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[actual measurement] how much is the i9-10850k of Intel's 10th generation core "sub flagship" worth buying?

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There is no doubt that in the 10 generations of core desktop CPU released in the first half of this year, the core of the tenth generation has been mainly through the "multi-core high-frequency" hardware upgrade and new software optimization technology, so as to achieve similar leapfrog performance improvement. In addition to the performance improvement of core I3 to i7 series, Intel has added its high-frequency, multi-core and even hyper threading optimization in the traditional i9 product line.


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The flagship i9-10900K in the series not only reached 10 core /20 threads, but also raised the highest Rui frequency to GHz.5.3 Continue to use this configuration on the flagship desktop processor series, obviously not just for leapfrogging, but for more robust PC performance, improving the game experience or office creative efficiency in the actual use of the scene.

Moreover, considering the scarcity of i9-10900K sources, the gap between the two will be more in actual retail prices, which also makes i9-10850K as a high performance and cost-effective desktop processor more worthy of our careful analysis. See if it's worth buying.

The first thing to note is that as a design power consumption standard, TDP is not directly related to the actual power consumption of u, and is only applicable to the basic frequency of CPU under full load operation, so it has no significant impact on the actual performance release of PC.

By default, i9-10850k and i9-10900k have the same 125w standard power (basic frequency) and 250W core boost hyper threading frequency. With the help of turbo boost 2.0 optimization technology, the 10th generation core i9 series can run at the highest frequency in a short time. In the actual benchmark tests of most 3A games, the i9-10850k can achieve the FPS performance comparable to the i9-10900k, and even has a small advantage in the average FPS test.

In terms of game test performance, the actual performance of i9-10850k and i9-10900k is similar. I9-10850k gets better test results in "Final Fantasy: XV", while i9-10900k has higher FPS stable performance in singularity ash and Killer 2. But on the whole, the performance of the two CPUs is not much different. Both maintain the performance level of the flagship CPU of core desktop version of this year's 10 generations.

After overclocking, the performance gap between the two flagship CPUs began to show. On the contrary, the performance gap was even greater in the multi-threaded light-weight processing task scenario. Especially under multithreading performance testing tools such as cinebench, this performance difference is particularly obvious. This difference is actually related to the standard power of the two CPUs, but i9-10850k It can still rely on good single core performance to support the demand for multithreaded tasks.

At the same time, in the benchmark test under overclocking environment, i9-10850k also has higher requirements on the thermal configuration of PC desktop. Similar to the benchmark test of i9-10900k, i9-10850k will make the CPU temperature rise to 100 ℃ rapidly in the pressure test. If there is no strong heat dissipation performance, it will directly lead to the CPU time-frequency rapid fall, and then affect the PC Long term performance release, which is the biggest difference between i9-10850k and i9-10900k in overclocking experience.

However, in the single core setting under the default settings, the single core performance of i9-10850k can fully meet the high-performance load scenarios in use. In UL benchmark tests such as 3dmark and pcmark 10, this also means that it represents the typical working scene requirements of PC: such as video conference, image import and editing, and 3D rendering, such as our daily use requirements, i9-10850k The performance can be easily handled.

In addition, with the help of the 10th generation core TVB (thermal velocity boost) optimization technology, the i9-10850k can further release its multi-core hyper threading hardware advantages, to cope with higher load, and to meet our daily office or game multi task running needs. With the built-in debugging program of Intel (R) extreme tuning utility, the overall temperature of CPU can be controlled at 70 ℃ and it will run more quietly.

We can also see from the above tests that in the field of overclocking, i9-10850K really has a little less space than the ten-generation Core flagship CPU like i9-10900K, but we can also note in the test that only the current mature heat dissipation module is needed. i9-10850K can achieve high performance release by default and low power consumption.

It can be said that at i9-10850k We can still see clearly the actual positioning of this product: in terms of main performance specifications, it is basically consistent with the flagship model or slightly reduced. In addition to professional benchmark testing software and other test scenarios, the performance difference in most actual use scenarios can be ignored, but the price is lower. At the same time, it is easier to use the overclocking and other settings "Out of the box" high performance CPU.

Therefore, for most high-performance PC enthusiasts, the core i9-10850k is really a value for money choice; for those who do not like overclocking, they just want to start a high-performance CPU It is also a cost-effective "sub flagship" CPU that can release its performance well.

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