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Is this the future of win10? Microsoft surfacefleet

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Although many parts of win10 have been criticized, it is undeniable that at least Microsoft is trying to integrate many advanced concepts into win10. No matter what the final product is, win10 is still enterprising in general.

For example

Win10 The time line function is added to 1804 and used to replace the traditional multi-task interface. A timeline has the greatest significance of enabling multiple PC common streaming tasks

In fact, this reflects Microsoft's productivity tools a long-standing design ideas

Now, the timeline seems to be changing. Microsoft Research recently announcedJudging from the concept announced, surfacefleet has a lot of shadow of timeline, but there are more radical changes, which will greatly change the experience of win10 and even more Microsoft products, which can be called black technology.

Why do you say that? Let's get to know it.


Four important features of surfacefleet

What is surfacefleet?

In short, surfacefleet is a cross platform solution to use applications and call resources. It is used to solve the problem that people use more and more devices at the same time in the mobile Internet era, but these devices can not be connected.

For example, the mobile phone has a camera, which can take some materials, and these materials want to be edited on the computer. Now, the method is only to transmit them to the computer through the transmission tool, and then open the specific software for operation. With surfacefleet, the experience is totally different.


The hardware of different devices is connected togethe

Surfacefleet allows different devices to share hardware and software. For example, in terms of hardware, surfacefleet allows PC to use the camera of mobile phone, or mobile phone can also use PC keyboard. The advantages of different devices can be complemented by hardware;

In terms of software, surfacefleet enables applications to share resources across devices, users and even across time. It can copy an image on a mobile phone and simply cut it. On a PC, it can continue to refine the image seamlessly.


Real time editing of material taken from other devices

How does surfacefleet do this?

In the demonstration video of Microsoft, the application of surfacefleet in software is highlighted.

During the presentation, the SurfaceFleet appears to be called


The lower left panel is applets

How do applets work? Microsoft has made a lot of demonstrations in the video. For example, if you put pictures into applets' Multimedia container in computer a, then computer B can use these pictures through applets at any time;

For example, using the picker tool in applets, you can get the color of the material in computer a, and then computer B can fill it with this color;

For another example, after the screenshot of computer a, computer B can paste the screenshot with applets. These experiences are difficult to achieve by traditional software ecology.


Applets act as a bridge between different devices, and computer B can find pictures of computer a


Pictures shared by other devices through applelets can be directly dragged into the local document

In order to realize surfacefleet, Microsoft has made a lot of efforts at various levels. The applets mentioned above is just one of them.

For example, Microsoft has done a lot of collaborative API work among different applications for surfacefleet. For example, the reason why word and illustrator can drag and drop files across devices is that their WPF, Win32 and COM interfaces are interoperable;

The cross-platform transmission of data, for example, raises the problem of latency, and Microsoft has revamped its API and tools to make temporary data transmission as low as 15 ms, which relies on virtual connection management on the CRA cloud, which also provides data storage services


Mechanism behind surfacefleet

In a word, surfacefleet involves many businesses that Microsoft has operated and accumulated over the years. Although it is still a rudiment, its power can be seen from it.

This can connect different devices and different applications together. Maybe only a generalist like Microsoft can make it. Although it is still only a big cake, it is still worth looking forward to.


Microsoft has been planning cross platform ecology for many years. In the early years, although it has WP, it has spared no effort to develop a series of applications for other platforms, with the purpose of creating an ecology that can cover as much as possible.

The development of win10 also reflects this idea. Whether it is the cross platform framework of uwp application or the linkage with various Microsoft applications, we can see the efforts of Microsoft.

But will Microsoft's cross platform strategy go smoothly? This is not necessarily true. The promotion of uwp application is not warm or hot, and Microsoft has lost the focus of WP mobile market.

Microsoft can realize the linkage of win10 through various kinds of apps, but whether the installation probability of these apps is high enough still needs a question mark.

From the demonstration video of Microsoft, we can see that surfacefleet still mainly relies on win10 for demonstration. If everything goes well, win10 can naturally use this black technology; but can it be successfully implemented in other platforms?

I'm afraid that to a large extent, it also depends on whether the previous devices of Microsoft's desktop platform, such as surface Neo and even surface duo, have enough good market performance and product strength. We'll wait and see.



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