most of them stare hard at the screen.


Are to experience Baidu self-driving taxi. Don't ask, this is a stop, yes.

On the mobile phone, use Baidu Apollo Go or Baidu map App can send an order, call Baidu self-driving taxi. But the fact is, it's easy to place an order and difficult to take a taxi.


When the phone orders, the system shows

Who is it that keeps waiting? Half of them are media waiting for interviews. The other half is from Baidu.

A boy and three of his friends were students studying automatic driving in a university laboratory. Half an hour later, none of them called one. At the Wenyang road boarding point, the students of the collision school also met the team of Tsinghua University. Among them, there were postdoctoral students who had worked in Tucson for two years, saying that they wanted to experience Baidu's technology.

After three bus stops, waiting for more than an hour, two black Lincoln MKZ with lidar stopped slowly on the roadside. The doctors finally got on the car, scanned the code and drove away.

The second reason to advise you not to come is that it's a little difficult.

Zhang Juan is not so lucky this time. She read the news some time ago to taste new technology.

And she waited from 2:00 till 4:00 until app showed

In fact, it will be the same again. Because Baidu drives a taxi automatically, it is not allowed to take pictures in the car. If you hold the idea of taking a video in the car, you will be disappointed. Of course, you shoot casually on the side of the road.

If you want videos of in car test rides or driving on the road, it's better to look at the materials taken by various media.

To sum up, we sincerely advise you, if not particularly fanatical or have a strong purpose, now do not try Baidu automatic driving taxi. After all, it's not easy to come here, and you can't sit on it.

It's better to wait.


Conservative and cautious

However, after all, it's new technology, and most of the passengers in line feel that this trip is worthwhile.

General turn, brake, start, Baidu self-driving taxi can be completed smoothly.

I got out of the car. I look in a good mood.

Students from the lab, after taking seven kilometers, extracted key words

The first is the location. The 15 stations specified in the trial area are in the suburbs, sparsely populated, relatively simple road conditions, almost unobstructed. In this way, the official claims


But after all, it is the capital of Beijing. After all, it is the first time that it is open to all passengers. The significance of wind vane is indeed more obvious.

The second is the setting of safety officers.

Although the safety officer will not touch the steering wheel during the driving process, his hand is placed at the position of several centimeters of the steering wheel.

Several passengers encountered a security officer taking over the vehicle during the trial ride, but in the passenger's view, some common conditions should have been solved by the system itself, the security officer is too nervous, a little bit

However, it is also the first time in the public view that the safety of the test ride has been put in the absolute first place.

The vehicle setting is more obvious. Baidu self-driving taxi speed set not more than 60 km/h, although the same section of other cars can reach 80-90 km/h. speed

However, these unmanned vehicles carrying passengers did not choose to run with sahuaner this time.

One passenger mentioned signal handling.

Handle the yellow light according to the red light and wait one more minute for safety. But some human drivers don't think so. So this can help us understand the saying circulated by autopilot engineers

Human beings are the most unreliable drivers.

But caution in security can also lead to an experiential compromise. Like the brakes. When other vehicles overtake, Baidu self-driving taxi will also be cautious brake. Two self-driving passengers, who got off the bus and stood by the roadside for a 10-minute debate on the issue.


Baidu is so cautious about self-driving taxis, whether in the suburbs o

The consequence of prudence, of course, is not as natural as many imaginations and descriptions.

Whether it's a brake or a small puddle that goes straight past, it reminds passengers that this is a machine, not a human driver.

If you don't want to be so conservative, be bold, treat the machine as an adult and really drive on the road. Technology doesn't have to be able to carry it.

A passenger had a bug.

There is a construction area around Daoxiang Lake, and the roadblock signs are not placed in the middle of the road, but on the side.

Unmanned vehicle

In the end, the only way to do this is for the security officer to step in and turn the car out manually.

Taking professional test passengers as an example, this corner case is the biggest long tail challenge of unmanned vehicles, and it is also the key reason why the automatic driving vehicles need continuous road test and trial operation before robotaxi is fully implemented.

Compared to the human eye, lidar and camera do have advantages


It's still in the suburbs. In an urban area with a real huge demand, we can imagine whether automatic driving can cope with the traffic jams of cars, bicycles, electric cars, and pedestrians.

Overall, this open trial ride is more like a public trial if you expect

There may also be a place factor.

It is said that Baidu is also a Apollo unmanned car, in Changsha RoboTaxi trial operation is much more free, soon to become Changsha people weekend parent-child activities must be selected, the evaluation is also good.

But Beijing, after all, is Beijing.

7 years ago, China's unmanned vehicles were first on the road demo measured in Beijing, but a full seven years later, they were tested for all the Beijing public

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