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Great! Tencent announces the first robot dog

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Shaolin has been a teacher for decades, practicing real skills on plum piles. With perseverance and determination, you will surely become famous.

In Chinese Kung Fu, plum blossom stake is an important training props. You ask me what is plum blossom stake? It's like this:


Wait a minute. What's the creature on the plum blossom stake?

Oh, this is Jamoca, the dog announced by the goose factory today.


Jamoca, from Tencent robotics x lab, is the first quadruped robot in China to complete the complex challenge of walking plum blossom stakes.

Of course, a small motorcycle from the same school as Jamoca has just made its debut.


Small motorcycle is a self balancing wheeled mobile robot, and its related research results have also been selected into the top conference of the robot industry, iros 2020.

A new technological breakthrough of Kangkang Tencent robotics x laboratory in robot mobile ability.

Jamoca can run, jump and challenge the club stakes

We may have heard of quadruped mobile robot. In fact, it is a robot dog.

For example, the Boston power company's spot, which sells 530000 net red dogs.


Another example is Swiss dog anymal, who appeared on the cover of science robotics last month.


So what are the highlights of China's robot dog?

In terms of software, Tencent robotics x lab has built an intelligent brain that can cope with complex environment for Jamoca based on its self-developed robot control technology.

In terms of hardware, Jamoca is refitted from an external platform, weighing about 70 kg, 1 m long, 0.5 m wide and 0.75 m high.

With the blessing of hardware and software, Jamoca can walk, trot and jump, so it is natural to locate and avoid obstacles independently.

It's so strong. Come out for a walk?

No, the challenge is coming

There are two difficulties in testing the dog's mobile ability

Understand the arrangement (including position and height) of plum piles;

Choose the best foothold and route and walk steadily and accurately (from the foot to the center of plum blossom stake).

As the researcher of Tencent robotics x laboratory said:

Compared with other quadruped robots walking on wood blocks in the world, the plum blossom stake challenged by Jamoca is smaller in foot area, higher in height, and has a combination of steps, which makes it more difficult to realize.


These two difficulties coincide with the two core technology modules of geese factory in mobile technology: "perception" and "motion planning and control". At the same time, through another core technology module "whole machine system design and construction", the system integration is realized.


From the point of view of Jamoca challenge, it has reached such a standard

Behind this, Tencent robotics x lab has made great efforts in these aspects:

In the aspect of accurate environment perception, Jamoca innovatively realizes robust eye foot calibration, and uses rgb-d camera to perceive the surrounding environment in real time; through feature point matching, Jamoca's own motion trajectory is tracked online; vision based positioning information, kinematics based odometer information and IMU (inertial measurement unit) are combined The results show that the accuracy and frequency of positioning and tracking are improved by data fusion; the surface area and central point position of steps and plum blossom piles are identified and extracted by using the algorithm, and the data are fused to reconstruct the whole 3D motion scene.

In terms of optimal motion route planning and real-time motion control, Jamoca realizes online centroid trajectory generation and foothold planning based on the real-time perceived ontology and plum blossom stake position information, and based on centroid dynamics. At the same time, a trajectory with the shortest body movement length and the least comprehensive force consumption is optimized, and the above motion planning can be carried out continuously online.

Based on the real-time motion control of the robot, the real-time control of the robot can be realized by combining the real-time motion control of the robot and the real-time control of the robot.

In a word, robotics x lab pays more attention to the research on robot's conscious and judgmental autonomous characteristics than some industrial robots that do repetitive motion after designing rules in advance. It is hoped that robots will learn to make decisions and complete tasks independently in a dynamic environment with great uncertainty.

At this stage, Jamoca is mainly used for internal scientific research and experiment in the laboratory. In the future, it can help robot partners better adapt to the complex real environment. I'm looking forward to its appearance of becoming famous.

The small motorcycle is still and moves independently to keep balance

While Jamoca was practicing hard, his senior brother's motorcycle was already famous in the world.

Small motorcycles, known as self balancing wheeled mobile robots or self balancing bicycles, are the first self-developed robots in Tencent robotics x laboratory.


At the robot summit meeting iros 2020 held previously, Tencent robotics x laboratory, together with the international team, released two oral papers on balancing control direction.

The first is the paper "nonlinear balance control of self balancing wheeled mobile robot: design and experiment", which focuses on the stability of dynamic and static balance control of self balancing wheeled mobile robot.

On the basis of the traditional wheeled mobile robot, Tencent robotics x laboratory added momentum wheel and motor drive system, and used the passive control of cascade and damping assignment - passivity based control, IDA-PBC) method and Lyapunov theory are used to prove the stability of the closed-loop system of the self balancing wheeled mobile robot.


Second, Design of Gain Planning Controller for Self-balancing Wheel Mobile Robot Balance

Based on the first mock exam, the dynamic balance and static balance depend on different driving inputs, and the same control parameters can not be used. Therefore, the research team used a gain scheduling based control method to keep the balance of the wheeled robot in both cases.


Two studies show the development ideas of small motorcycle software.

In terms of hardware, the platform is completely developed by Tencent robotics x, weighing about 15kg, 1.15m long and 0.52M high.

Let's take a look at how stable the scooter is.

For example, try putting a cup of coffee on it.


Static, forward, turn, do not worry about coffee spilled.

This is due to:

Compared with the traditional wheeled mobile robot, the momentum wheel and motor drive system are added to the small motorcycle.

Its control ability can be subdivided into dynamic self balancing in moving and static self balancing when stopping. The self balancing control is realized by applying the principle of angular momentum conservation.


Even geese employees attack hard, and the small motorcycle relying on the balance algorithm is not under pressure.


Wuhu ~ go up the slope again.

In different road conditions, they all show good movement ability and balance performance. Even when there are specific constraints on the driving path, such as driving along a single log bridge, it can cope with it calmly.


Mobile is one of the most basic capabilities of robot, and mobile can be divided into four technical modules: mechanical design, perception, motion planning and control, and system design and construction of the whole machine.

Generally speaking, the first three are the torso, eyes and brain of the robot, and the last one is each


Both Jamoca and scooter are important research progress of Tencent in the direction of robot mobility.

As Dr. Zhang Zhengyou, director of Tencent robotics X and Tencent AI Lab, said:

The ability to move or move is one of the core and basic abilities of a robot, which determines what scenes it can go to, what things it can do, and what kind of imagination it has in the future. We are very happy to see these two developments and will continue to explore the universal capabilities of robots to build a powerful bridge between virtual and real world.


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