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Does the iPhone 12 last for a long time? First hand measurement gives you the answer

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The iPhone 12 series can be said to be a well deserved hot spot at present. Now, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro of the four mobile phones have been officially put on sale.

This year's iPhone 12 channel prices unexpectedly rose slightly, especially the highest premium for iPhone 12Pro reached a maximum of 3000 yuan.

Although the iPhone 12 series seems to be selling well, as Apple's first 5g phone, people still pay more attention to its 5g performance, heat dissipation and battery life.


Now it's online

So, does this year's iPhone 12 series have these problems mentioned above? We've got the latest iPhone 12 pro. Let's try it out.

iPhone 12/12Pro really can use 5 G?

As Apple's first 5g mobile phone, its 5g performance has also attracted much attention. According to the information given on the official website, iPhone 12 supports N1, N2, N3, N5, N7, N8, N12, N20, N25, n28, N38, N40, n41, n66, n77, N78, N79, totaling 17 bands, which can theoretically meet the needs of the three major domestic operators. Insert 5g card into mobile phone in 5g signal coverage area. We can see that card using data will display 5g symbol support after inserting 5g card.

According to the actual measurement, the 5g support of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is good. The details are as follows:


As for 5g support of mobile phones, of course, we should talk about traffic. Let's take it to the mobile phone and test it. The test results are as follows:


We can see from the above figure that iPhone 12Pro can achieve a good speed of 5 G, the average speed of 613 Mbps is relatively compared to the control of the iPhone 11Pro of 20.8 Mbps of the 4 networks do have a significant improvement.

According to the actual measurement, the 5g support of iPhone 12 Pro is good, especially compared with the iPhone 11 series users, this improvement is really visible. If you want to experience high-speed 5g network, you can choose iPhone 12 / 12 pro.

iPhone 12/12Pro really hot?

After the iPhone 12/12Pro went public, a push from the rabbit's official micro-blog triggered a heated debate


Here, we measured the cooling power of the iPhone 12 pro. Here we selected two popular mobile games, peace elite and original God, to test. Both games have high image quality and high frame rate mode. Each game is tested for half an hour. Temperature measurement is conducted before and after the test. The final test results are as follows:


After half an hour of Peace Elite, the temperature of the iPhone 12Pro rose from 36.8 degrees Celsius to 44.6 degrees Celsius, and after half an hour of the original God, the temperature of the iPhone 12Pro rose to 48.6 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature in the region, although not 80 degrees Celsius, but also reached the mobile phone can be called

Moreover, from the feel point of view, in fact, the back temperature is good, but the metal frame frame frame is really hot.

But when we took the iPhone 11Pro contrast test, we found out that


But if you're used to a high-definition game, or if you like to play something like the original god, it's easy to change

iPhone 12 series shrink?

As a matter of fact, for the iPhone 12 series, the most dissuasive in addition to the power adapter, the most concerned is its cliff-like decline. Although Apple officials say the iOS 14 has a good optimization in terms of endurance, they don't

And, of course, for the test iPhone 12Pro to continue, we chose

MagSafe 15W wireless flash reliable?

iPhone 12 series of press conferences, in addition to the four major iPhone, there is a user expected iPhone accessories

Through the actual measurement, in half an hour, under MagSafe's wireless charging, the battery power of iPhone 12 Pro has reached 50% from 23%, and 27% in half an hour. Compared with the domestic wireless flash charging of standard cable charging in minutes, there is a big gap. It can only be said that the charging can work, but it is not worthy of special praise.

However, the design of MagSafe magnetic absorption allows you to fill it up, the experience is good, can be said to be an interesting

What should I do if I don't have a charger?

The biggest factor in persuading users to buy iPhone 12 series is not a charger. For users who had previously held iPhone 11,iPhone Xs and previous versions, they were stunned to hear the news

Here I find a suitable power adapter for you


In terms of charging, we have measured the charging efficiency of Anker powerport III nano. It charges 43% of the electricity in half an hour, and there is no pressure to guarantee the battery life. Seeing the convenient charging strategy and fast strategy, the key is that the price of Anker powerport III nano is still very beautiful. Do you think the iPhone 12's service life is saved?

Last but not least:

According to a series of tests, the shortcomings of iPhone 12 series do exist

If, of course, you can accept all these questions, but the reason for giving up iPhone 12 is not to attach a charger, take a step back

iPhone 12 series completed 5 G and other pain points, but the high cost also brought the embarrassment of not chargers. But the official cancellation of the charger has given consumers more options and has been

Choose a good charger, in addition to considering the power and volume, safety is also the top priority. Let's try Anker Anker Nano 20W fast charger, which is only the size of the original 5W charger, but supports the highest 20W charging. The charging speed can be increased 3 times. As the only Chinese mainland brand in the apple store, it is very safe and worth buying. This charger also uses Apple's same brand chip, which is safe and secure. The price is only 79 yuan, less than one third of the original apple charger.



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