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Tesla falls again and again. Is it really cutting leeks?

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The advantages Tesla has gained in the past few years are the accumulation of production capacity, the integrity of the technical system, and the influence of the brand. Due to the urgency of the market, Tesla is frantically seizing the market share.

When it comes to the sensation caused by car price reduction, no company can compare with Tesla.

Just three days before Tesla announced the price cut, Liu Yang picked up the car. He learned that the price of the same model was 30000 yuan lower than that when he bought it. For the first time, he deeply understood what "cutting leeks" is.

Liu Yang immediately went to the sales staff and said that the compensation measure was to get 50000 yuan of charging amount, which made him get a little comfort. "After all, I just picked up the car," Liu said.

Generally speaking, Tesla's official compensation is to return the car or charge it for free for three years. However, this is only limited to the car owners within 7 days before the price reduction, because Tesla's "confidence guarantee program" previously released shows that if users are not satisfied with the new car, they can return it within 7 days without any reason. Among Tesla riders, those who can't enjoy the price reduction or get preferential policies call themselves "old leeks.".

Tesla's price cut is nothing new. Since the launch of Tesla's new car, the price has fluctuated, even giving people the feeling that "musk is pricing himself".

But in fact, if we really consider it from the perspective of Tesla or musk himself, Tesla has its own set of logic in it.

Drop again and again, why?

If you plot the price of Tesla since its launch as a graph, you will find a clear downward trend.

Take the domestic model 3 as an example, in addition to the price increase when the formal pre-sale is lower than the pre-sale price, in less than a year and a half, the standard extended model 3 has experienced four price reductions, and the price reduction range is larger and larger.


Domestic Tesla Model 3 price rise and fall trend, over the past year, geek Park Map

If the price of the model 3 falls by more than 100000 yuan a year, it may be the fastest model in the world.

In fact, when the domestic model 3 was just delivered, many people mentioned that the price reduction space of this model may be very large.

According to the report released by Soochow securities at that time, about 30% of the model 3 parts are localized, which is expected to reach 80% in the middle of 2020 and 100% by the end of 2020. It is estimated that the production cost of domestic model 3 is about 20% lower than that of the US version. Now, it is the result of Tesla parts localization.

In addition, a person familiar with the matter disclosed that the main reason for Tesla's price reduction this time is that the battery in the car is replaced by lithium iron phosphate, which further reduces the cost. "I expected Tesla to reduce its price, but I didn't expect that it could be so fast and there was no time for consumers to respond. One industry person told the geek park.


Tesla cut prices, people are more concerned. One said that the main reason for this price reduction is that the battery is replaced by a lower cost lithium iron phosphate people's vision

However, compared with the drop in price, the potential customers make complaints about "true fragrance", but Tesla's body technology has not been updated quickly. To this day, the discussion about the uneven alignment of Tesla doors, the welding technology is obviously inferior to other car companies, and even worse than Weilai and Xiaopeng, who are also intelligent electric vehicles, are still mentioned from time to time on social media such as microblog.

In the eyes of outsiders, is this a case of "losing a watermelon and picking up sesame seeds"?

The answer is No.

In the crucial Chinese market, not only musk, Tesla as a whole, has its own unique route to grasp its own advantages and disadvantages and business decisions.

Business strategy of fast but not broken

If you want to answer this series of questions, the first answer must be: fast.

Tesla has built a plant in Shanghai in less than a year in China, and in a few months it has produced 3000 vehicles a week, as well as rapid localization of parts and components, and the model Y of new models is advancing methodically

But Tesla did not take it lightly. The price reduction strategy is a "sprint" of Tesla in China, because in the process of seizing market share, there is no room for any mistakes.

Li Xiang, founder of ideal automobile, once sent a sales list of three first tier cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, in a wechat group. In June 2020, Tesla Model 3 was already the sales champion of all models including fuel vehicles. "Disaster of destruction," Li Xiang described it.


Tesla became the sales champion of the first tier cities, which Li Xiang called the "disaster of destruction" network

In Europe, Tesla has also begun to make efforts. According to foreign media reports, the model 3 is the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe in August 2020, with a sales volume of 7020 units. Tesla has established a global benchmark electric vehicle product with its own efforts.

It wasn't all of a sudden.

Tesla's car products have been turned into large high intelligent toys, the company's own "subversive" temperament and Musk's worldwide influence are slowly accumulating potential energy and finally breaking out.

Some people have commented that people don't care what musk has done. He has his own star aura. Many people call themselves followers of "Musk religion", which is enough to prove his influence. New energy vehicles, spaceships, brain computer interface and other commercial projects have made many people his loyal fans.

Using Musk's personal influence to drive the growth of enterprises is a dangerous move, but it is also very effective. The cognitive advantages of musk and Tesla have been fully established. When Tesla officially enters the Chinese market, the first batch of geeks will go to taste fresh food and be willing to become "tap water".

Of course, Tesla is not just for fast and fast, for Tesla, running in front is a very necessary thing.


Tesla must keep pace, especially in a market with huge potential like China

In the early stage of industry development, consumers will get a lot of subsidies when they buy electric vehicles. With the momentum of subsidies, Tesla is gradually expanding the market scale. In addition, Tesla will enjoy special treatment in certain countries. For example, in China, Tesla enjoys a four-year tax exemption policy and pays 2.2 billion tax to China every year from 2023, which makes Tesla be free and have to run forward in the early stage of the Chinese market.

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are a major trend. Tesla seems to have a sense of crisis in order to avoid competition or to get dividends. Of course, it has a lot to do with Musk's thinking and Tesla's perception of itself in the industry.

Do not make "art works" with poor sales

The ultimate goal of every car company is to sell as many vehicles as possible. Now it seems that Tesla has done it.

This is Tesla's highlight moment. In addition to sales, Tesla's average asset liability ratio in the past 12 months was 71.9%, the lowest in history.

The asset liability ratio previously represented the largest operating risk of Tesla, and it is also an important indicator to measure whether the enterprise is operating well in the automobile industry. The smaller the asset liability ratio is, it shows that the shareholders have more investment and the industry is optimistic about it. Therefore, in order to make cash flow more stable, Tesla must give top priority to the market.

"The advantages Tesla has gained in the past few years are the accumulation of production capacity, the integrity of its technical system, and the influence of its brand. Because of its urgency to the market, Tesla is scrambling for market share. "This is what one auto industry analyst told geek park.

Musk doesn't need public relations. What musk needs is that enterprises should firmly stand on the top seat before the competition becomes more and more fierce. As for the priority of manufacturing process, it is not so urgent. Because even if the process is improved, it will not be more effective than strategies such as price reduction to boost sales.

For an enterprise that has experienced life and death, the current business strategy may best reflect the founder's heart.

Obviously, the weak technology is not what musk wants to improve, but to strengthen the supply chain, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and how to cover a wider range of people, and how to make use of its inherent advantages to "reduce dimension", which may be the core of enterprise operation, musk is most concerned about and is trying to push forward.

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