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It's hard for Baidu to make a short story

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Written by Zhang Zhao, edited by Han Qing

Source: new knowledge of science and Technology (ID: kejixinzhi)

Baidu, which has had several short video tracks, once again bet on the tough business.

On november 11th, the interface news reported that baidu mobile ecological business group integrated good-looking video with national small video into a short video business department, with song jian, the former general manager of good-looking video. Baidu's official response: the establishment of a short video business department to bring the two products together and form a stronger ecological force, while achieving efficient allocation and distribution of resources to promote the rapid development of the business.

For the first time this year, this is not Baidu's short video. On May 13, Ping Xiaoli, general manager of Baidu App,, was in

Taking this as a node, baidu began to rearrange its short video business, and this announcement to integrate the short video business department can be regarded as Baidu's phased action in the short video track.

Now the short video market is competitive, for Baidu, as a short video track on the

01 congenital short video

Different from Baidu's current predicament in the field of short video, as early as 2015, the short video industry is in the fast lane of development. At that time, some employees in Baidu proposed to do short video business, but at that time Baidu was trapped in o2o business.

Baidu CEO Li Yanhong appeared at the launch of Baidu's glutinous rice strategy on June 30,2015, saying

Since 2016, Baidu has officially explored short video business. On June 9,2016, Baidu's Baidu Pictures app announced its name as durian, which includes both the original image search function and the short video upload and download function. But in May 2017, its official Weibo suddenly said:


In 2017, Tencent first launched Kwai Kwai D in March, and then the fastest user in June was 600 million, while DAU reached 95 million in December. In 2017, Kwai Fu sat at the top of the table with absolute superiority.

See fast hand with the huge flow, Baidu naturally unwilling to lag behind. January 05,2018, Baidu launched again

Just like the Shukuai at that time, the creator of talent was an indispensable part of the short video ecology. In order to recruit talents for video creation, the company launched a relatively attractive subsidy policy. However, in October 2018, the Da Ren Association, which cooperated with the partners in making small videos, received a notice on termination of cooperation. The platform said that due to the adjustment of operation strategy, the small video will stop public recruitment of the guild's operation mode and related cooperation from November 1, 2018.

At that time, a trade union staff said: many of the operators of the partnership had left their jobs and were almost on the verge of dissolution. According to Baidu's internal news, the team is likely to reorganize to the national small video in the future. Baidu's second attempt in the field of short video failed again.

In this latest adjustment, good-looking video, national small video two products are undoubtedly placed by Baidu sprint short video track hope.

The national small video is almost UGC short video product in the same period as the group shooting small video. Compared with the urban fashion line taken by huopai, the whole people's small video takes the sinking route, and the audience is the third and fourth line users. However, in June this year, the national small video was interviewed by the network information office for rectification on the basis of vulgar information. By the time of publication, the national small video ranked 673 in Apple App store, with an average download volume of only 6299 times in recent 30 days.


In September of this year, Song Jian, the former head of watermelon video, served as the general manager of good-looking video. Song Jian reorganized the business of good-looking video, focusing on 200 million social backbone in crowd positioning and providing users with more vertical and intellectual content. Different from the decline of national small video, at present, good-looking video and micro vision products are in the third echelon of short video track.

In addition, in October this year, baidu launched a short video app called Baidu look, whose content sources come from Baidu's own platform and external channels, but the copyright of this kind of aggregation is controversial.On the whole, although Baidu has its own short video products, due to its late layout and several failures, there are inherent deficiencies in the field of short video.

02 track surrounded by strong rivals

Compared with the early days of the track, the short video track has become a red sea.

Tiktok is the most intuitive user data. As of September 2020, the number of creators of the video platform was over 100 million, and the daily life of independent App exceeded 30 million. As of June 30, 2020, the average daily active users of fast app and small program were 302 million; in September 16, 2020, the official application of Kwai Chung was over 600 million. In addition, there are many short video products at the bottom, and the market is almost completely divided up.

This time, in addition to Baidu's short video, wechat has been on the side.

As early as 2013, Tencent has been involved in short video, micro vision should be launched. In 2015, micro vision ranked second only to meipai in the short video app ranking. However, in September 2014, the new version of wechat was released, which for the first time supported users to send small videos in the circle of friends and chat boxes. Tencent began to swing its investment in micro video. Since 2015, Tencent has only done simple maintenance on micro vision. The last update of micro vision was in April 2015.


Tiktok launched three short video products distributed in the year 2016, including headline video, later renamed watermelon video, small volcano video and shaking voice. Since then, the initial layout of the short video matrix of the headlines has been completed, covering almost all the common forms of short video. Thanks to the in-depth understanding of the algorithm, in a short year, the three short video tiktok has become the product of tens of millions of daily activities, laying the foundation for the market position of the later.

The year 2016, also known as the first year of short video, saw the strong rise of shaking sound, Tencent naturally unwilling to continue to launch a variety of short video products: QIM、MOKA magic, DOV、MO sound, yoo video, and restart almost forgotten microvision. Among these products, Tencent's internal support for microvision is the largest, almost

In addition, WeChat specifically customized a daily 1 billion exposure advertising space for microvision, when the WeChat friends circle camera, will be found in

But tiktok has been a problem for users. Data show that the retention of fast hands and jitter is at 60%. In the China Mobile Internet 2020 half report issued by QuestMobile, as of June this year, the number of active users in micro vision was 96 million 150 thousand, and the active users' 7 Kwai retention rate was 50.3%.

Although micro video has no chance to rise, Tencent has not given up short video. On January 21, 2020, wechat video Number officially opened the internal test. Unlike previous micro vision, wechat video numbers are directly in the wechat product system. With the blessing of wechat's ecology, wechat video numbers are given more possibilities. Zhang Xiaolong once published a circle of friends saying that the new video number has exceeded 200 million.


In addition to Tencent video number strong intervention, the recent short video track also ushered in a major earthquake

On the evening of November 5, 2020, the Kwai TSE formally submitted the application for the stock exchange to the Hongkong stock exchange. The first time it will visit Hong Kong stocks in the first quarter of next year, the target will be valued at $50 billion. In November 6th, tiktok pointed out that the byte beating plan was packaged in three major businesses, namely, the jitter, the headlines and the watermelon video.

The Matthew effect is obvious in the Internet field, and the data shows that the combined use of the two accounts for up to 60%. There is no doubt that after the two listed, short video users will be more focused on the head, so for Baidu, want to make a breakthrough in the short video track is increasingly difficult.

03 short video is difficult

Nowadays, the Internet dividend is gradually disappearing, and the industry generally has more and more expensive traffic, and the cost of getting customers is higher and higher.

Looking back on Baidu's previous product at short video track, good-looking video has been used

This category

In addition, Baidu's previous short video products: good-looking video, national small video, shooting small video, etc., all need to rely on the flow and resource support of Baidu system. But now search is not the only interface of the Internet, and the drainage effect of Baidu mobile phone business on short video is gradually reduced. If Baidu's short video products only rely on heap traffic as a breakthrough, the micro vision that once sat on the super flow entrance of wechat is a lesson in the past.

The root of the problem is that the mode of heap flow can only solve the short video product's thirst, and the core factor is the transmission property and retention rate of the product itself.

After Song Jian took over the good-looking video, the positioning of good-looking video is to provide more vertical and knowledge-based content. Tiktok, for example, is mostly about 20 seconds, easy to entertain. This kind of content is easy to make users addicted quickly. So whether the content of good video tiktok is in line with the popular fragmentation of viewing preferences is unknown.


At the end of June this year, baidu mobile ecology announced that it had completed the construction of a live broadcasting platform and would establish an independent team, which shows that Baidu attaches great importance to the live broadcasting business. Subsequently, on October 26, media reported that Baidu's negotiations to acquire YY's domestic business were nearly completed, with the transaction price between $3 billion and $4 billion. After the merger, YY client will continue to be retained, the content and technology will be provided to Baidu simultaneously, and the domestic live broadcast team will also be assigned to Baidu.

After Baidu's acquisition of YY, the most direct impact is that Baidu's live broadcast system has been strengthened, as well as Baidu's mobile ecological business group system. After the integration of the short video business department, the live broadcast will enable the short video ecology. Now,

Overall, Baidu has great expectations for short video business, but Baidu's short video road is still full of thorns.

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