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What about the three star Empire when the leader is gone?

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Three star Empire, the old king died.

On October 25, 2020, Li Jianxi, chairman of SamSung group, died at the age of 78.

In response, Samsung issued a eulogy statement

When Li Jianxi died on Sunday, his family, including his son and the actual head of the company, Li zaireng, were with him.

Chairman Li is a real visionary who has transformed Samsung from a local enterprise into a world leading innovator and industrial power... His legacy will be eternal.

In addition, Li zaireng, the son of Li Jianxi, also said publicly:

All of us at Samsung will cherish his memory and thank him for the journey he has gone through together.

Li Jianxi's life can be said to run through the vast majority of Samsung's enterprise development. As the leader of South Korea and even the world-class chaebol, Li Jianxi's life story of blending with Samsung is quite legendary.

Become Samsung

Li Jianxi is the son of Li Bingzhe, the founder of SamSung group. He is the second generation family leader. He was born on January 9, 1942.

In 1987, after the death of Li Bingzhe, Li Jianxi took over as the second president of SamSung group.


Although he succeeded in taking over the post, Li Jianxi's road to the top was very rough.

Lee Kin-hee ranks third in the family, with two brothers

It is worth mentioning that, At that time, South Korea's succession of rights and wealth remainedTherefore, Li Mengxi, the eldest son, is actually the first candidate to succeed him.

Later,Li Mengxi and Li Changxi angered Li Bingzhe because of the scandal and power struggle in the chemical factory. Finally, Li Mengxi was sent to a mental hospital in the name of delusion, and Li Changxi was jailed.

Li Jianxi, on the other hand, was sent to the grass-roots level after returning to China. He was promoted to vice president of Samsung Products Co., Ltd. in 1978.

On the day of Li's death, members of the group's board of directors voted approved Lee's decision to become Samsung's president, opening up Samsung's

Three star Empire

When Li Jianxi took over Samsung, Samsung had already played an important role in Korean enterprises. However, at that time, Samsung industry was mainly manufacturing and copying, lacking innovation. It can be said that Samsung at that time was just a Shanzhai manufacturer.

After Li Jianxi took over, he began to reform and put forward

Under the rectification, Li Jianxi not only solved the debt ratio of Samsung as high as 300%, but also brought Samsung to the world, becoming the world's leading technology and industrial empire.


First of all, Lee Kin

For unqualified and poor quality products, Li Jianxi ordered the public destruction of 15000 low-quality wireless phones. He also led the company's senior managers and employees to smash these mobile phones into pieces with a sledgehammer, and then burned them with fire. He personally went to battle to strictly control the quality.

In addition, Li Jianxi also attaches great importance to technological innovation, and spends 7% of the sales volume every year on technology research and product design.

In addition to technology, talent is also one of Li Jianxi's reforms.

A genius can support millions of people, and creativity is the most important booster of business success, so we need to hire the best people.

Li Jianxi wrote in the book "Samsung new business". In order to attract high-quality talents, Li Jianxi took the lead in implementing annual salary system and performance system in South Korea.

It is worth mentioning that Li Jianxi has a long-term strategic vision in the management of the company. As early as the late 1970s, it had convinced his father to set foot in the semiconductor industry, and once made this business the world's first. Today, the importance of semiconductor business to Samsung is needless to say.

In addition, Samsung announced in May 2010 that it would invest 23.3 trillion won in new industries, including solar cells, rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, LEDs, biopharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

According to Li Jianxi, these five future growth engines will generate about $44 billion in revenue by 2020. It's just that he can't see the results of his investment with his own eyes.

Under the leadership of Lee Kin hee's reform, Samsung's total output value accounts for more than 20% of South Korea's GDP. It includes electronics, retail, theme park, financial services, product engineering, life science and many other businesses. There are as many as 18 listed companies.

In the newly released Fortune Global 500 companies in 2020, Samsung Electronics ranked 19th with revenue of US $1977.04 billion.

In addition, Samsung has nearly 20 kinds of products in the world market share, ranking among the top enterprises in the world, and three subsidiaries have been selected as the world's top 500 enterprises by Fortune magazine.

Reuters wrote


At the same time, Li Jianxi is also the richest man in South Korea. Even though he is separated, he will still be worth $17.3 billion in 2020. Li Jianxi ranks 75th on the Forbes list of global billionaires in 2020.


Now, after Li Jianxi's death, the successor of Samsung has become another focus of public opinion.


Lee Kin-hee has four sons and daughters

It has been reported that in order to avoid repeating the struggle for the throne, Li Jianxi has made arrangements for his children's inheritance. Among them, Li is in charge of electronic and financial business, Li Fuzhen is in charge of hotel and chemical business, and Li Xuxian takes over clothing and advertising business.

In terms of business distribution,The core electronic business is in the hands of Li Zai Rong, his only son.

In 2009, Li was appointed Vice President of Samsung Electronics, a subsidiary of SamSung group, and was promoted to president a year later. In May 2014, after Li Jianxi was hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction, Li zaireng was in charge of Samsung.


From all aspects of the assessment, Li Zaiyong should be the most appropriate successor. But in recent years, Mr. Lee's

In the whirlpool of many times, it is not impossible for Samsung to inherit and change.

Moreover, according to a previous report issued by Ernst & young, South Korea's inheritance tax ranks among the top in the world, with a minimum tax rate of 18%, reaching more than US $25 million and a maximum tax rate of 50%. On this basis, the heirs may face an estate tax of $7.6 billion, which may complicate the Li family's control over Samsung.

However, no matter who takes over, it is important to be able to hold the steering wheel of Samsung. After all, the bigger the boat is, the more likely it is to hit an iceberg. Who can steer is particularly important.

Finally, may the dead rest in peace.

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