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A detailed account of the gratitude and resentment of the three star family

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Li Jianxi, chairman of SamSung group, died at the age of 78, according to Yonhap news agency. Li Jianxi was hospitalized in Samsung Seoul hospital for acute myocardial infarction in May 2014. It is reported that up to now, he can still breathe autonomously, awake for 15-19 hours a day and continues to receive rehabilitation treatment. Later, he died on the 25th because of the deterioration of his condition and ineffective rescue.


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In July, Forbes released its 2020 list of South Korea's richest people, with Lee ranking first with $17.3 billion, and his son, Lee, ranked fourth with 6.7 billion.

As one of the "three things that Korean people can't avoid in their life", Samsung's competition among generations of leaders can be compared with a great drama of the Qing Dynasty. Previously, the column only told you the story of the Samsung family in detail, which is more wonderful than any Korean drama. There are all kinds of things, such as father and son mutilation, brother-in-law fighting, jumping off a building to commit suicide, and taking revenge on public and private affairs. Let's review it again today.


Li Bingzhe was 15 years old by the family arranged marriage, gave birth to 8 children, for the later family property dispute buried the foreshadowing.

Prince's rebellion

The first battle of the Samsung family took place in the 1960s when Li Bingzhe chose a successor from his three sons.

At first, Li Bingzhe planned to let the three brothers share the property equally, but he didn't know what happened. The old man suddenly changed his mind and decided that the property should be inherited by his eldest son, Li Mengxi.

His second son, Li Changxi, was lazy and ignorant. He was not liked by his father since he was a child.

Although Li Jianxi, the third son, was left to his grandparents at birth, he was not the focus of his parents' training. However, he was well versed in the skill of "crying children have milk to drink". He called home every day to ask for help. He also devoted himself to studying his father's favorite sport golf, leaving him a sensible baby image.

At first, Li Bingzhe focused on the cultivation of his eldest son, but during the half year period when he took over the company, he made a mess of the company. The shareholders of Samsung can ignore Li Bingzhe's love for his son and jointly submit a letter asking Li Bingzhe, who is semi retired, to abolish the Crown Prince Li Mengxi. After a period of struggle, Li Bingzhe finally takes back all the management rights of his eldest son.

This angered the eldest son, Li Mengxi. The eldest son went home to collect his father's black history of tax evasion. He directly reported his father's real name to qingwatai, hoping to send his father to prison. The old man was furious and drove his eldest son out of the house.

But there is still a confession over qingyuatai. Because of the prosecution of his son, Li Bingzhe was convicted by the government at that time. So lichangxi, the second son who wanted to make contributions, stood up and jailed his father for half a year. He thought that the plan was smart: it was only half a year later to leave prison and inherit the family business.

But I didn't expect that when Li Changxi was released from prison, he found his third brother, Li Jianxi, became the number one successor and sat next to his father Li. The second son, who was completely stupid, even imitated the elder brother's report to his father, Li Bingzhe. He was eventually sent to a mental hospital by his father and died in 1991.

During the whole incident, Li Jianxi, the youngest son, kept a low profile and kept silent. After Li Bingzhe passed away in 1987, Li Jianxi directly inherited the core subsidiaries of SamSung group (including Samsung Electronics and Samsung products), and finally won the final victory of the inheritance war.

After inheriting his father's industry, fan'er, the domineering president of Li Jianxi, began to show up slowly. He not only had the ability of the president, but also developed Samsung into a big enterprise that now controls the South Korean economy.

Real life heirs

After more than ten years of management, Li Jianxi's health is getting worse and worse. Since the 1990s, he began to look for his successor.

If we say that the previous generation of the Samsung family is a fight within a powerful family, then the next generation will have a bit of idol drama flavor, because the rich three generations of the Li family have high appearance and many dog blood love stories.

Li Jianxi's wife, Hong Luoxi, is the daughter of Hong Lianji, former president of the central daily of South Korea, and is a typical commercial marriage.

After their marriage, Hong Luoxi became a good wife of Li Jianxi. They gave birth to a son and three daughters. Their youngest daughter, Li Yinxin, died in 2005. As a result, three people competed for the family property: the eldest son Li zaireng, the eldest daughter Li Fuzhen and the second daughter Li Xuxian.

To avoid a repeat of decades ago, Lee had to order his children to take charge of different groups: the eldest son tube electronics

At first glance, it seems fair that everyone is different, but obviously Li Jianxi still favors his son more. The electronics and finance that he gives his son are both the core industries of Samsung.

Li Jianxi has always regarded his eldest son, Li zaireng, as his successor. He spent more than ten years cultivating him. After graduating from Harvard Business School, Li joined Samsung and married Lin Shiling, the eldest daughter of elephant group, in 1998, and had a son and a daughter. In 2009, the two divorced, and Lin shared hundreds of millions of assets. Later, she had a relationship with South Korea's popular star Lee Zhengzai.

Li Fuzhen, the eldest daughter, is now nearly 50 years old and her appearance is still online. She opened her first luxury store in South Korea, becoming a fashion pioneer of Korean women. She inherited the Xinluo Hotel, which is equivalent to Smecta Diaoyutai, and was employed as a director by CITIC Group.

In 1995, when she was nearly 24 years old, she fell in love. Her husband was a poor boy worthy of the name and one of the most common employees of Samsung. The opposition of the rich family and the whole family. In January, they divorced after 17 years of marriage.

Li Fuzhen won the divorce lawsuit, but was questioned by the public opinion, was confused by love, and finally met with a bad man. In the future, it was certain that Samsung would not operate well and his prestige in the group declined.

Li Xuxian, Li Jianxi's second daughter, is considered to be a well-established young lady. She married Jin Bingwan, former president of East Asia daily, and her second son, Jin Zai lie.

In her career, she also started from the grass-roots level of Samsung, and in a few years, she made the first wool fabric of Samsung as a fashion giant in Korea. In 2013, Li gave his own Aibao paradise clothing business to her second daughter. The biggest shareholder of Aibao Park was Li Yurong, and his second daughter was unable to compete with his brother.

Samsung announced that it would not pass it on to its children, and the chaebol inherited and changed?

At the beginning of June this year, Lee Jae Jung, vice president of Samsung Electronics of South Korea, applied for the convening of an investigation and review committee to examine whether it is appropriate for prosecutors to prosecute him for suspected illegal inheritance of business rights.

On the evening of June 26, the investigation and review committee finally made a decision to recommend the prosecution to terminate the relevant investigation and not to prosecute.

On the day of the meeting, Samsung and the prosecution took turns to make statements and answer questions. The meeting lasted for more than nine hours. Among the 13 valid votes, only three were in favor of the prosecution.

Just before that, Lee Zairong, vice president of Samsung Electronics and the actual controller of the group, publicly apologized to all the people and said that he had "no idea of inheriting the management right of the company to his children". This means that Samsung will give up the "hereditary system", and the chaebol system in South Korea may welcome changes.

The reason for Li Zairong's public apology can be traced back to the incident of former South Korean President Park Geun hye's interference in politics in 2016. At that time, Li Zairong became the actual leader of Samsung after his father, Li Jianxi, was hospitalized. To ensure his control, Li pushed for the merger of Samsung products and Samsung first wool. In order to win the support of South Korea's national annuity, one of Samsung's major shareholders, Li Jae Rong was sentenced to two and a half years in prison with a four-year reprieve on suspicion of bribing Park Geun hye and his cronies. Later, the case was appealed to the Supreme Court of South Korea and sent back to Seoul high court for retrial. The case is still in the process of trial.

The decision of Samsung Group Li Zairong to set a precedent may be somewhat out of helplessness.

First of all, he has been involved in a lawsuit and has the opportunity to be put in prison again. Secondly, facing the trade war between Japan and South Korea last year and the cold winter in the semiconductor market, Samsung is facing the impact of the new coronavirus century epidemic this year, which has also accelerated the reform speed of this leading enterprise.

On the other hand, the progressive president Wen had indicated before the moon Jae in the absence of reform of chaebol and big enterprises, which would not bring real growth to the country.

However, the chaebol problem in South Korea is still deeply rooted, and the major family consortia still firmly control the enterprise.

Take Samsung Group as an example. Although Li zaireng promised not to pass on his children, his sister Li Fuzhen would also be an ideal successor.

Moreover, Li Zairong himself is only in his early 50s, and he has no retirement plan. If he retires, it will be 20 years later. At that time, how the world situation and the situation in South Korea are unknown. In other words, in the foreseeable future, it may still be the Li family who will control Samsung.

However, South Korean scholars believe that if Li Zairong's declaration can be implemented, it may completely change Samsung's future trend, especially breaking the foundation of the chaebol system and stepping into the historical stage of family management, which will have a profound impact on Samsung and even the chaebol system in South Korea.

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