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Baidu short video: keep pushing beauty to users, he will be crazy, we should be rational

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Reporter Xiao Fang


Although missed the dividend of the rise of short video in the previous two years, baidu still wants to make efforts on short video.

On November 11, the interface news once exclusively reported that Baidu mobile ecological business group integrated good-looking video and national small video into short video business department, which was in charge of Song Jian, the former general manager of good-looking video. At the same time, baidu also invested in MCN organization Moyun culture and signed a contract for happy Mahua, layout content ecology.

In August this year, Song Jian officially joined Baidu as the general manager of good-looking video. He was previously the initiator of today's top video business and the head of watermelon video. He has successively founded Bobo video, micro trumpet short video and other video apps.

After shaking and Kwai tiktok have occupied most of the market share of the short video market, the good video seeks differential development, and the main force in the 70 and 80 post-war social groups is the backbone of the community, and it focuses on knowledge and information in content.

Song Jian, general manager of good-looking video, said in an exclusive interview with interface news recently that short video should not be just entertainment, it should return to the real social needs. Because the first batch of short videos are all for entertainment, people will default to the scale of entertainment, which is not right.

A large number of users use short videos to kill time. How can users return to rationality? In Song Jian's opinion, the platform should not always push the content of hormone flow to users. This is what good videos need to solve.

But it's not easy. At present, the good-looking video is planning to be revised, and some exploration is being made in the content ecology and commercialization. In the middle of this year, after Song Jian took charge of good-looking videos, what he did was to figure out how Baidu should do on short videos at the level of Tao. However, many things have not been understood in detail.

Song said he had no expectation of data indicators such as daily life and user duration. If users open good-looking videos next year, they will feel right about what he is saying at the level of Tao.

The following is the dialogue record of interface news arrangement:

Interface news: after upgrading to short video business unit, how to integrate good-looking video and national small video?

Song JianThere is no difficulty in integrating these two businesses. My view is that the next market does not need to do so much pure entertainment short video, short video should not evolve into a game, now it is highly gaming, nothing serious. The following requirements will be subdivided to meet the needs of users.

Interface news: before the integration, what are the problems of these two products?

Song JianThe problem is that there was a dividend in this market at the beginning. It was a short video dividend driven by pure entertainment demand. When it rose to a certain extent, it mainly focused on that dividend. When the dividend disappears, when the supply exceeds the demand, it must be positioned to survive. The problem we are facing now is that we have to subdivide and position, what problems do you solve for users.

Interface news: if a user watches a short video for the purpose of obtaining information, will he still watch it after he gets the information he wants? Can the platform recommend more relevant information to him?

Song JianWe go to interview most users, and we don't know what we are looking at every day. If you look at 90 minutes, in fact, you have solved the boredom for 90 minutes. No problem has been solved. I think this is wrong. The premise of my hypothesis is that the group will be rational. I think this must be the premise. Because you are irrational, you are a process of entropy increase (a spontaneous process from order to disorder). No one does anything against entropy increase, that is, more and more entertainment, which is meaningless. I don't think we all have to do human business. Human business is easy to do, but it shouldn't be like this.

Interface news: do you see this kind of rational change in user behavior?

Song Jian:Yes, but if you keep pushing beautiful women for him, he can't be rational. This is what we want to optimize.

Interface news: with this positioning, is there any cooperation to find the corresponding content producers?

Song JianOf course. We put it in the first half

Interface news: are we building benchmarking content to match it now?

Song JianTypical benchmarking authors include Jiang Xiaofeng, a reporter from Phoenix Satellite TV, who uses his years of experience as a war reporter to interpret the truth of the world for users; there are also a large number of creators of Pan knowledge attribute, such as Zhou Xiaopeng, a senior national psychological consultant, and Yu Hongyan, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage.

Interface news: watermelon video recentlyTwentyYi wants to subsidize the creators and support the creators in the pan knowledge field such as Mr. Li Yongle. Will we also look for such a head account?

Song JianWe will also take the money, but the supplementary people are not the same. They will support more writers who are pan knowledgeable and create content with a sense of gain, but we choose different standards.

Interface news: what to do next? Is there a clear plan?

Song JianVideo knowledge map is a big strategy for us this year. Every video you watch, what is its value? We'll plan it out so you can go deep. Baidu search has a knowledge map, such as you search

Interface news: how to let users use your product?

Song JianThe difficulty is how to fight against humanity. I don't think in three or five years, you won't look at these things just because you're bored. What can I get in this minute? I think it's the most important thing.

Interface news: from the practical level, how do you promote it and how much resources do you invest in it?

Song JianIn fact, there is no real secret about this. We all do brand building, user growth, advertising, video, and finding the tipping point of the market, so that users can learn more about this thing.

Interface news: are these the biggest difficulties of watching video at present?

Song JianThese are not difficult points. The difficulty is time. We need time and it is a huge project.

Interface news: how long do you think of it as a node to measure how well it is doing?

Song JianNext year is a node.

Interface news: what indicators will you look at next year?

Song JianNext year, when you open a product for use, the things I'm talking about today will have an overwhelming feeling. I don't think it's necessary to discuss the data. Those are results, not reasons. The product is ready, and that's OK.

Interface news: will there be big changes to the product next?

Song JianIn these two months, I still watch videos, but there is a big difference between watching videos and watching videos.

Interface news: now the good-looking video and similar products feel almost the same, are the same product form, did not see a particularly big difference. Can you reveal a little bit of the difference after the revision?

Song JianI was the first one to make this product in China, and then everyone was doing it. It should not be like this. There are too few people who seriously think about it. Everyone has done so. One of the most troublesome things is that users are used to it. We have to fight against user habits, and that's what makes products.

Interface news: what are the expectations for user growth?

Song JianI didn't expect this thing. I think Baidu will make it.

Interface news: where does this confidence come from?

Song JianBaidu 20 years of accumulation. Search and knowledge service is Baidu precipitation for 20 years and unique ability, from text to video, although the form has been changing, but the core value is not changed. What's more, I have stayed in this industry for too long. I have some intuition about how to go next.

Interface news: what's your intuition?

Song JianMore subdivision, return to rationality.

Interface news: do you have a clear idea of commercialization?

Song JianFirst of all, advertising is positive, others are still exploring. Commercialization is a by-product. If the product is ready, there must be no problem with commercialization.

Interface news: after you come here this year, you feel that your energy is mainly on what Baidu short video should do. At the metaphysical level, you want to understand.

Song JianYes, I think this is the most important work. Think about it clearly. Because in the past two years, we were all studying, and were fighting for this bonus. We really didn't have so much time to think about it. But at this stage, you have to think clearly about where you are in this market, which is the most critical issue. I will do a lot of things at the level of Tao.

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