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Visit Tencent Cloud 5 G Edge Computing Center: Deploy more flexible data center products

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3GPP has defined three scenarios of 5g for a long time: large traffic mobile broadband service (embB), large-scale Internet of things service (mmtc), and low delay and high reliable connection service (urllc). The three scenarios obviously put forward high requirements for 5g, not only to solve the speed problem that needs to be solved, but also to meet the requirements of low time research and mass connection.


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In fact, if only rely on 5g core network to deal with the future burst of large-scale data, the load of the core network and return link will be unbearable, and the problems of network congestion, transmission rate and delay performance degradation will also be unavoidable.

Edge computing can solve this problem.

They are horns to each other

"Mutual horn" can be a good summary of the relationship between 5g and edge computing.

In essence, 5g belongs to the concept of communication technology domain, and edge computing belongs to the concept of Internet IT domain.

Therefore, the development of edge computing technology is no longer the patent of operators, and it is not difficult to find that cloud manufacturers have long integrated cloud computing and edge computing to provide services for users.

Officially, edge computing has become the entry point of 5g for cloud manufacturers.

The 5g edge computing center deployed by Tencent cloud in Binhai is a good example. Field visits show that the edge computing center is the size of a small container, which can realize lightweight deployment.

"A flat area, power connection and network access can be used. As long as these three requirements are met, this edge computing center can be deployed," said Han pengrui, an architect of Tencent data center.

According to Han pengrui, Tencent cloud 5g edge computing center consists of three layers:

  • Hardware layer: take Mini T-block as carrier, cooperate with self-developed equipment such as Xingxinghai server;

  • Platform layer: Tencent edge computing infrastructure ECM, edge access and acceleration platform TSEC and Internet of things edge computing platform IECP integrate intelligent maintenance and network security capabilities to ensure the stability of edge computing;

  • Application layer: edge computing business created by Tencent.

"In the 4G era, the core networks of operators are all deployed in provincial capitals. For cities far away from the provincial capitals, distance constraints cannot meet the requirements of low latency. With the combination of 5g and edge computing, we hope to deploy the 5g core network of operators in our MEC in a lightweight way, so as to provide a faster deployment solution for the industry private network. "

How does edge computing center combine with 5g? The edge computing machine ECM and TSEC developed by Tencent are the edge access and acceleration platform, which is the key.

Edge computing machine ECM is a lightweight computing platform that can deploy computing power to cloud edge nodes near users and data production sources, providing low delay, high availability and low cost edge computing services. At the same time, the edge computing machine ECM adopt the same technology as Tencent cloud center cloud, seamlessly support edge and center cloud edge collaboration.

TSEC is an edge access and acceleration platform, which can cooperate with operators' networks to achieve 5g edge traffic access, QoS / sliced network acceleration capability, secure access, 5g LAN industry communication capability, etc.

Tencent Cloud will also release an outdoor one-body cabinet that will be a smaller, faster delivery and more flexible deployment of data center products than Mini T-block, further meeting the needs of enterprises for edge computing and private clouds.

Besides, at the Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference on September 11, Tencent Cloud announced that it is expected to complete the construction of nearly 300 edge computing nodes by the end of this year, but not all of these 300 edge nodes will have five G of access capacity.

Gather the great

Let's take a look at what Tencent cloud has done around the 5g edge computing center.

In terms of physical injury prevention, Tencent cloud has built a personnel and event management platform - Tencent instant view, which provides a variety of intelligent security services such as helmet detection, fire warning, forbidden zone detection, etc., which can effectively monitor the losses caused by external intruders and fire disasters.

In the aspect of edge center operation and maintenance, Tencent has developed the data center operation and maintenance management platform Tencent Zhiwei, which can effectively monitor the environment of the digital center, and also monitor the equipment status of the data center, so as to realize the intelligent management of the data center.

In terms of network security, Tencent security network intrusion prevention system (Tianmu) aims at the security problems in the edge computing scene, adopts the idea of "going deep into the kernel and close to the hardware" to provide near source security analysis, so as to enhance the security protection ability and efficiency of edge computing center.

In addition, Tencent cloud also reserves 5g SDK, and provides 5g DTU, 5g sdwan, 5g aiot gateway and other devices, 5g terminal devices at the user end, and IOT devices with other connection modes. Through SDK transplantation, users can quickly connect to Tencent cloud IOT platform explorer.

Xia Yunfei, product architect of Tencent cloud Internet of things, said: "only 5g devices can better use our edge computing, so we need to help the whole industry develop 5g devices. Reserve 5g SDK can help small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly develop 5g devices. This is a role of our Internet of things platform explorer."

What are the advantages of Tencent?

Obviously, in today's edge computing fires, the power makers are not just Tencent, including operators, communication equipment providers, and other Internet vendors are providing solutions from hardware to software.

"Our advantage lies in our strong operational experience in self-supporting business needs. For example, Tencent video, Tencent game business has been very leading in China, the scale is also very large. If we want to operate this kind of business well and the customer business of Tencent cloud, it is bound to have high requirements for our technical platform. " Tencent cloud edge computing and 5g Senior Product Manager Liu Hang said.

be fully equipped for

After all, the construction of 5g mainly needs operators to complete.

"We can't build 5g edge computing nodes without cooperation with operators." Chen Wei, an expert in Tencent cloud 5g, said:

On the one hand, the edge computing technology and industrial maturity of 5g network still need some time. When operators build 5g network, they need to open up relevant technical capabilities, so that we can jointly build 5g edge computing nodes with operators. Therefore, our 5g edge computing node construction progress not only depends on Tencent's technical capability, but also on the operators' 5g network construction and the maturity of edge computing technology.

On the other hand, in the construction of edge nodes, operators are also opening their MEC rooms. How to have a better cooperation mode between operators and Internet manufacturers is also a topic of industrial discussion. Both sides need to explore a win-win cooperation mode.

"But with the development of 5g users on a larger scale, after the entire 5g user scale and business market are cultivated, there may be greater demands for 5g edge computing, which is only a matter of time."

Thus, Tencent cloud is ready.

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